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Michael Jackson Estate

Katherine and MJ's Kids to

Score $30 Million

9/13/2011 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Michael Jackson Estate case.  The Executors have done so well making money for the Estate since Jackson died, they want to fund the Michael Jackson Trust to the tune of $30 million for the benefit of Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained court documents in which co-Executors John Branca and John McClain are asking the court's permission to fund the trust.  According to the docs, the Estate generated more than $310 million in gross revenues as of December 31, 2010 -- that's the latest accounting.

In addition to funding the trust, the Executors are asking the court's permission to sell the longtime family home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, CA.  According to the docs, Katherine wants to sell the house and, although no price is mentioned, the property was valued at $4,150,000 when Michael died.

The docs say Katherine wants the Estate to purchase another home and she's eying several properties, but we're told the home she really wants is the Calabasas house in which she and the kids are currently living.



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I fell off the wagon and returned a few days earlier than planned...

I've been away just over two weeks and so much has happened since then -- how can anyone manage to keep up with it all? Jermaine's busy shootin' his mouth off in interviews about conspiracy theories, harebrained escape plans, his own OPINIONS about what Michael was thinking, feeling, and planning as well as his own OPINIONS about Michael's physical, mental, and emotional states, possibly causing complications for the trial. Messerau jumping in there to call Jermaine out on his BS; ConRat Murder trial developments; a key witness vanishing in Thailand (who later surfaced); estate financial matters; continued shena****ns with LaToya/GLE and the MFT concert -- and that's just for starters. As you are fond of saying: OYE.

I caught all of your posts. Keep all of that financial info coming; I like to stay abreast of it. BTW, somone else posted that Jermaine tweeted that sale of Hayvenhurst, supposedly at Katherine's request, was news to Katherine. She has no desire to sell it, according to him. Don't know how THOSE wires got crossed...

A federal investigation of Tom Sneddon by the atty general? Karma's a b*tch. Hope Nan can find a reference. DO keep us updated on any developments in THAT area.

Caught a video of Martin Bashir the other day. He referred to MJ -- his new best posthumous buddy -- as "one of the greatest singing stars who ever lived." WATCH OUT -- I'm about to HEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karma's headed his way as well; it's just a matter of time...

Can you believe that LaToya and her GLE posse have chosen JAMIE FOXX to host their bogus charity concert? A guy who mercilessly ridiculed MJ's appearance, age, dance moves, and more, and made him the butt of his mean-spirited jokes, including the false allegations? That just takes the cake on this "tribute." And they STILL won't come clean on exactly what monies will actually be going to charity. They have no $HAME...

Opening statements in the trial begin on Sep 27. If you hear of any websites where I can access a live stream, video recordings for later viewing and/or transcripts, please make a post somewhere. It doesn't matter where you post. I'll be checking by pulling up your name, not a particular TMZ article. If you don't know of any, not to worry. I'll be surfing the web myself looking for a site. I'd like to at least catch the opening and closing statements. I can't use twitter or cable TV; it will have to be something available publicly for free over the web.

Thanks for your posts. There's so much going on in the next 3 weeks with the trial start date and the MFT concert (which hopefully will die in the womb) that I'll HAVE to pop in briefly, but otherwise I'll be back in 3 weeks.

Ciao for now!

Hi Pegasus. Miss you too...

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Idk TSIG, as much as I absolutely despise the thought of the Money Forever Tribute, I think it is going to happen. They're going to go ahead with it, even though it will be a flop and lose money. The Estate didn't want it, the majority of fans didn't want it, and yet, GLE, in their UNLIMITED amount of wisdom, business sense and experience with Michael Jackson personally, decide to move forward.

Forget that the timing is horrible, forget that the kids were contractually bound to the agreement, forget that Jamie Foxx is the host, forget that GLE invited Gene Simmons and KISS,forget that the calibre of artists does not rise to the stature of Michael Jackson, forget that half the family won't be there...but hey! Other than that, you've got a winning tribute! NOT.

1108 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Could Serve No Time In Jail If Convicted, Says Famed LawyerDr. Conrad Murray Could Serve No Time In Jail If Convicted, Says Famed Lawyer
Posted on Sep 21, 2011 @ 01:00AM print it send it By Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

With the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray set to begin in just a few days, has exclusively learned that even if the cardiologist is convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of superstar Michael Jackson, he may not spend any time in jail at all.

And perhaps even more shocking, with the overcrowding problem in the Los Angeles area prison facilities, if he does go to jail, Murray could serve only one year in a county jail, rather than in a state prison.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, of acute Propofol intoxication. Dr. Murray has admitted to giving the King of Pop the powerful anesthetic, but he denies giving him the fatal dose that ended his life.

PHOTOS: Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

Famed Hollywood attorney Mark Geragos tells that if Dr. Murray is convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge, "he could absolutely avoid state prison, and Judge Michael Pastor could sentence him to either straight probation, meaning he will serve no time at all, or to serve his sentence in a Los Angeles County jail. Judge Pastor has the sole discretion of how to sentence Dr. Murray if he is convicted."

