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Serena Williams

Cited For Verbal Abuse

9/12/2011 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Serena Williams has been cited for verbally abusing the ref during her U.S. Open match Sunday.

Now the US Open referee is investigating Serena Williams for her outburst -- and, worst case scenario, she could be banned from future tournaments.

Serena -- who lost against Samantha Stosur in straight sets -- flew off the handle during the match ... blasting the ref over a call, shouting, "If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way because you're out of control. You're a hater and you're unattractive inside. Who would do such a thing? Wow."

The referee will pass along the findings of the investigation to the Tournament Grand Slam Committee, which will decide what discipline, if any, is appropriate.

It's interesting ... Serena's outburst pales in comparison to tennis legend John McEnroe.  True enough, McEnroe has been fined and suspended for his outbursts, but they almost seem on another level.

11:54 AM: US Open referee Brian Earley just fined Serena $2,000 for the outburst -- but that's a drop in the bucket ... because she earned a grand total of $1.4 MILLION during the tournament.

According to the US Tennis Association, "Williams' conduct ... does not rise to the level of a major offense."

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Sad sad    

Oh shut up people. The only passion most you have for anything is wobbling to the kitchen for donuts.

1139 days ago


If you have played sports before, you can't tell me that you haven't gotten emotional about a call or two. Be for real, she is human just like the rest of us. Stop acting like it is wrong for athletes to voice their opinion. She did not threaten the umpire. She said how she felt about her....AND! the game continued she lost and life goes on!!!!!!!

1139 days ago


That's how we roll in Compton, yo

1139 days ago


I'm not a Serena fan but this is ridiculous. Are people no longer allowed to lose their temper and behave badly? Fine her, if that is the normal proceedure. We had all better toughen up and realize we have the RIGHT to be a jackass.

1139 days ago


I so dislike this beyotch. Arrogant, rude, abusive, in your face, ugly when mad, all of it. Unsportsman like on top of it. Thinks she something special. I would SO SO SO ban her from this sport. Kick her to the curb. Get the F out of sports! Sit home and count your dumb money.

1139 days ago


While her outburst was unattractive and unbecoming, she was already losing and felt that she was treated unfairly. Sometime you get upset about things, especially when the stage is as big as the US Open on the Anniversary of 9/11 in NYC. I think she is allowed to get a little emotional. She did not curse, yell, or scream, so what's the big deal?

1139 days ago


They're both spoiled brats, if you ask me. They PLAY for a (very good living), and they act like babies, too? John paid the piper. Grow the heck up, Serena.

1139 days ago


I'm really sick of that over grown nasty beast, she's a poor sport who thinks she's all that...toss her for good!

1139 days ago


There's nothing like a big strong piece of tape across her mouth to solve many of everybody's problems.

1139 days ago



1139 days ago


Drug test her. No more steroids. While she didn't choose to be a roll model... She is.

1139 days ago


McEnroe got away with so much because he was allowed to be a bully...because he was winning. However, women aren't generally allowed to be bullies...Unless they're making a lot of money too and Serena's on the downside of that. So she doesn't get to get her thug on.

Also, remember when she used to praise God? She's a hypocrite, too. And nobody likes a hypocrite.

1139 days ago


Didn't ANYONE notice how fast the Williams sisters
ducked out of the Olympics, when they found out they
were going to be drug tested??????

Seriously, they have been on steroids for a looonng
time. This behavior is a prime example of 'rioid rage.
She lost in straight sets (got her a$$ kicked) and has
the nerve to complain and make personal threats!
You can make a lot of money, but it still can't buy class.

1139 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

She has always tried to play the race card and even people of color can tell when she is acting like a spoiled BRAT!

1139 days ago


The ref's call was clearly correct based on the rules of tennis. McEnroe's tirades, and your video showed more than just one, were on another level's from William's - William's was worse. She relentlessly attacked the ref on a personal level (yes, she did call the ref a loser at the end) and even threatened her to some degree. Also, Williams was wrong when she accused the ref of "screwing her over" in another tournament - that was different ref.

1139 days ago
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