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Clooney to Keibler

If You Wanna Be My Lover...

9/13/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Now that former WWE hottie Stacy Keibler is dating George Clooney -- she might want to follow a few simple rules ... and she might delay the inevitable break up by at least a few months.

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Good actor, but a whore at same-time....At his age he should be settled down with one women, but i guess he likes to sleep around with random women. Hmm!!!...Must be some STD in his

1114 days ago


warren beatty was the same way.
they settle down in their late 60's.
then he'll be 80 when his kids are born.

1114 days ago


As a man I cannot understand why women would like to date Clooney.
Therefore I asked several women if and why they would like to date him. Much to my surprise none of them would, because he looks too old, he looks like grandpa, he's a womanizer, he can't compare to my boyfriend, husband etc. Hell, they don't even use Nespresso because Clooney is advertising it.

1114 days ago


It's simple...all Stacy has to do is NEVER, EVER mention she wants to get married to George.

These women know George does not want to get married ever again but they think after a while they are the one who can get him to change his mind so they start hinting at marriage and when he walks out the door they get mad.

Dude is not gay either.....he just don't want a wife. What is so hard to understand about that? At least he lets the woman know up front, most men don't.

When a man tells you up front he does not want to get married believe him and don't try and change him. If he changes his mind he will tell you, you can't tell him.

Bottom line...if Stacy wants to get married don't get in a relationship with George. It's not happening.

1114 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

People always bitching about his lifestyle. Why should he have to conform to what you think is right. He can live any way he wants to. He is honest and upfront about not wanting to settle down so he is not stringing anyone along. If he wants to date younger women and does not want to get married again that is his right. There is no requirement to settle down at any age. And given his lifestyle and job which keeps him away from home it seems better to remain single than to have a heartbroken wife at home. The guy seems to know what he is doing with his life, he is rich and famous and a huge success. So who are you to sit there and preach like you know more about life and how to succeed in it when he clearly has you beat. Man haters piss me off.

1114 days ago


Why do you toy with us so on this web site? Making this narrative "fun filled" helps no one in the end.

1114 days ago


@ Leader of the ignorant masses: Please Chill down. This is a gossip site. Why so serious?

1113 days ago

your own luck    

Once again, the voice on your TMZ video is unbelievably annoying.

1113 days ago

bitch please    

I'm so tired of hearing about Clooney as the ultimate catch and how he was "sexiest man alive" etc, etc.... The guy is 50 years old. Sorry but he is FAR from the sexiest anything these days. Of course he can still get young gold diggers or some young thing looking for a quick 15 mins, but the bottom line is George is getting old. He looks it, acts it, and his prime is over. He needs a robe like that idiot Hef. In other words it's BORING.
Move on from him please!

1113 days ago


This guy makes me sick.

1113 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This fool always overplays his masculinity and talks about the amount of women he had bedded. First sign of hiding something in the his true sexuality. He is extremely homophobic and that only means one thing.

1113 days ago


George Clooney is over my opinion he is not the best Actor anyway..

1113 days ago


I've never had any problem with the women Clooney has been with, but this Kiebler chick, well, I just don't see it lasting as long as his other relationships have. She's going to steal his spotlight eventually and it'll be all downhill from there.

As for some other comments, I'd date him in a heartbeat...

1113 days ago

moe l.    

Clooney really wants a man, so if you're not a man, you're never going to have a lasting relationship with this closet gay.

1113 days ago


very, very funny TMZ, I think you should make this a monthly
video on how she is doing...this was really funny!!!!

1113 days ago
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