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Sean Penn

Assistant Injures Herself

in Scary Slip and Fall

9/15/2011 1:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0915_welcome_penn_launchIt was Sean Penn to the rescue today... when his assistant fell down and seriously messed up her arm in the shower ... and the actor rushed her to urgent care.

Sources close to the actor tell TMZ... Penn's assistant was taking a shower at Sean's Malibu home when she fell ... and popped out her elbow.

Sean wrapped her up in a towel and took her to a nearby urgent care facility.

Sean and his girlfriend, Shannon Costello  were clearly upset over the accident as they waited while the assistant was being treated.

We're told doctors managed to pop the visibly damaged elbow back into place ... and now the assistant is recovering at her home.

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Kim & Kourtney Support Sister

Kendall at Her Runway Debut!

Kim Kardashian must be a very proud sister this week -- as last night, a second younger sibling made her runway debut during a Fashion Week show!

Kylie Jenner, 14, hit the catwalk Monday night for Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show -- and last night Kendall Jenner, 15, followed suit.

Kendall was seen strutting her stuff at the Sherri Hill show held at Trump Tower on Wednesday, modeling three different outfits from the designer as Kim and Kourtney Kardashian watched on from the front row.

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Mark Wahlberg

Huge DISCOUNT On Bev Hills Mansion

Mark Wahlberg has knocked a cool $2 MILLION off the asking price on his UNBELIEVABLE Beverly Hills mansion ... asking $13.95 mil for one of the coolest pads EVER!!!

The place is UNREAL -- 8,932 square foot home sits on nearly 2 acres ... with a movie theater, 2-STORY GYM (complete with a boxing ring) ... basketball court and putting greens.

Like to sleep? It's got 7 bedrooms. 
Like to pee? It has 10.5 bathrooms.
Like to swim? It has a RIDICULOUS pool ... with a grotto!!!

Mark put the place up for sale back in 2008 for $15.9 mil ... but he took it off the market when he couldn't find a buyer.

Now, he's trying his luck again -- probably because he's building a new 33,000 square foot compound in nearby Beverly Park.

Britney Spears' Birthday Boys

Growing Up Fast!

Britney Spears' two adorable sons -- Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline -- both celebrate birthdays this week.

Sean Preston turns six today, while Jayden James celebrated his fifth birthday on Monday. Time sure flies fast -- it seemed like just yesterday that Brit was driving down the freeway with baby Sean Preston on her lap. Click on the "Launch Gallery" button to see photos of the boys through the years:

Britney posted a message to her firstborn on facebook today that read: "Preston Happy Birthday! My little baby is growing up so fast. I love you. Mommy." She posted a similar message to her youngest on Monday: "Happy Birthday Jayden! Mommy loves you so much."


No Avatar


Hello? Why is she showering in his house? OR Why is he at her house, when she's showering? Yeah, my boss is always around when I'm showering.

1142 days ago


in all honesty, it really looks like TMZ is using this photo they shot for a story. It looks like Sean was just caught scratching his forehead if you ask me. I don't think he's THAT upset. Think about it....

1142 days ago


Maybe he's upset because his girlfriend found out that he's been messing around with his assistant on the side. Just a thought.

1142 days ago


Dry up, Sean. It's a popped elbow, not a broken neck. Sheesh.

1142 days ago


Is this really a story? A woman fell in the shower and a has been actor felt bad? Go find news.

1142 days ago


Sean Penn is a decent actor, but his politics suck. This article isnt newsworthy. Penn saw a camera and put on his sad face, that's all.

1142 days ago


The Kardashions --overrated and overstuffed!

1142 days ago


I really don't think this photo is much ado about a minor injury, as some posters think. This photo is a shot of an exausted and stressed man, as well as a responsible one. No one knows the reaction of his assistant had to being hurt and in pain. Has anyone had one of those days when "Murphy's Law" seems to be the order of the day?.....I know I have.....when just one more friggin thing has gone wrong when you could be racing against the clock for some reason or multi tasking, etc. He looks as though he could use a tranqulizer or a drink and a hot shower and a good night's sleep. No one really knows the all the preceding cir****tances that induced that kind of stress.

1142 days ago


I've never really cared for S. Penn.....but doesn't the poor guy deserve some privacy as he's obviously grieving? This isn't really news we need to see............

1142 days ago


Looks to me like he is tired and stressed and just happens to be scratching his forehead while dwelling on a long morning. It is so easy to twist pictures. Not sure I believe he is in anguish over a popped elbow.

1142 days ago


alert your lawyer sean......not the one who handled
your divorce fram madonna

1142 days ago


I never comment on these things but SP is such a douchebag I couldn't let this one go. He's crying b/c he just got busted having his ASSistant taking a shower at his joint. His g/f is crying b/c she just busted him. You think all that drama is b/c of a dislocated elbow? Give me a freaking break

1142 days ago


If an injury is severe and/or life-threatening, one is usually transported to a university hospital facility via ambulance or helicopter. Obviously, the more life-threatening (where the person is literally bleeding to death and/or in cardiac arrest), the more likely the person will be transported by helicopter. As for this article, you can thank yourself for allowing the corporate world to take over the media. This is not news; this is a form of perverted, morbid entertainment -- if you can call it entertainment. The Romans used to have arenas, where they watched humans and animals tearing each other apart. Just shows you how American society, its culture and people have devoloved.

1142 days ago

Play misty for me    

REALLY PEOPLE????????????You guys make me sick ! Sean Penn is a awesome person. He does so much for people, We don't even know what all he does because he does not have to get the credit for it.Like it or not, people are going to have a life, as they should. Stay out of his life, How would you life someone watching your every move? He is Good People leave Him alone, Let him have a life, God knows he works for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1142 days ago


Seriously people: there are some genuine caring people out there. You need to stop assuming it's because he's worried about being sued.

1142 days ago
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