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Tareq Comforted by Michael Lohan

"I've Been Betrayed!"

9/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

091511_salahi_video_2Tareq Salahi may have lost a wife, but he's cemented his relationship with the always-shy Michael Lohan.

Tareq and Michael, who ate dinner in Washington, D.C. Thursday night, spoke with TMZ about Michaele's sexual relationship with Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon.

Tareq says, "I've been betrayed," adding he considered Neal a good friend.

As for Michael, Tareq says his friendship is "the real deal."


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Elsa, wake up. The media whore has no winery. It is his mothers' and she threw them off the property years ago. This has to be fake. Neal has more class then to fool around with a never was. Salahis just need to see them selves in print.

1100 days ago


They are putting together a new reality show to be called 'Turbo Salami and the Turd', where every week one of them assaults the other with surprise butt sex.

1100 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

fake misery loves fake misery

1100 days ago


This is just all so ridiculous. If the story is all true, who cares? And if it is all another PR stunt--again--this is just not news. These people are all so pathetic and desperate for attention. And Michael Lohan joining the mix makes it all laughable.

1100 days ago


How does Lohan have the time to rush to the aid and cameras of Jon Gosslien and now Salahi? Does he not have gainful employment? How does he surviive financially? What a 'cling-on'! No wonder his daughter, Lindsay, is a mess.

1100 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Yeah, Milo is the real deal and has all his friends backs. Dilo, that bietch doesn't have any friends but her kids and they only like her because they have too!

1100 days ago


Lohan rushed to the aid of his friend because he remembers the pain and humiliation he felt when his own then wife, Dina, had sex with everyone in Tijuana.

1100 days ago


LOL this is funny and sick on so many levels!
Blind leading the Blind! Both need a few skull fractures so they can realize how just how stupid they are.
BEWARE: VH1 may make a reality show out of these ball-less freaks

1100 days ago



they share the same management, so yeah PR stunt. the pic that michael posted on his twitter page doesn't look like Tareq was hurting, he had a big a$$ smile on his face.

1100 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Tareq and Neal are more than just good friends they are Eskimo brothers.

1100 days ago


Basically, what you are saying here, two of the worst excuses for humans are now best buds, thank god they cannot reproduce together. I would suggest a LONG trip to Margaritaville on a deserted island, where they don't have access to video, camera's, cell phones, or a way off the island

1100 days ago


I'm speechless at this point ... ?! Michael Lohan in this mess ?! WTF ??? Anything can happen in Hollyhood ....

1100 days ago


This just keeps getting better and better. Losers always feel more comfortable with their own kind as you can see from this picture. I really don't blame Michaele for leaving and wanting to have some fun. If it is a PR stunt, it may be one that's gone wrong for Tareq. I just can't help but laugh at it all.

1100 days ago


Wow, what a couple of losers!

1100 days ago


Could it be that Michael and Tareq are really homo for each other? I wouldn't be surprised if suddently a private video were released showing the two engaged in genital banter. Maybe the video ends with Michael urinating on Tareq? This may be the true beginning of Tareq's celebrity career.....

1100 days ago
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