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The Situation's Car



9/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


So a handicapped person drives up to a bank in New Jersey yesterday, hoping to park in the handicapped spot -- only he can't because THE SITUATION'S FRICKIN' FERRARI IS IN IT!!!!

TMZ has obtained footage ... showing the displaced handicapped guy using his cane to navigate around Sitch's expensive sports car.

We called Situation's rep for comment ... so far, nothing.


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He is an idiot. I can't stand him he is a bad apple. What goes around comes around. They should have named him Richard

1100 days ago


Maybe he took Rick Perry's HPV injection - might explain his "retardation".

1100 days ago


The SITUATION has a face even his own mother can't love.He treats ALL women with no respect.I bet he has several STD'S. Any girl who screws him has to be a desperate hoe bag . HE doesn't care about anyone but himself.He is TWO faced and would screw any thing with a hole.He needs to go WAY,WAY,FAR AWAY.HOW did this worthless DOUCHE BAG ever get popular ???

1100 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

WTF please, where did he STEAL the spot, TMZ you are a bunch of douches, for this kind of exaggeration. The sitch is also for parking like an idiot.

1100 days ago


The man shoulda hit his car scratch it up a bit and when the cops got there the man just say "I was going to park in a Handicapped space and when I tried to get in I hit his car cuz he's double parked" Who's fault? the douche bag. and that will show him to park in a handicap shot again

1100 days ago


What do you do with some one that could care less about people, you give him a ticket big deal. How about letting his advertiser's know how you feel about the handy cap. How about letting the advertiser's know you won't buy there products, how about doing some thing to let this douche bag know that this is not cool.

1100 days ago


Ah, Teresa Giudice did the SAMETHING this past Saturday at the Towaco, NJ Redbarn Plaza dropping stuff at the Cleaners in here NEW Mercedes (had temp plate). Yeah, left her vehicle running, door open, probably left kids in there too. Then the "Self Important" person was so involved with her Blackberry she stepped right infront of my moving car.

TV Reality Stars are "Self Important", because they have no value in the real world....

1100 days ago


In his defense, he's not really in the spot, just part of his car is in the spot....

1100 days ago

Rick Mazzerowski    

I look at it this way, where I live, aevery other person has a Handicap sticker in or on their vehicle. There are not enough spaces at parking lots at any business, even walmart, to cover all the HCP. If a person wears certain glasses, are overweight, know a crooked Dr., or some other weird reason, then they have a hcp sticker or bumper. From that picture the hcp could still park in the spot. there was plenty of space to the right of the space. Also so he parke 5 feet to the left and still in front of the door. I do not see the issue except that the situation does not know how to park. You guys are reaching, you must have gotten paid good money to video his ferrari. You guys should get a life.

1100 days ago


Where I live he would get a parking ticket, Situation or not. Many years ago one member of the royal family was speeding and got a ticket. He asked the officer: "Don't you know who I am?" The officer didn't care and handed him the ticket.

1100 days ago

Logan R    

C'mon everybody sing along, you all know the words, "He's an A-*-*-H-O-L-E, he's an a**hole." Denis Leary would be proud.

1100 days ago


He's not half parked in the handicap spot at all, the handicap person walking with the cane actually parked in a spot closer to the door and didn't have to navigate around the situations car at all.

That said, you can tell by the way he parked his Ferrari he thinks he is above the law and should have been issued a ticket and had the Ferrari towed!

1100 days ago


Not really...there was room in the handicapped spot to park. Why didn't that man park there?. Instead he parked in a regular parking spot on the other side. Yeah..the Ferrari was over a bit on the back side..but it really wasn't that bad.

1100 days ago


instead of calling his agent, why didn't you call the police...

1100 days ago


Its not half parked! A quarter of one tire is inside the spot. TMZ your an idiot!

1100 days ago
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