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Ryan O'Neal

"Dancing with the Stars"

Was Just Too Grace-Full

9/12/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal said he backed out of "Dancing with the Stars" because of a bad knee, but multiple sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... he REALLY backed out because he can't stand Nancy Grace.

Sources tell TMZ O'Neal feels Grace has been "disrespectful" to his family ... claiming she has gone after Redmond, who has had ongoing drug problems, and even suggested the reason Redmond is messed up is because Ryan is a bad parent.

We're told Ryan really wanted to do the show, but could not co-exist with Grace.


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he is an idiot. There are many people who hate him./ MORON!

1100 days ago



1100 days ago


I'll take Ryan O'Neal ANYTIME

1100 days ago


Nancy Grace (is this her real name?)reminds me of the snotty know-it-all, fake blonds, one size fits all mental capacity;like sorority sister misfits I met in college(I was not in a sorority or wanted to be in one). Everyone has had it with her shrieking hysteria.... tantamount to shouting fire in a crowded theater. She adds nothing positive or correct with unbiased information to the listeners. The Aruba disappearance, which seems to have catapulted her to the position of "miss know it all - Queen of the slimy legal trade" is nothing more than a contributor to front page headlines on the rags that sometimes are called newspapers.
Too bad one of her parents were not on the Darwin List, eliminated by doing stupid things that cause their own accidental deaths. Like the people, who while driving up the coast of California; had rigged some dynamite and were going to throw it out the window of the car to see it explode next to the rocky cliffs ...Unfortunately nature took it's course, they overlooked the fact that they did not roll the window down before they threw it... so they were eliminated from the gene pool because of their stupidity. Yes Nancy Grace is well educated but her style is extremely offensive. She does not care who she hurts or how dumb she looks after getting slapped down when she is wrong. The Salem witch trials would have welcomed her.
For further information regarding the Darwin Awards, given posthumously:

1100 days ago

California Granny    

So the big newws is RN does not want to DWTS. Let the world stop right now and take a minute of silence. Who in their right minds cares. First off,Ryan has a lot to learn yet as a father in this life, secondly it is his choise to do or not to do this dancing gig. Thirdly, who cares ???????

1100 days ago


First of all, Nancy Grace does annoy the beejesus out of me. However, I would no*****ch the show if that idiot Ryan O'Neal was on there. He is a old, washed up, loser who hasn't had a movie in, what, 30 years? He needs to quit trying to feed off the fame of others. Go away Ryan.

1099 days ago


Poor Ol Ryan O'Neal, living obsessively in long ago past!
Backed out of "Dancing with the Stars" means one thing...He Can't Dance!
The lovely, refined Nancy Grace would have had to carry him (literally) through the whole dance!

1099 days ago

Stark Madden    

Who can stand that woman?

1099 days ago


right there with ya ryan she shouldn't even be on TV she talks out loud like she's at a weekly bridge club .don't know how she got on TV?I can't wait to see the latest dirt on that women and someday IT WILL come to light shes not perfect.her and judge judy

1099 days ago

rosemary hirsch    

I happen to like Nancy Grace and wish her well on DWTS. She speaks her mind and tells Ryan O'Neal he is a bad parent. His children, unfortunately, have been in drug rehab so often, you have to suspect his parenting skills.

1099 days ago


Ryan O'Neal BLAMES everybody else for his problems. He never takes on any RESPONSIBILITY as a father/man. Look how it is working *not* out with Tatum. He blames her, and you can see it in his face when he talks... Its everybody else's fault...

1092 days ago
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