Geragos, who was a part of the criminal defense team that represented Michael Jackson in his 2005 molestation case, of which the King of Pop was acquitted, says that since there was no weapon such as a gun, or a knife involved in the cause of death, "Judge Pastor would be able to send Dr. Murray to a county jail. The District Attorney could oppose a sentence that didn't include state prison, but that is all they can do. Dr. Murray is facing four years maximum if he is convicted."

Los Angeles County jails are notoriously overcrowded, and most inmates only serve about 25% of their actual sentence, which would mean that Dr. Murray could be looking at just one year in a county jail if sentenced to the maximum under the law.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

"The Sheriff would have the final determination about what percentage of time Dr. Murray would serve if he was sentenced to county jail. The judge has absolutely no control over the jails," Geragos reveals. "Dr. Murray will be acquitted or convicted with jury selection.”

Jury selection begins next week. Stay tuned to for developments throughout the trial.

1107 days ago


On HLN news:

Randy Taborelli is shooting his mouth off about MJ. Also, Dr. Conrad Murray is now claiming that MJ told him not to keep any records.

1107 days ago


Quick "Driveby" to say hi to all my "Michael-ologists"...
I will be back here and on a few other stories spilling my views all over the place (there's a few people on this story that I HAVE to call out, sorry.) Anyhoo, bear with me as LIFE happens...wish I could figure out a way to keep my career from getting in the way of researching and discussing Michael....
Hey Chico--you are TOO MUCH! I had the best laugh over your post about my change of opinion on Branca and Co. We'll talk.
Hey Pegasus--it's MY pleasure and the LEAST I can do for MICHAEL!!
Hey Sofi--I haven't forgotten your question, although I think Chico may have answered it. Will get back to you soon.
Hey TSIG--who set you free!! Whatever, I'm THRILLED to have you back, if even for a short time. Nobody can corner that FAKE Tribute the way you do...C'mon now!!!
Stay tuned.....

1107 days ago


1107 days ago


1107 days ago



Yes, thanks to many of the ladies from the TMZ boards - they have taught me many things. And I am constantly learning how to do more and more things. Although, I am still having a heck of a lot of difficulty in trying to figure out how to access legal do***ents and stuff. But, perhaps in time and lots and lots of practice - I will learn how to do that also _LOL - Don't bet on it! But in all honesty - I only know what the ladies have taught me, and I am so thankful and grateful to them for it - you have no idea!

Regarding that Randy Taborelli guy - he was basically saying the same things that he stated in his book. And he was claiming that MJ was a drug addict (according to his sources), etc. etc. He made me so angry - that I wish to God I could gone through the cable on my tv to him and strangled him! Ugh that jerk is such a BS'er! He could no more tell the truth tnan Casey Anthony could! Would love to Duck Tape Randy's mouth! JMO

