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Tareq Salahi

"Devastated" by Wife's Liaison

With Journey Guitarist

9/15/2011 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi
is telling friends, he feels "betrayed" by Journey guitarist Neal Schon, a trusted friend who has hooked up -- again -- with his wife, Michaele.

Tareq is saying he considered Neal and his band members "best friends."  The band recently came to his winery in Virginia and played for free and even stayed with Tareq and Michaele.

And there's more.  Two weeks ago, Tareq and Michaele went to a Journey concert in Virginia and hung backstage with Neal and a woman named Ava, whom Tareq believes is Neal's wife.

Tareq has been crying hysterically, saying he feels as if his life is over because Michaele is all he lived for.

TMZ broke the story ... contrary to Tareq's belief that his wife had been kidnapped, Michaele was hooking up with Neal in Tennessee, bouncing from Journey concert to Journey concert.


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LMAO, couldn't happen to a nicer skumbag. Hopefully he will jump off a cliff and when Neal wakes up with that skank next to him sees her with no make-up(RUF RUF) he will come to his senses and shoot her. There is a silver lining

1077 days ago


?? Who cares?? How do these talentless marketing creations affect society? Who will remember any of them in five years.

1077 days ago


Ummm...who gives a crap?! What important role do any of these talentless crackheads play in our society? Here today, gone tomorrow. Forgetable media parasites.

1077 days ago


Ah, the truth is starting to rear it's beautiful head. The Oregon phone number was from a winery. Interesting. It's going to be a hoax within a hoax.

1077 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

He's a dumb azz if all he did was live for her! No one should be doing that crap! LOL And because she's done this before... he's an even bigger idiot. NO sympathy from me for either of them.

1077 days ago


Ava is Neal's daughter from a previous marriage. His latest marriage ended in 2008 (married Minnesota native Amber Kazan in 2001).

1077 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

I smell publicity stunt.

1077 days ago


tareq BELIEVES this ava person is neals wife? if they are "best friends" would'nt he KNOW that this woman is neals wife? LMAO!

1077 days ago


He says they're his best friends, yet he "believes" this woman, Ava, is Schon's wife? Wouldn't he know who his best friend's wife is? Publicity stunt - no more, no less. The middle-aged Heidi and Spencer. Barf!

1077 days ago


Didn't Heidi and Spencer do the same thing? When Heidi supposedly moved in with one of Spencer's friends? Don't fall for this, these two has beens are just trying to get another 15 min of fame!

1077 days ago


Hold the phone....didn't Neil Schon get married to Eva Fabian in Paris this past July? Certainly if Tareq, Neil and the other Journey member's are BFF's, numb nuts would KNOW who this "Ava woman" is. You know Tareq, the famous,former playmate who has been dating your best buddy for the last few years? Smells like a publicity stunt to me too, like the Simmons/Tweed "yah right" these 2 are also pitching a new reality TV show. Why do I read this crap?? Must be cuz' I love TMZ!!!

1077 days ago


I think it's all funny. Tarek Salahi is a media hungry fool who doesn't pay his bills.

1077 days ago



1077 days ago


WOW, WOW, WOW ! Neal, honey, are you 'that'desperate? I have been a Journey fan for years,....stopped, when the very public discord between Journey and Steve Perry.You're new lead singer may have a great cver voice, but he's NOT Steve.Regardless,.....wih all of those groupies out there, yo been bedding that ugly azz Michaele? WoW! If you are a stone cold cheater, could do so much better. By the way, since this couple are fame whores,....Neal, you have been played,......sure hope it was good for you

1077 days ago


Scammers, groupies, and over the hill rock stars. Sounds like a perfect fit. Now please go live your amoral lives out of the public eye. Please backstab each other in private.

1077 days ago
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