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Nancy Grace

I Never Trash-Talked

Ryan O'Neal

9/13/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace is perplexed that Ryan O'Neal dropped out of "Dancing with the Stars" because of her, telling TMZ, she never said anything bad about him.

Sources directly connected to Ryan tell us ... the actor was all set to do DWTS but dropped out because Nancy has said bad things about his son Redmond, who has had chronic drug problems, and also suggested he was a bad parent.

But Grace tells TMZ, "We have never covered Mr. O'Neal nor his family on our show," adding, "I hate that he dropped out of DWTS; I would have loved to compete with him and wish him the very best."

Grace says she considers O'Neal to be one of the great actors of our time and she finds his relationship with Farrah Fawcett "an inspiration to me."

Nevertheless, O'Neal has bitter feelings toward Grace ... and he freely discusses that in private.


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she is a vile human being if we are lucky she will break her leg get a blood clot from it and die.

1103 days ago


O'Neal is a washed up has been who is trying to hang on to his last glimmer of fame. He needs only to look in the mirror to find the cause of his families problems the man is a s***bag

1103 days ago


Ryan is the worse father ever- just look how his kids turned out- he can only blame himself on that one & he is a BAD actor- anyone could have played his part in Love Story too- don't know what Farrah ever saw in him- he just used her for a free meal ticket

1103 days ago


Who cares.

1103 days ago


After Mr. O'Neal blamed Oprah for his trouble (again) with his daughter, he's now dancing out of the contest, blaming someone else. Bottom line, whether or not she said anything isn't the point. Look at Tatum, he's a horrible father and he busted out the front teeth of his son and his Redmond has drug problems. If he's upset with her allededly connecting the dots, shame on him. He's known it all a long.

1103 days ago

ed baggett    

Nancy Grace has a chip on her shoulder...if you don't agree with every thing she says, she'll clobber you on or of her show...What a horrible attitude !

1103 days ago


Don't like either one of them She has a caustic mouth and he certainly isn't "Father of Any Year". I think they are so full of themselves they can't see straight. So sad to see people like this....and they have NO CLUE!

1103 days ago


Who cares, we all know Ryan is a nut job and a bad parent? Look at the way his kids turned out, both drug addicts.

1103 days ago


Nancy disGrace should be drop from the show

1103 days ago


Really too bad he didn't get to hoof her right in her womany parts. Stupid annoying bitch.

1103 days ago


First, Nancy could drop him to the mat and crush the dance right out of him. And nothing would have resurrected his career faster than agreeing to do Dancing with the Stars. I give Nancy Grace a lot of credit for facing her dumb a$*****ers, who she knows they number into the many thousands. She takes them on and agrees to do this national show. Good on her. I give her credit for doing her thing, whether it's talking legal matters, grabbing ratings or dancing. Takes guts! Those which Ryan O'Neal obviously does not possess.

1103 days ago


Nancy looks like a doll in that picture. Way to go, TMZ!

1103 days ago


If Ryan O'Neal is one of the 'best actors of our time', why would he consider DWTS ?????????

1103 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

johnjohn: about an hour ago

she is a vile human being if we are lucky she will break her leg get a blood clot from it and die.

That's what I'm talking about!

1103 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

As much as I dislike Nancy Grace's belligerent holier-than-thou arrogance and her disregard for journalistic ethics and basic legal standards... Ryan O'Neal is just in a league of his own as a manpig and a "Daddy Dearest".

I know what to call a man who hits on a woman who's young enough to be his daughter at his live-in partner / fiancee / quasi-wife's funeral. I know what to call a man who makes a move on his own daughter because he's so messed up from years of substance abuse he doesn't even know who she is. But a man who hits on his own daughter at his partner in life's funeral? I can't even think of a word for that... Some people aren't just beyond the pale, they are beyond the "beyond"...

1103 days ago
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