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Michael Jackson Estate

Katherine and MJ's Kids to

Score $30 Million

9/13/2011 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Michael Jackson Estate case.  The Executors have done so well making money for the Estate since Jackson died, they want to fund the Michael Jackson Trust to the tune of $30 million for the benefit of Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained court documents in which co-Executors John Branca and John McClain are asking the court's permission to fund the trust.  According to the docs, the Estate generated more than $310 million in gross revenues as of December 31, 2010 -- that's the latest accounting.

In addition to funding the trust, the Executors are asking the court's permission to sell the longtime family home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, CA.  According to the docs, Katherine wants to sell the house and, although no price is mentioned, the property was valued at $4,150,000 when Michael died.

The docs say Katherine wants the Estate to purchase another home and she's eying several properties, but we're told the home she really wants is the Calabasas house in which she and the kids are currently living.



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good think MJ is dead.or else all that money would go to a monkey and tons of drugs

1104 days ago


good grief... 1rst comment I see appear here is just another ignoramus, Rogue Whoever, that sucked-up to the perverse sensationalism & lies about MJ. Open your eyes & get with the FACTS, would ya ? Medialoids have bought & sold too many people for too long.

My best wishes & prayers are continually with Mrs. Jackson, Prince, Paris & Blanket for there comfort & happiness.
I am furthermore grateful for the extraordinary work that John Branca & his team do to enforce Michael's wishes & insure a MJ legacy of honor.

1104 days ago

myra morris    

I hope that is what makes Katherine happy and the children if this is what she really wants to do They really deserve to be happy

1104 days ago


Jemma, so sorry for know Michael would never agree with you ...ever! You are filled with such bitterness and hate! You totally did not get his message! Hia children whether biological or not is NOT any of our business! He loved them as they did him!!! What right does anybody have to say such negative things about these innocent children! Listening to your rants and negative postings...well SMH sad! Doesn't sound like you're trying "to make the world a better place"!

1104 days ago


ok so many morons!! They are MJs biological children!

1104 days ago


The lawyers don't even have any chance to take anything without having a big searchlight on them all the time. I'd hate to be their law team; it would probably be constant paranoia about what those wacko jacksons would accuse me of next. All the time being accused of misappropriating funds; i'd always be looking over my shoulder and making sure to dot every i and double check everything. Even if you wanted as a lawyer to steal from them it would be pretty hard with the amount of scrutiny they receive. As a lawyer i'd hate to work for them as who knows if it would backfire in my face with all the accusations and b.s that goes flying around the jacksons. I'd probably be on edge and afraid to touch their cash. Funny how they seem to hate jews but when it comes to their cash well...they do get overprotective to the point of over zealousness. What with their constantly accusing people of stealing funds when they seem more eager to provide for their own needs (jermaine and co.) than sincere interest in taking care of mj's kids.

No way any lawyer would mess with that money unless there wasn't this much scrutiny from the fans and especially the wacko family. I think the family realizes this and to keep the lawyers in check they watch them like paranoid hawks so throwing out accusations of theft etc reminds the lawyers to watch their backs. I"d hate to work under those conditions.

1104 days ago


Good for all of them. Brilliant work. Although I am a little disheartened to learn that Hayvenhurst will be up for sale. That is a part of Michael's legacy - lots of memories were made behind those gates.

1104 days ago


While I'm glad that his kids are financially secure??? this is Katherine we are talking about the one that Michael did not see much off even tho she was his mom, but she was after too much of his money this is why she jump in to grab the kids so she can get the money, that is all she wants if she knew there was noo money from Michael she would not worry about the kids,,as you notice Michael did alot better without his mother and father, was alot happier too without his parents,,they should not let her have the kids,

1104 days ago


Maybe Hayvenhurst will become a tourist attraction
like Graceland and all the fans will have an opportunity
to visit Hayvenhurst.

++And I'll bet NotWell will be the first one there
busting the door down just to have any part of MJ's
past,present or future.

We all know NotWell is a big fan of Michael Jackson++


1104 days ago

Illinois person    

There's money in the kitty? Don't let daddy dearest or Jermaine know. Meanwhile, sell Hayvenhurst? Where will all the Jackson family hangers-on live? And as far as Criss' comment about "without Michael no one ever cared about Janet", really? So I suppose her 10s of millions in record sales, 5 Grammys (amoung other acolades) and a fortune estimated around 150 million was all in vain? Then there's her childhood film career, movies and so on. Safe to bet Janet has carved her own way in the entertainment business. Probabaly Criss, you were thinking of the other 4 Jackson brothers for whom Michael left in the dust decades ago.

1104 days ago


jemma: 16 hours ago
This greedy granny is pretending those 2 white and Latino kids are her blood so that she can cash in on them. Lying to the fans about those white children. They will not get a penny from me. It is a huge farce. Black kids were not good enough to inherit the estate of the biggest black icon ever. See the irony? Skin bleaching self hating freak did not want black children so he pays a white woman millions for Arnie Klein spawn.
Jacko was an idiot with his money, he had huge debts and the only reason he is making money now is because he is dead and his fans want a piece of him. The reason he is out of debt is because of fans, the same fans he lied to and made a fool of. His black fans have been had. MJ did not think you were good enough for him, but you still want to put money in the pockets of those white children. Jacko must be laughing his bleached @ss off at this. Congratulations, you are making Arnie Klein's children richer and richer every time you buy something put out by the estate.


Feel betetr about yourself, now?

1104 days ago


well....I had better say it now....I dont think the Nation of Islam is completely innocent here....

1104 days ago


umm, so they make 310 million but only giving his kids 30 million? Where is the rest going to?

1104 days ago


Post the court paper work!

1104 days ago
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