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Nancy Grace on Tot Mom Criticism

"I Can Speak My Mind

... This Is AMERICA!"

9/16/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace
staunchly defended her HARSH criticism of the Casey Anthony jury -- claiming on "TMZ Live" ... "I can speak my mind, this is America."

Harvey Levin argued that Nancy's scathing critique of the jurors on national TV could sabotage the jury process -- and dissuade future potential jurors from wanting to serve.

But Nancy lashed back, "No TV pundit has the ability to sway a jury."


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how lame    

I loved this. it was fun to watch.

1142 days ago


Bitter party of one. OMG I can not stand this woman.

1142 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

I like this Nancy Grace lady!!! I think I just may watch that stupid dance show. Harvey, don't act like you really care about the people! You are TMZ, for gosh's sake! I mean, we LOVE you but come ON!!!! ;)

1142 days ago


"But Nancy lashed back, "No TV pundit has the ability to sway a jury."

Who is she kidding? This is the same society that worships the Kardashians.

The same society who made her a TV pundit.

The same society that thinks if I see it on TV, it is good and true.

Stick a fork in the jury process as we knew it. It's done.

1142 days ago


I agree, she can have an opinion, is her right ! But, the problem is what is coming out from her mouth !

1142 days ago


How can she even make such a pathetic statement, when the whole world condemned Michael Jackson in 2005 thanks to her ****** up disgraceful hatred of the man. Her outrageous verbal attack and guilty verdict before the man even had one day in court makes it quite clear what effect she can have, as so many of the media loving public out there fell for it like a frigging lynch mob! F..k Nancy Disgrace, now she is just a frigging fat cow!

1142 days ago


"No TV pundit has the ability to sway a jury."

She obviously over-estimates the intelligence of her audience. Or she's a liar. Or both.

1142 days ago

Mace H. Greenfield, Esq.    

Without public criticism, there is only stagnation and eventual totalitarianism.

1141 days ago

nancy drew    

Harvey is so confused and WRONG.......Nancy is so right on the money.

1141 days ago


TMZ photo chops most of there pictures.... So blatantly obvious! I don't know why all the Nancy Grace haters? Nancy Grace and her co-horts were the only ones and HLN was the only network that followed the trial completely on a daily basis. Nancy Grace isn't why people hate Casey Anthony! Casey did that all y herself!

1141 days ago


The juror's should all be ashamed of themselves.

1141 days ago

Theresa Erisman    

Some times I watch Nancy Grace and I hate her show so I'll turn it to another channel. I think that she keeps saying stuff about the Antoney's that keeps them in our thoughts. I think that with out Nancy Grace though we wouldn't learn about people like Robin Garderner,or Natile, or missing kids. So that is why I watch.

1141 days ago


Can't stand this loud mouth hypocritical BITCH.Hope she falls while dancing live on T.V. and breaks her neck.

1141 days ago


I'm not wild about Nancy's over-the-top approach, but in this case I have to agree with her on freedom of speech, juries not being affected by pundits...and on tot mom. Especially on tot mom.

1141 days ago


It is "undeniable" that Nancy Grace does not understand our legal system.

Ms. Grace stated that the juries job is to speak the truth. It is scary that a former prosecutor does not know better. Even worse that she would state her misrepresentations as truth to her viewers.

A juries responsibility is to follow the law. They are to determine if the prosecution proved the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Casey Anthony jurors did speak the truth. The truth that while they may have believed that Ms. Anthony was guilty, the prosecution failed to prove the charges as required by law.

1141 days ago
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