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Former NFL Pro Bowler


... and Living with My Parents

9/15/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former NFL bad ass Chris McAlister -- who signed a $55 MILLION contract in 2004 -- claims he's BROKE AS A JOKE and living with his parents ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

The ex-Baltimore Ravens defensive superstar has just filed new documents in his child support war with his ex-wife Marlene in the hopes of  lowering his $11,000 per month obligation.

In the docs, Chris -- a 1st round NFL draft pick in 1999 who played in the league for 10 years -- states, "I have been unemployed since 2009. I have no income."

He adds, "I live in my parent's home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so."

McAlister was a KEY member of the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl in 2000 ... and even got himself an interception during the big game.

McAlister was only married to Marlene for 13 months -- but she claims Chris ended the relationship in 2009 when she got pregnant and refused to get an abortion.

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McAlister is a discrace to the NFL. Poor excuse not to be able to get a job! What did you do with your millions? Go teach a football camp or coach school football.Go help kids who have it real bad ~!!!! Court is crazy giving that much child support

947 days ago


I don't know the details of his $55 million deal, but there's no assurance he ever saw more than a small fraction of that money. NFL money is not guaranteed and the deals are often loaded on the back end - meaning that it may have been 55 mil over ten years with most of it to be paid out in years 5-10, and/or that the 55 mil contained incentives that he didn't meet because he was injured and missed a lot of games over the years following the contract.

947 days ago


55 mil.$contract.and thats not counting the years before that contract.i really feel bad for him.NOT!.YOU COULD LIVE ON INTEREST WITH THAT $.he probaly could of done without the ten cars and eight bathroom house with with golf course.another pro athelete who really didnt attend college.was only there and and pushed along to play his sport.has no real knowledge.so many people who cant attend college today and would really,truly apply themselves and we are supposed tom feel sorry for guys like this.well chris welcome too life.

947 days ago



947 days ago


He's probably a lot smarter than you think. If he were close to his parents he would have made them very wealthy for future golden parachute.

947 days ago


Who cares. I am so sick of these stories about people who have made millions and don't know how to appreciate it. He has wasted more money than myself, my children and my children's children will make in our lifetimes....boo hoo.

947 days ago


Why are white people always bringing race into it??? But they always talk about blacks playing the race card!!! I'm getting sick of these crying, jealous, sneaky, *******!!!

947 days ago


how the hell can you blow $55 million??? thats a guarenteed 25 million....i mean if i got $5 million i would be straight and happy and be finacially secure....talk about being reckless!

947 days ago


It pisses me off when I read about the amount of money these celebrities can squander. I live on less than $35k a year so how do you spend even $10 million in that time. He must be a liar or a damn fool.

947 days ago


As a football fan, I can never forget Chris McAlister. First, as being one of the key players on one of the greatest defensive teams of all time, the 2000 Ravens, and as a player who single-handedly destroyed the playoff hopes of my Jets the same year. He picked off Vinny T and ran it back for over 100 yards. He was a pretty solid DB, but was a little arrogant. It is truly tragic to see how some current and former athletes squander away so much of their fortunes on some of the most vicious vices (alcohol, drugs, women, etc.), and have little to nothing to show for after their careers are over (reading the Ray Guy story on here was a little tough, even though he probably didn't part take of any of the above-mentioned). Really long for the days when athletes were people we could respect and admire both on AND off the field... smh

947 days ago



947 days ago


When he was a member of the Ravens, this dude spent 20K for a weekend with a prominent Florida based porn star. It's difficult to feel bad for this guy. Meanwhile, his ex needs to hire a forensic accountant to go over the guy's finances. Then again, 11K is a month is a lot of money when you're not earning an income. Child support is based on earnings, not net worth.

947 days ago

Ray W    

Man, that's a lot of money to mismanage. A lot of famous people came out of Pasadena High School, but I think Chris is the 1st to go broke. Michael Cooper (Lakers-show time), Jimmy wilkes (New Orleans Saints), Michael Holton, Mario Clark (Buffalo Bills), Eddie and Alex Van Halen, Bob Eubanks, Sally Fields, Even Sirhan Sirhan........Too bad Chris, hopefully, your famous father saved some of his money from his days in the NFL, James Mc Alister was one tough running back in his hey day. Oh well as they say, a fool and his money shall soon be departed.

947 days ago


He lives in Corona, owns 5 BMW (valued at 100k each), plays golf 3 days a week in Norco and Ontario

Parents are NICE as Hell

947 days ago


Another rocket scientist.

946 days ago
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