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The Situation

I'm SORRY I Jacked

the Handicapped Spot

9/14/2011 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Situation
is expressing some serious remorse for parking his Ferrari in a handicapped spot in NJ yesterday ... telling his inner circle he was simply in a rush to get to the bank before it closed.

TMZ spoke with sources extremely close to the "Jersey Shore" star who tell us Sitch is "very sorry" for taking the spot ... especially after learning about the TMZ video which shows a handicapped person who was forced to park further away from the bank.

One source tells us, "Sitch was in a rush to get to the bank before closing time because he is only in town for a few days -- and in his haste he did a sloppy parking job."

The source adds, "He understands that's not an excuse."

So, we gotta ask ...


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Come on people! Everyone has parked in the handicap spot before for a quick run! Everyone has parked illegally for a quick run. Stop being so judgmental. i dont like him, but i think ppl are taking this too far.

1111 days ago


He should be thrown in solitary for the rest of his life just for being the "Sitch". And that goes for everyone else connected with that moronic show.

1111 days ago


Who the hell is this nobody? why do you continue to give this obvious social f**ktard any face time? He wasnt running late, nice excuse for a self important duma**. By the way there greezy....the 90's are over, you look stupid. Do us a favor stop opening your mouth and embarrasing your school teachers.

1110 days ago


As a disabled veteran, the last time an idiot parked in a handicapped parking spot I was getting ready to use, I beat the hell out of the side of her brand new car. I thought about breaking her window, but didn't have enough strength. She saw me, and ran over to a police cruiser (police provide armed guards for that store), and told them what just happened. Funny thing? They didn't say anything to me, and gave her a hefty ticket. You don't screw with a disabled vet who has PTSD lightly.

1105 days ago


I had some brat pull into a handicap space but I simply parked my truck right behind him (like inches from their bumper). When I came out, the two started bitching. I put my crutches in the back seat, got in and sat there. One of them started pounding on the window calling me a few choice names instead of apologizing. They ended up with a $500 ticket after I called the local constabulary and signed a complaint. That's how you handle brats.

1100 days ago


anyone who purposefully runs head first into a wall seems handicapped to me.

1096 days ago


who gives a sh*t about this guy? he's the biggest douche baguette in america. stop feeding his ego.

1085 days ago


We really need to be a more forgiving society. If he made a habit of this fine that's a problem, but otherwise he made a bad decision. I am going to go out on a limb and say every person who is bashing him, and so many other people they don't agree with. I am more than sure each one of them have made a bad decision now and then. The difference is now everything is caught on camera and too many people think they are critics. The whole reality television trend is hopefully a passing trend and television and movies will one day soon be starring actual actors, and actresses. There was actually an art to entertaining at one time. Thanks for allowing me to give my opinion, blessings to everyone.

708 days ago
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