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'Simpsons' Co-Creator:

Pinkberry Co-Founder SCREWED

My Charity

9/15/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TV icon Sam Simon -- who co-created "The Simpsons" -- claims a key person behind Pinkberry is a LIAR ... who bilked his charity to make a quick buck ... this according to a new lawsuit. 

Simon claims he was looking to buy property in L.A. to operate a non-profit food bank to benefit needy families earlier this year -- when his realtor found a former Pinkberry location.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Simon says the place seemed like a good fit -- because of the walk-in freezer, food prep area and other things -- so he bought the place for $1.2 mil back in February.

Simon claims Pinkberry's co-founder SWORE the place was permitted for food product operations -- but after he took possession of the property, Simon claims he learned it was all a lie.

In the docs, Simon says the prior owners NEVER obtained permits for the plumbing, mechanical, electrical and certain food handling appliances -- but worst of all ... Sam says the place was only licensed to be an "Auto repair garage" ... and was never approved for food service.

Sam is now suing his realtor, along with Pinkberry co-founder Shelly Hwang and the company through which Pinkberry does business ... claiming they should pay for all of his costs to bring the place up to snuff ... plus damages.

UPDATE: A rep for Pinkberry tells TMZ, "Pinkberry has nothing to do with the entity that sold the building to Simon. Pinkberry is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, and was not an owner or a tenant in the building when it was sold."

The rep adds, "Pinkberry was not involved in any of the negotiations for the sale of the building.   What is even more concerning is the focus on an 'anti-charity' angle, when the truth is that Pinkberry and its people are strong supporters of charities, including the very sort of food bank charity that Mr. Simon generously supports."


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When you spend that much money maybe a good idea was to ask for all the do***entation upfront. I know you assume you can trust them but haven't people learned that people do lie.

1133 days ago


Why didn't they go down to city hall and look this up themselves?

1133 days ago


IDK Man, when I buy property I don't take ANYONE'S word for anything, especially realtors! It's up to ME to make sure that what I'm buying IS actually what it is represented to be.

caveat emptor...

1133 days ago


Thats messed up on Pinkberrys part Sam Simon is trying to do some good. To hear this comment in audio form click here.

1133 days ago


True. But you can't lie in a contract. They should still have to pay.

1133 days ago


well, before he bought it he
should have had it inspected.. duh.

1133 days ago


Sam digs though my garbage to make his ART? crusty was lifted from my garbage can and built like my clown...but he does good things with the mooka and I would have never been able to carry even a part of his workload.carry on feed the poor shutdwon the soundscan and satellite bumrushers on flash mobs fox sucks since moma jeano peters

1133 days ago


I'm sure Pinkberry signed notarized do***ents stating these facts, which is why he has grounds for a lawsuit. The fact that he's suing his own realtor tells me that something shady was going on.

1133 days ago


90% of all California real estate lawsuits stem from a "failure to disclose." And the agents and brokers generally lose. So the bottom line is: "Tell me now - or pay me later."

1133 days ago

Oval Beach    

Yeah Bart...I'm kinda agreeing with all the others. If you are going to spend that kind of money or hell...even a 1/10 or a 1/20 of that kind of money on really need to pay attention to the just went in this trusting EVERYBODY and you got screwed over...I think you might win legally but you will end up looking like an idiot in the end. Ay carambas!!!

1133 days ago


Couldn't he have personally checked into whether it was licensed before he agrees to move in? Everyone trying to sell a property lies, buyer beware!

1133 days ago


Jewish defence fund? and hand out food credit cards to those who need than with a dayly limit and can be used at fast foods and updated.A credit card for food for the homeless? foodless would be cheaper and tie ins at fast food chains be be had at discounted prices.A call in system a ID system a up date system and 10,000 foodless people would be easy to feed a soup joint could never do that at any cost

1133 days ago


That's why you hire a lawyer for the closing...the look up zoning dumbass

1133 days ago


Sam Simon is an angel for people and animals. Meanwhile Matt Groening sits on his pile of dough and counts it.

1133 days ago


Sam Simon could be the most arrogant, hated person in show biz. He was fired off the Simpson's after the first year and has absolutely nothing to do with the show. He is a huge jackass and i*****ed by TV crews. He treats dogs much better than people. All the bad that happens to him is karma baby.

1133 days ago
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