1106 days ago


Alright, so I'm back....and AWAY WE GO!!
-Shelley, please google Michael's 2002 Will and Trust and you will find that 20% of the Estate is already designated to 3 Charities. However, NOONE will get anything until ALL of the debts are cleared--and for the record, this DOES NOT mean Michael was "SO DEEP IN DEBT" when he died, he had plenty of assets, but not many of them were LIQUID. Thing is, at his level, there was bound to be debts to clear when he passed, but unfortunately on top of all of the typical debts one leaves behind, there were claims out the WAZOO from every LUNATIC around that need to be waded through in order to get to the LEGIT ones and settle them....
Interestingly enough, there are even a few LEGIT ones that the Estate is fighting--namely the claim that "Thriller" director John Landis and co-star Ola Ray filed for back royalties on the short film. Thing is, if the Weitzman and Co. are fighting these claims, they either found some sort of LOOPHOLE, or the claims were bogus in the first place. Landis has a tendency to run around spouting off about what happened on the set, and how Michael was in those days so maybe he's simply another LEECH taking a ride on the "MICHAEL EXPRESS TO CELEBRITY". And I liked his work in the past, but I have a real problem with how ALL OF A SUDDEN, now that Michael's gone, he seems to want to say "Thriller" was mostly HIS work, as if Michael was only along for the ride. But from what I know of Michael, I know better. You can fool SOME of the people.....
-Gew, just wanted to point out that there is a Judge overlooking the Estate's actions. Estate lawyers have NOTHING to fear from the Family but more of the same HOT AIR. They can make accusations until the cows come home, but that doesn't mean a thing unless they can back it up. Furthermore, the Court won't even consider complaints from anyone who isn't listed as an heir....this mean Jermy, LaToya, et. al....Joe already learned that lesson for the rest of them....
-Illinois person, I understand what you say about Janet. She has established herself in the Entertainment business very well, from her days on "Good Times" as "penny", to her Millions in record sales beginning with "Control", to her starring roles in the latest Tyler Perry films.....
HOWEVER, I think in your zest to defend her honor, you failed to actually UNDERSTAND what Criss meant when he said, "without Michael no one ever cared about Janet". Because he was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and I agree totally! Maybe I wouldn't go as far to say NOONE CARED, but if you look back to the beginning, before her Millions in record sales, TV shows, and Film roles, you'll remember that Janet got her beginnings by being the precocious sister of the Jackson Five--and we all KNOW who led them to the pinnacle of their success, and I'm not talking about Joe, either....
Thing is, Ebony had an article about the Jacksons where they listed every family member's abilities, but when they got to Janet, they always said she HUMS....hums? Er...okay....translation, they were WAITING to see what they could ENCOURAGE her to do--no problem with that, but soon after, the networks wanted to do a Jackson Family Show out of Vegas, and they decided to set Janet up with Randy as a Comedy duo--a takeoff on Sonny and Cher which was a big hit on the Variety show. From there, Janet's TV career began when Norman Lear came calling for "Good Times" and the rest is History....
Now I'm not saying that the girl isn't talented, but without Michael leading the way, she would've never even been thought of for those roles because noone would've known her at that age. Also, you have to remember that Janet was by Michael's side 24/7 practically back in his early solo days of "Off the Wall" and while he was making "Thriller" so she was close enough to almost TASTE the level of success and DRIVE he had. She even admitted that she wanted to become as big as him or even bigger. But when asked how Michael works his art, she said she had no clue, and said he's on a whole other level.....
Translation: it's the difference between being TALENTED and being GIFTED....Michael was the latter, Janet the former.....enough said.
-Susan62509, great to see you posting again--LOVE IT! One thing--as far as I know, Katherine and PPB were Never set to receive a lump sum in the first place. According to my understanding, Katherine would receive payments to keep her living in the manner she's accustomed to, but she was never going to get a lump sum payment. PPB, on the other hand, will receive percentages of their inheritance that begin at age 30 when they'll receive 1/3, then at 35 they get half, then full access at 40.....
-Hey HumanNature! Great post as always...Gon' Girl!
-Check Yourself, thanks for the update from Jermy. Here's something to consider: possibly the Estate is the one calling those shots on selling Hayvenhurst, being that THEY are (MJFT) the ones who actually OWN it....NOT Katherine and Co.....
Of course, I wouldn't think they would sell it right out from under her, but then again, she seems to be enjoying the Calabasas Manse. Wonder if the Estate encouraged THAT move....hmmm....
BTW: I saw that bit also about the key Trial witness' VANISHING and couldn't BELIEVE it wasn't listed here...pretty lame....
-Siggisis, I totally agree that someone got to that Pharmacist--I think that's the one from APPLIED PHARMACY....
Looks like the RATS are trying to cover up their turds.....
-Hey Chico! I saw that Cirque visit the fans had--it was all over Facebook this past weekend. The moment I read the Vision for the show and how it was based on the phases of life, using the Giving Tree as it's Central backdrop, I was sold. And I KNEW it was something that Michael would be totally proud of since he had been in talks with them to collaborate on future projects. If you saw TII, you can totally tell he was inspired by their Production Values....
Thing is, I can't say I'm on team Branca, but I believe in giving credit where it's due. So as long as he keeps moving the Estate in the direction it's headed--a Power to be reckoned with in the Entertainment Industry--he's alright with me....
Bottom line, I'm easy....all you have to do is uphold Michael's legacy and support his artistry and I'm good.....
BTW: Can't wait for that trial just around the corner....and they'd better get it right!!

1106 days ago


Michael Jackson's Son to Make First Solo Appearance
By Karen Nickel Anhalt

Thursday September 22, 2011 03:25 PM EDT

Prince Michael Jackson (left) and Michael Jackson's Bad album cover

Robyn Beck/Getty,
FacebookTweetIn his first solo foray into the limelight, Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince Michael, will be in Berlin for a Nov. 10 auction in support of a cause dear to his late father's heart: helping disadvantaged kids.

The 14-year-old will be there for the sale of his dad's handwritten composition of the hit "Bad." All proceeds from the auction will go to the Tribute to Bambi foundation, which supports organizations in Germany that aid needy children.

"Prince Michael Jackson will walk the red carpet and present the manuscript on stage surrounded by children," a spokesperson for the event tells PEOPLE.

The teen is expected to arrive with an entourage but without relatives. "He won't be traveling alone," says a source close to the event, "but he won't have any family members with him."

In 2002, when he was 5, Prince Michael visited Berlin with his father, sister Paris and brother Blanket for the same event. (Staying at the Adlon Hotel on that occasion, Michael memorably dangled baby Blanket over the balcony before adoring fans.)

In previous auctions for the charity, Michael's glittery jacket and an autographed guitar went on the block, in in 2002 and 2009, respectively.

Those wishing to bid on the "Bad" manuscript may do so online between now and Nov. 10, at United Charity.

Asked to predict how much the manuscript might fetch, a spokeswoman laughed and said, "Hopefully, a whole lot!"

1106 days ago


I will be waiting for you Cherwood take your time.

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1104 days ago
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