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Jessica Simpson

Fan Writes Book About 'Affair'

(But She's Never Met Him)

9/12/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An obsessed fan who has tried to contact Jessica Simpson for years has taken it to a whole new level -- writing a book about their alleged affair ... despite the fact that they've never met.

Sources close to Simpson tell TMZ they have been dealing with Marce William Burchell, for years. We're told her security team has a profile on him and they are aware he is now selling a book online.

The 30 page paperback has the catchy title, "The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson's 22 month long attempt to seduce a married man- her very Active Super Secret Sex life: True Story Jessica Simpson Seduction of A Married Man (Volume 1)" ... and sells on for $29.99.

According to our sources, Burchell had puppies sent to her home when her beloved Daisy went missing and once got a hold of Jess' phone number. His calls and texts forced her to eventually change it.

We contacted Burchell ... and part of his 1,732 word response was, "This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me."

Burchell also wants to challenge Jess' fiance Eric Johnson to a marathon -- winner gets to marry Jessica.

We're told Jessica has not contacted police ... yet. Her reps had no comment.


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He wants to challenge Jessica's fiance to a race?!?! he on crack? LMAO. That's rich. What I wanna know did a socialpath get a book sold on Amazon?

1145 days ago


Jessica needs to inform law enforcement & now. She has always had a lot of security around her the last few years & this must be partly why. When with ERIC not so much anymore but were looking at a fella that admits he's married(what the heck does his wife think) & if he can't have Jess he will make it difficult for anyone else to be with her. Sad! Please don't buy the book & continue to give this loser a platform. This could escalate into something very tragic. Now Jess go get married.

1145 days ago


Lawsuit - come on even fiction cant use someone else's name and picture to profit! This guy's a sicko - she needs restraining order.

1145 days ago


Dude needs a psych exam. Dosen't even know what a damn fool he looks like. Writing about something that never happend - yeah, ok. Can we get this nut a 5150??

1145 days ago

Kylie's injected lips    

She should sue this guy and if he's married then why is he so obsessed with Jessica. He's challenging Eric to a marathon and whoever wins gets to marry Jessica? Isn't he already married? He's nuts!

1145 days ago


more than often this is how it works. now you can find just about everything you need via media's. who needs an interview now a days? @jordanvalliere

1145 days ago

artie help    

jessica is a real talent and a great kid, we'll see you tomorrow at josh's dinner, love ya Jess!!

1145 days ago


This is what happens when you don't go after your stalker right away. She better do it now because I bet anything that the next step for this guy will be to go after her.

1145 days ago


Really nice that you guys contacted this guy. Probably feeding in to his sociopath ways which will cause him to act upon his feelings. This guy needs professional help. Of course you sit and laugh because all this is funny now and creates a great spot for your show. I just hope you haven't put Jessica in a position where she could be harmed. Shame on you TMZ.

1145 days ago

Marce W. Burchell    

This is a bunch of Lies.

First, I met Jessica Simpson MANY times in person.
She agreed to Marry me and came to the airport
July 30, 2009 to elope with me.
Jessica was out of control and followed me around everywhere.
She ran off in tears
saying "Marce' I can not believe I love you this much"

Hey guys, girl ready to marry a man, WOULD THAT MEAN I KNOW HER???

Yes, I know her very well and she told me many times
she loved me.

I never needed to stalk Jessica, and never did.
She was in love with me and secretly met me MANY TIMES.

If I was a stalker, why didn't they file a police report and
arrest me? Because this is all lies.

I never called Jessica or texted her.

Yes, I did send a single puppy to Jessica Simpson when
Daisy died. Now tell me, is that an act of love or TERRIBLE
act of terror?

It was done out of lOVE, most very uninformed people.

Read my book and learn the truth.


1140 days ago

Marce W. Burchell    

Jessica Simpson met me many times and agreed to marry me.

I know Jessica very well. She met me in person many times.
No I did not need to stalk her, and no I did not call her or text her.

Yes, I did send her a puppy out of love. That is not an act of terrorism.
It is an act of love and I am proud of it too.

Jessica said to me July 30, 2009 as she was there to meet
me and elope, she ran off saying "Marce' I can not believe I love you this much."
A few days later we were sitting together on an airplane
and she asked me to forgive her and that she needed to be
married in a traditional way. She asked me to go to hotel
make out (sex) and while in the act, discuss marriage plans.
She said if I came she would write me a check for $5 million.

Tell, me now, YOU VERY MOST UNINFORMED people, does that seem like I don't know her?

1140 days ago

Marce W. Burchell    

Jessica can do nothing legally, as the book is completely true.

Nor has she or will she likely. IF she did, she would be even more embarrassed as many facts in this book can be proven.

It is not illegal to print the truth, no matter how embarrassing it might be.

1139 days ago

Marce W. Burchell    

Hello everyone,

Go to to buy my book, starting Sept 22, 2009.

It is right now for sale on

My book is 100% true and accurate.

It is well known she had sex with men who she was not married to, during her first marriage as some told the public. Thus she committed adultry.
It is well known that she had sex with unmarried men too such as
Tony Romo, John Mayer and many more. Thus she is a woman who did
commit *********** and adultry.

These are facts!

When I asked her about all the sex she had with men she was not married to, she said to me "Marce' of course I have sex with men
I am a young woman."

Her own mother said to me "Marce' why do you care?, So Jessica has
sex with many men, she likes sex and you do too. So what's the problem?"

Men stated publically that she committed adultry while married to Nick. They told the public about details of their adulterous affairs.
Many people stated that she had sex with men whom she was not married to after her marriage too.
Certainly everyone knows she has had sex with men, though not married to them. She is not a pure and chaste woman.

She asked me for sex over 60 times. On the very first meeting with her in May after her April introduction, she asked me to have sex with her. She told me, hey you are married and I don't care if you don't.

People, like are you stupid? Jessica is NOT a virgin. She is not
chaste and faithful to men. She has never been faithful to any man.

My book is a charming story that shows the true Jessica Simpson as she is - for real.
She is funny, cute, shy, timid and extremely backward towards
men. My impression is that she is so insecure that she feels
that she needs to jump into bed with men to feel close with them and wanted.

Her mother told me that she is very stupid with men.

Because of my experiences with Jessica, I have no doubt that Jessica Simpson jumped into bed with Eric Johnson on the very
first date. My experience is that is exactly how she is.

You people are stupid if you thinks she is a saint.

I am absolutely doing nothing wrong by merely printing the truth
of what happened between us two.

1139 days ago
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