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Manny Ramirez


9/12/2011 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Manny Ramirez' mug shot -- taken moments after he was arrested for domestic violence at his home in Weston, Florida.

The former Boston Red Sox and L.A. Dodgers star is still in custody.

8:09 PM: According to Manny's booking sheet, the former Major Leaguer measured in at 6'0" tall and 210 pounds. 


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No Avatar


another douchenozzle that had everything going for him. That wasnt good enough though, He had to eff it all up with drugs and lies and more drugs and more lies, now this....More proof that money cant buy character.

1106 days ago

jeff p     

What a man!!!!!!! What a hero, to some people!!!!!!!!!!! Not me!!!!!! Beat up a woman and he will probably get away scott free. I wish he was somehow related to someone in my family, he would not be able to pitch, run, hit, or even sit on bench after we were done with him. I can honestly say that no female in my family tree that I know of, has been assaulted by a husband and lived to tell about it. Hell, he couldn't even be the water boy, after we got done, they have to be able to see and breathe, right?

1105 days ago


He doesn't look too bad...a little graying at the temples, eyes look tired and dull from all the arguing with his wife but other than that he looks pretty decent. lol.

1105 days ago


Yo. Didn't Harvey tell you? He was arrested for ALLEGEDLY committing domestic violence.

1105 days ago


I know his wife Juliana from back in the days...

1105 days ago

Your Mom Sayz    

As a BiG Manny fan.... This is an unacceptable definition of "Manny being Manny"

1105 days ago


I cant believe all these people have this bad comments about Manny. First inform yourselves about the problem and then talk. And even if he did something bad, dont over talk about people because you dont know when is your turn. In his career record he never had bad media, and of course he is one of the best baseball players and Dominican, so stop hating so much.

1105 days ago


To all you idiots defending Manny because you think he was a good ball player.....Take away the steroids and the HGH,he would have been mediocre at best.He was an arrogant, self centered,non-team player.He would walk off the field in the middle of an inning to pee,he would take himself off the roster,then when when the new players were about to get the chance to play,he would decide at the last minute he wanted to play,destroying the dreams of younger players who worked hard to make it the Red Sox.He held down all the younger players.

During his last Red Sox negotiation,they polled the Red Sox roster on whether to keep Manny or not.....I believe the poll was 25-1 to let him go.I know only 1 person voted for him to stay.That screams volumes from a team he won 2 world series with-they wanted him out!
Then when he realized the Red Sox were not going to budge on his contract,he said "never mind I'll play in Boston with the same contract" the Sox said too late..you're out.From that point on he was rude to every Boston fan that approached him and sh*t talked the town where he made millions of dollars.Like it was our fault he was traded.

1105 days ago


As a loyal member of Red Sox nation,I am happy to see this guy's world come crashing down around him.I am very sorry for the victim of the domestic violence,but Manny is a number 1 ******* and always has been.The only thing that would make me happier is if a Madoff-type investor lost all his money.

1105 days ago


He's a total loser bully. But here's my fave mug shot. It just looks so creeeeepy. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/celebrity/hollywood/paul-reubens

1105 days ago


I work out at the same gym as his wife Julianna. She is stunning and a great woman. Have had many conversations with her. Very down to earth. Howver, she has a manny tatoo around her leg - what a s***bag he is. I can only think this is all about money. A beautiful woman like her with a hound dog like him. Pleaseeeee.

1105 days ago
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