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Nancy Grace on Tot Mom Criticism

"I Can Speak My Mind

... This Is AMERICA!"

9/16/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
staunchly defended her HARSH criticism of the Casey Anthony jury -- claiming on "TMZ Live" ... "I can speak my mind, this is America."

Harvey Levin argued that Nancy's scathing critique of the jurors on national TV could sabotage the jury process -- and dissuade future potential jurors from wanting to serve.

But Nancy lashed back, "No TV pundit has the ability to sway a jury."


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Ozzie X    

Who are the two fat people in the background in awe?

1130 days ago


She is disgusting. She is rude to her guests, always acts as judge and jury, impedes police investigations by talking about evidence publicly before and during trials (which she says she wouldn't do today with Harvey concerning Conrad Murray's case), She is a loudmouth who just HAS to be right all the time, which she isn't.

1130 days ago


You would NEVER know that Harvey WAS a lawyer. He can NOT argue a point to save his sole. Nancy made Harvey look like a bitch. How sad.

1130 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

If anybody wants to know what Nancy Grace's legal "expertise" is really worth, please look up what the Supreme Court of Georgia had to say about her conduct as a prosecutor: In one word, "Inexcusable"! Yes, that's actually a word, Nancy. Much like "undeniable".

How many other prosecutors in Georgia have been reprimanded by the state's Supreme Court for (essentially) being an arrogant hack who doesn't give a damn about due process of the law over the years?

1130 days ago


This woman is a bully, she bully's with words- think about it.
ask the family of

1130 days ago


Jus*****ched the clip:

The jury does not speak to the 'truth' the jury judges the evidence given to them by the judge. There is nothing about truth in the juror's oath in swearing-in.

Boy howdy, that woman is so self-righteous I think she does belong with the Westboro group.

Icky (and wrong, wrong, wrong).

1130 days ago


Freedom of expression does not give you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater and that's what you do for a living and to achieve your desire for fame and money!

1130 days ago


I agree with Nancy. The jury who let tot mom off were morons. They admitted they considered her too young for the death penalty (even though they were told they could not consider the penalty phase in their deliberations) they also admitted they considered the sexual abuse which they were told not to since it wasn't proven by the defense... and was a bunch of bunk to begin with, they even admit they think she did it.

our jury system is flawed. they say we have the best system in the world... just because we have a better system than anyone else, doesn't make it good. It just means there are worse ones out there. This was a case of how our system didn't work.

And yes, she has the right to say that. And obviously no one listened to her anyway, cause if they did, Casey would be on death row right now.

1130 days ago

Johnny E    

Grace = TKO Harvey = Unconscious....Harvey you got knocked the ***K Out!!

1130 days ago


kp: that was a retarded lawsuit from the get go. The woman was suspected of killing her son (who has never been found to this day.) there is nothing to say she wasn't guilty and killed herself out of remorse for what she did, or because she was exposed on Grace's show.

Even if she is innocent of her son's disappearance, everyone knows what Nancy Grace is, she was warned before going on the show... but chose to do it anyway. No one told her to commit suicide, she did that on her own. Grace shouldn't be blamed for doing what she does.

1130 days ago


Of course, disGrace has the same right to her opinion as anyone else -- but she has a much larger pulpit to preach her interpretations of her gospel.

She reminds me so much of Cotton Mather from the Salem Witch Trials. One step removed from the actual trials, but directing the mobs and the executions. Self-righteous and self-important dangerous fools given some power by the credulous.

I'd say she is dangerous but that kind of garbage goes on all the time and she is too petty to be anything more than a mean-spirited creep.

1130 days ago


Love Nancy for coming on the show. It shows what a great sport she is. I think we need more of her on TV. She's not afraid to speak the truth and continues unwaveringly to give victims a voice. God bless her.

1130 days ago

Heidi M.     

This coming from Harvey Levin, the man that almost single handedly sabotaged the O.J. Simpson trial.

1130 days ago


Nancy Grace is pain and simple rude, it seem that she give/show no respect to people who have different opinion
then her. This video clearly show Nancy not listening to one word Harvey said. It Nancy really thought she was right wouldn't she state the facts/opinion for her defense, instead of having a bitch fit to show who can do better. Harvey obviously try to make a point by saying she have greater influence on people then she had during the OJ Simpson trial. Lastly it Nancy Grace really thinks you go and speak your opinion on NATIONAL TELEVISION and not INFLUENCE,SWAY,and have any AFFECT the way a person see/ process the information given to them, then Nancy Grace must be naive, live under a rock must of her life, or just pitiful.

1130 days ago


harvey and nancy have one thing in common.harvey got into some trouble when he was a lawyer..and nancy has had a few of her cases thrown out as a prosecutor due to doing underhanded moves.

1130 days ago
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