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Serena Williams

Cited For Verbal Abuse

9/12/2011 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Serena Williams has been cited for verbally abusing the ref during her U.S. Open match Sunday.

Now the US Open referee is investigating Serena Williams for her outburst -- and, worst case scenario, she could be banned from future tournaments.

Serena -- who lost against Samantha Stosur in straight sets -- flew off the handle during the match ... blasting the ref over a call, shouting, "If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way because you're out of control. You're a hater and you're unattractive inside. Who would do such a thing? Wow."

The referee will pass along the findings of the investigation to the Tournament Grand Slam Committee, which will decide what discipline, if any, is appropriate.

It's interesting ... Serena's outburst pales in comparison to tennis legend John McEnroe.  True enough, McEnroe has been fined and suspended for his outbursts, but they almost seem on another level.

11:54 AM: US Open referee Brian Earley just fined Serena $2,000 for the outburst -- but that's a drop in the bucket ... because she earned a grand total of $1.4 MILLION during the tournament.

According to the US Tennis Association, "Williams' conduct ... does not rise to the level of a major offense."

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eliza jones    

John McEnroe was simply terrible and look what he is doing now. The shot was a winner and she was simply expressing herself. Move on. She is a super player.

1073 days ago


McEnroe never threatened anyone with physical hard. He never even implied it. Serena has and needs a good kick in the behind. You couln't miss it.

1073 days ago


That ref should be fined for such a stupid call. The real verbal abuse is listening to Maria Sharpova grunt and shriek like a stuck pig

1073 days ago


Are you people kidding me? Did you watch the match? The umpire's call was NOT shown to be accurate, and even JOHN MCENROE HIMSEL****reed with Serena's point of view. Stosur couldn't have reached the ball at all, so Serena's scream of delight did not affect the play. As John McEnroe AND the other announcers said, the ref could had at the very least called it a let ball and had them replay the point. And what is all thi*****E about Serena not being a woman?! That is OFFENSIVE and has NOTHING to do with this ref's call being right or wrong?! And Serena did not bring up RACE at all. YOU PEOPLE DID! So whoever is bringing up race obviously has an issue with it. Not Serena Williams. The ref's call was wrong. John McEnroe DID in the past threaten refs, linesmen, etc. and he's admitted it several times. If the US Open want to sanction her for objecting to the call in that manner fine. But they need to sanction EVERY OTHER PLAYER for similar complaints. That's it. End of story.

1073 days ago


There is no double standard.....Serena goes so far as to insinuate physical harm and further repercussions....and Im honestly surprised she didn't play the race card....since its usually the first line of defense for the Williams Sisters. The telling thing here was she immediately stated the umpire was intentionally trying to screw her and accused her of doing it before.

1073 days ago


The ITF should ban this classless brat from next year's US Open as she is still on probation for the threats mades in 2009 (2 yrs, but clock stopped when she left the tour for 10 months).

1073 days ago


"What a loser," "You're a hater," And now we have just a glimpse of the bigoted person you are Serena. Yes, and the judge(s) who fined you are probably so PC whipped they refused to hand out the fine you deserved for accusing this line judge of racial bias…something that must hold you since you instantly played that card.

1073 days ago

michael mckenzie    

It's the testosterone talking. If she can't control herself in front of millions of people she shouldn't be allowed to play anymore. The fact that she did this on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 makes it even worse.

1073 days ago


.he news you all report, it is a double standard when a blk woman says anything with feeling you dumb assses report it like its sum big news report` so wat she is emotional all blk folk are emotional we are human she is one if not the best tennis player in the world i am a blk woman the only tym u report about us is sum bull**** whether you talkin bout her short outfits to show her curves or how she grunts when she smacks the hell out that ball give me sum real news talk about sumthin of sum substance why report bull**** ive been wanting to speak out you ridiculeblk folk as if we are a joke but put charlie sheen in a box to where he is funny. i hope you print my comment i got many more but stop making us seem like a joke everyone has bad day

1073 days ago


Has it been checked for a penis?

1073 days ago


Serena did nothing wrong. All of you stupid A**holes who saying that she threaten this umpire need to look at the game again. She did not threaten the umpire. She said her comments and that was it. She did not repeat the same offense she did two years ago. I have the up most respect for her. She did just like all the rest of the players do when they get angry, confront the umpire. She did not wrong. This has nothing to do with race or gender. They all do it and don't call her names and get on Serena when all the players do it. And another note Sam looks more like a man than Serena so I think calling people names is so uncall for a demeaning.

1073 days ago

John the Lawyer    

For cryin out loud guys, you can't compare. Mac complained. Serena Williams PHYSICALLY THREATENED BOTH OFFICIALS

1073 days ago


Okay, Serena had a moment. I seen people have outburst over a magazine subscription. I was expecting to see yelling, vein popping, etc. Her tone and body language WAS NOT inappropriate. As for the threat, how did she threaten the ref?!? This was blown out of proportion but hey most things are.

1073 days ago


There is no double-standard. She made an ass of herself and only got a slap on the wrist or it.

1073 days ago


McEnroe was a long time ago... new standards should be to show respect to game officials which she has not shown. This should set an example for everyone that follows. Do not disrespect officials.

1073 days ago
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