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Nancy Grace on Tot Mom Criticism

"I Can Speak My Mind

... This Is AMERICA!"

9/16/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
staunchly defended her HARSH criticism of the Casey Anthony jury -- claiming on "TMZ Live" ... "I can speak my mind, this is America."

Harvey Levin argued that Nancy's scathing critique of the jurors on national TV could sabotage the jury process -- and dissuade future potential jurors from wanting to serve.

But Nancy lashed back, "No TV pundit has the ability to sway a jury."


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Not to defend Nancy Grace BUT maybe future jurors NEED to know that they are expected to listen to ALL the evidence AND to spend time reviewing ALL the evidence BEFORE they rush to come back with a verdict?

Jurors SHOULD be FIRM in their conviction that their verdict is PROPER.

If Conrad Murray is lucky enough to get a LAZY & INCOMPETENT jury like Casey Anthony had... all it will take is for the defense to concoct some LIES about how Murray was possibly a victim in his childhood & that there is no proof that some other person didn't sneak into Michael's room while Murray was gone & was the person who delivered the fatal dose. And then this FANTASY scapegoat threatened Murray if he dared tell investigators what really happened.

A braindead jury will buy that crap & think that's all the 'reasonable' doubt they need to find Murray NOT GUILTY.

It happened in Florida & it can happen in Calif.

Jurors SHOULD be ashamed & embarrassed when they screw up as badly as these jurors did!!!!! And they should NEVER forget for the rest of their lives HOW badly they failed at their job.

1096 days ago


hey nancy..also this is america everyone has a right to a fair trial.she was found not with it

1096 days ago


Mike's face in the background speaks volumes. He looks like someone just said something about his girlfriend. He's shooting daggers at Nancy for kicking Harvey's ass on the legal debate. Harvey should have compared her to Hitler again....

1096 days ago


I agree, the fat kid in the back is obviosuly hungry and eyeing her like a Kramer basted turkey.

Harvey needs to go back to "I'm a lawyer" school as Nancy made him her beeotch...

1096 days ago


Dropped the ball Harvey. Disappointed, dude.

You should have gone after Grace for her ignorance in recognizing that the jurors were instructed by the judge to explicitly follow the law in rendering their verdict.

This means that to convict on the serious charge(s) in Caylee's death, a PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is/was required.

The evidence presented by the prosecution just did not meet the standard. It's not that complicated, or shouldn't be, for two former lawyers???

If she can PROVE how Caylee died why doesn't Grace do it on her show? She can't. Neither could the prosecution.

Two people on TMZ talking about nothing. Smart.

Big Poppa

1096 days ago


Grace was sued in 2006 when a young mother's child disappeared and she harassed the girl so badly in an interview that the girl committed suicide. She settled with the family out of court. Interestingly, Grace did not want her deposition to be taped, for she was afraid it would cause her embarrassment. Funny how she worries about herself, but not those she attacks simply for ratings.

She knew what she was doing when she attacked the jury and Casey Anthony. She wanted the american public to go after them. Shame on her.

1096 days ago


In one sense she is right. Her being crazy isn't going to stop people from doing jury duty which is avoided already. The vast majority of people think that jury screwed up just like the OJ jury. It's not uncommon and the problem lies just down the street from you and the forensic and CSI shows that make people believe the world works in any way like that fantasy land. You listen to the jurists after the trial and you can tell tell they watch CSI three days a week. They think the police find DNA at every site, that it takes 30 seconds not months to process. That not every criminal doesn't have a plant or animal that only they have in the whole city. Years ago if you had a person who had a car that the tires matched (but was also on a bunch of other cars) and three or four other cir****tantial pieces of evidence they would convict because if they were at the place they lied about the events they made some remarks that sounded bad has a car that matched had a knife that was the same kind ect then who else is it. Now people want every murder victim to leave fingerprints, DNA and videotape the event before they have proof.

1096 days ago


Ugh! Can someone round up Nancy Grace (who's apparently still pointlessly trying to get her stupid buzzword of "tot mom" out of the 'chock full o' fail' bin), Casey & Cindy Anthony (co-dependent liars), Michaele (I suck Schon's schlong all night long!) Salahi, Kate (I'm too good to get a REAL job!) Gosselin, & "octomom" (let's make the state pay to raise my kids because I'm another useless hole) Nadya Suleman. Just get them all together & have them board a rowboat that's pulled 1000 miles out to sea & offer them nothing but a year's supply of Cheetos or Pringles & some maxipads, then leave them there. All of these poor excuses of womanhood have proven their lack of worth & I think the world has tired of their antics.

1096 days ago


I do not like Nancy Grace and I do no*****ch her show. That being said, she has a right to say whatever she wants. Though I disagree with her, I defend her right to say it. And I would definately call her a pundit and NOT a journalist. However, I think she did the country a great disservice by blaming the jury instead of blaming her fellow prosecutor-types for screwing up the case. If their case was so bad, they should have waited to arrest and try Casey WHEN THEY COULD MAKE THEIR CASE. Instead of blaming the people who did thier job (the jurors) she should have blamed the prosecutors for epic fail. But then she is a former prosecutor and couldn't blame her friends.

1096 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

Harvey, you just got worked. Nancy Grace took a dump on you. I thought you were a lawyer, Harv, not a stuttering prIck.

1096 days ago


I LOVE mikes slack jawed face in the backround... not even reading the story i cant stand Nancy Grace

1096 days ago


Her show is priceless... Caller says: "Oh I just love your twins Nancy! They are just so precious!" Nancy says so sweetly: "Thank you so much for that sweetheart..." Then Nancy yells: "Now back to the damn lawyers!" I swear Nancy scares the living crap out of me! She seems like a junkyard bulldog from hell!

1096 days ago


Nancy Grace is a HORRIBLE PERSON. Why? She doesnt..... or may be she does..... understand, the whack-nuts that follow her! Harvey is dead on balls accurate

1096 days ago


Nancy Grace wiped the floor with Harvey on this one!

1096 days ago

who dat    

There are two things i never want to see on tmz. Mike the retard who waves his arms around every time he tells a story. Yes the same idiot in the background picture here. The second is Gary. He always waddles around in the background during the live show.

1096 days ago
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