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Manny Ramirez 911 Call

'Hi, My Husband Just Hit Me'

9/13/2011 8:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call ... made by Manny Ramirez' wife Juliana after the MLB star allegedly slapped her during a domestic dispute inside their Florida home yesterday.

During the call, Juliana tells the operator, "Hi, my husband just hit me."

When the operator asks if she's safe ... Juliana replies, "He's not doing anything anymore 'cause he knows I'm calling the police."

Manny was arrested a short time later and transported to a nearby jail. He told cops he never hit Juliana ... claiming he only "grabbed" her.

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When are women going to learn to stay away from pro-athletes? It seems that 99% of them are violent ******** that like to beat up on women.

1107 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Sounds like another bitter housewife who was about to be dumped and as a last resort, cries domestic violence when none occurred. Happens all the time!

1107 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....she did the right thing..no man has the right to abuse, EVER! ...his $ will keep him out of jail in the end, hopefully the humiliation with the public will smarten his azz up, time will tell..

1107 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

No idea if it is true or not but it will cost him either way.

1107 days ago


Wife Beater, Woman Hitter, can't stand them and have no use for them. It's just plain wrong.

1106 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well, maybe the 9-11 dispatcher was only a little confused, because what the woman should have said was: 'ji, my jusband hust jit me'!! ouchie!! putade wey!!

1106 days ago


"I have a bump on my head"

LOL... she says this like she's describing a zit on her chin to a friend. Absolutely ZERO actual fear. My ex used to block the doorway with her person, this at the end of an argument nobody was going to win. Then she'd say "Go ahead, touch me to try and get by... who do you think they'll believe when I call them?"

That's the downside to living with a crazy b@#ch. The upside, my God they're GREAT in bed! The makeup sex was just... LOL... sorry, I love crazy chicks, but you will be tested OFTEN for your snap-point. Manny failed. I might too, someday. I really doubt Manny's a wife-beater. This was nothing more than an opportunistic legal move by one spouse against another. She swung from the heels and connected long. Women do not DESERVE to be manhandled or hit, but there are plenty of crazy ones who GO LOOKING FOR IT. If you don't live with a crazy chick, then you don't understand this. You sex life also sucks. Sorry man = ]

PS - Have to comment about the 'chicks shouldn't marry pro sports figures'. Actually, if you read and re-read what I wrote above, it is the pro sports figures that SELECT to date, live and/or marry these crazy chicks. The sex is that much more above and beyond a 'nice stable girl'. We think with our little head - always and forever.

1106 days ago


You never know what goes on behind close doors and there is two side for every story!.

1106 days ago

truth hurts    

Keep your hands to yourself. If someone makes you made enough to grab them then walk away forever. I'm sick of people making excuses for violence.

1106 days ago


manny's wife is HOTTTTTTTTT.. what an idiot.

1106 days ago


People you just can't hit one another!

1106 days ago

amboy romeo    

goo manny best player out **** what anybody seas

1106 days ago
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