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Conrad Murray Trial

Key Witness Has VANISHED

9/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bizarre -- a pharmacist who testified he shipped MASSIVE amounts of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray in the weeks leading to Michael Jackson's death has disappeared without a trace, prosecutors claim.

According to prosecutors, Tim Lopez -- a former pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas -- has mysteriously moved to Thailand and cannot be found.

Prosecutors now want a judge to let them use Lopez' previous testimony from the preliminary hearing in January -- when he claimed Dr. Murray ordered several large quantities of Propofol, beginning on April 6, 2009.

Two hearings have been set for next week to decide if the testimony will be permitted.


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Thanks, again Phantom. I enjoyed the videos. The History concert in Copenhagen was very nice, I liked the way Michael incorporated historical footage and dates in this concert (so deep) one of my all time favorite songs but I love so many of Michael's songs. Thanks Again, Phantom.

1099 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. loved the Fans video pics of Michael and song, nicely done.

1099 days ago


i love murray <3...michael is alive and they are all actors ;) from italy <3 bye ^^

1099 days ago


@ Pegasus. Thank you for the link. You may look at Nancy grace interview two days ago at TMZ. She says something along the lines that MJ was a junkie and everyone knew it.
It kinda bothers me that people keep on talking on the drug issue, without realizing simple things.
When people travel for business, change time zones, pack / unpack all the time and are expected to deliver whatever their job is, it is tough. Plus after a tough part of the job is done, many time zones from home does become hard to get a sleep and recover before next business obligation. This is where sleeping pills may come into the picture. But I would not call people junkies for this. These things happen to business travelers when they have a trips in a row, not just artist. People who have more settled schedule and don't know traveling people may not realize the issue.

1099 days ago


Thanks again, Phantom. I enjoyed this video with pics of a young Michael and Again he gave a beautiful song to the world.

1098 days ago


Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children. The love that they share should keep them united and strong.

1098 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. "Earth Song" A very powerful short film from Michael. Love and respect its' message.

1098 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Yvonne from UK and Barb A:
Regarding the ‘Jermaine’ issue, I’m forced to agree. Okay, I still stand by everything I’ve said so far, BUT I admit that I’m finding it so difficult to defend him! He is his own worst enemy. He posed for pictures in London last week, wearing MJ type shoes, MJ bracelets and flashing the MJ ‘peace’ sign .... and then he wonders why he is criticised! Can someone please tie him up, gag him, and put him in a cupboard - at least until the trial is over!

I too watched the Piers Morgan interview and couldn’t believe my ears!
Do our American cousins realise that Piers Morgan was almost single handedly responsible for the ‘Wacko Jacko’ headlines. His scandalous reporting style and obnoxious personality earned him “the most hated man in the UK” title. The man is a total disgrace – devoid of any ethics or decency! How on earth did he manage to get Larry Kings job? And why are the family even doing interviews with this snake in the grass? Morgan typically began by flattering Jermaine by telling him that he knew that Michael was closer to him than any other family members. But he said the exact same thing to Janet and Latoya too! It makes me so angry!

What on earth is going on? After MJ died, Bashir had the audacity to make a statement saying how “I never saw anything untoward at Neverland”. Then Piers Morgan did a complete U turn and tried to convince us that he was actually Michaels No1 fan. Finally, the last straw came from Nancy Grace who stated on TMZ “A lot of people loved Michael Jackson – including me!”. (Someone wake me up – I must be dreaming). Whatever is next?

Some may argue that these people simply hypocrites. Others may even say they are showing remorse because they have come to realise what they’ve lost.
My own opinion is that the media is simply trying to rewrite history. They are trying to sweep all their shame and accountability under the carpet, so that they can delude the new, younger generation of MJ fans into buying into all this crap once again.

Problem is that the older MJ fans know the full story. We lived it. We witnessed the greatest case of media bullying in history – and we all know WHO are responsible, and it still hurts us to see them prosper.

They media lynch mob always knew they could persecute Michael without penalty. They knew that the man had become so overwhelmed by it all that he was rendered incapable of defending himself.
But the media are not dealing with a mere mortal anymore – they are dealing with the ‘MJ image’ a legal entity maintained by his estate. The executors, motivated by financial gain, are now prepared to sue to protect their product, and the media, fearful of litigation, are running scared.
How sad that Michael himself didn’t command the same respect whilst he was alive. His life could have been so different.

I question whether it is right that Michaels image should be sanitised in this way?
I expect that in twenty years time, new MJ fans will never get to hear about the molestation allegations, the baby dangling, the drug issue or any of the other questionable ‘events’ in MJs life.
The ‘clean-up’ will have been completed and it will be as though these things never happened.

Personally, I think it is important that the TRUTH be told – be it good or bad. It lies somewhere between the hater and the overly devoted fan.
Michael is already a legend, and as he takes his place in history, it is important that the REAL Michael is remembered – not the myth. Otherwise what is the point?

1098 days ago


Bizarre -- a pharmacist who testified he shipped MASSIVE amounts of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray in the weeks leading to Michael Jackson's death has disappeared without a trace, prosecutors claim.

murray's accomplice left the US BECAUSE HE IS AS GUILTY AS MURRAY IS and is afraid of being sent to jail.

1098 days ago
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