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Ordered to Pay Daughter's Tuition

9/14/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Starsky has just been ordered to pay half of his daughter's private school tuition -- after his wife accused him of favoring golf over the girl's education.

TMZ broke the story ... Paul Michael Glaser's ex-wife Tracy Glaser claimed the iconic "Starsky and Hutch" actor of refused to pay 1/2 of his 16-year-old daughter's tuition ... a share that amounted to about $11,000 a year.

Tracy claimed Paul blew even more than that on golf alone ... in six months.

Paul has argued the court excused him from having to pay -- but clearly that isn't the case because according to Tracy's lawyer, Joe Mannis, the judge just ordered him to cough up the dough ... plus $3,500 in attorney's fees.


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nothing worse than a rich deadbeat

1134 days ago


Isn't public school free? If he wants the kid in some private la de da school then sure he should pay half. If the school is the wife's idea, then she should be the one to cough up ALL the cash.

1134 days ago


Can u image what his daughter must be feeling walking down the halls of this expensive school. Did they have to have this come out in public so every one knows. Shame on the parents for what they have done to the daughter.

1134 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

I can't believe people are actually saying it's good that a father is forced to pay $!!,000 in tuition to send their kid to a school just because his EX decides that sending THEIR child to a PRIVATE school is what SHE wants. PRIVATE school is a LUXURY. Most of us don't send our 13 year olds to schools that cost $22,000 a YEAR! This is Tracy trying to bleed her ex dry on a LUXURY that is UNNECESSARY. She should be ashamed of herself. People who agree with her need a reality check. If she wants her kid to go to that school and her ex doesn't, then she should scrape the money together, not just expect him to pay because it's what SHE wants. That's AWFUL.

1134 days ago


Glad to hear the guy has to pay up!!

1134 days ago


Exactly put "Grow up Jon". What you mindless idiots are not understanding is this: You've only heard what Tracy has said. Before commenting, you should wait until you hear Paul's side of the story. I've met Paul M. Glaser several times and I KNOW that he would NEVER abandon or hurt his daughter in any way!! Wait untill you have the whole story before you start trashing somebody.... especially someone like Paul!!!!!!!!!!

1134 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

my only question is: if it were a son, would he be so reluctant in buying him expensive toys (e.g. motorcycles, jet-skis, surfing gear or any type of sports gear for that matter, which is usually VERY!! expensive), or would he proudly and gladly hand over such 'excessive expenses' for "his child"...? i real do wonder...

1133 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, forgot to add:
ANNNNDDD!! not have a problem paying for his expensive and privileged private school? so that the boy understands 'the value of hard work'... just wonderin...

1133 days ago

lynn g    

leave paul m glaser alone if he wants to play golf let him poor bloke who does she think she is anyway the kid wants to go to normal school i think

1132 days ago


People how do we even know if this story is true? I ask that we don't pass judgement without all the facts. Mr Glaser took his daughter to Europe with him this summer, he hardly seems like a dead beat dad.
Divorce is an ugly thing but, as neither Tracey or Paul have publicly commented on this subject I'm guessing that it's just BS!!!

1131 days ago
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