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Ron Artest

Name Change FINALLY Official

Say Hello to World Peace, Baby

9/16/2011 9:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye forever, Ron Artest -- TMZ has learned, the Lakers star is now legally "Metta World Peace."

It became official less than five minutes ago -- when an L.A. judge finally granted Metta's name change petition ... more than three months after Mr. World Peace decided to undergo an identity switch.

Good thing there's an NBA lockout -- because now there's plenty of time for the Lakers to crank out some new jerseys. So Metta.


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@FranzH Nah,it sounded like you are high or something!!There are people who'd really say stuff like that and mean it...Sorry,but it didn't come off reading it,as funny or sarcastic at all.

1110 days ago

chaz lane    

Fumb Duck maybe

1110 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seriously are the Lakers going to put up with this nonsense? I wish we still had Ariza over this clown.

1110 days ago


When has there ever been world peace Ronald ????????? do you mean appeasement caving in surrender at any cost ? the bible says there is no peace to the wicked

1110 days ago


Ronald you dishonoured your parents who gave you this name you dishonoured the Artest name which goes back many years

1110 days ago


THINK ABOUT THIS: Now with the name change comes new jersey's, which means idiots will go out and pay $50-$100 to buy it, which means now they won't be able to make their house payment, which will cause them to go out and rob a bank, which will cause my taxes to go up, which will provide me with less money, which will cause me to be very angry, thus, never having WORLD PEACE!!! If you want world peace, then we have to be willing to help someone in need. We have to stop thinking about ourselves everyday and start to think about other's. Not just slap a neame on a jersey. One word... FAIL!!! *Chad Ochocinco changing his name was geared to increase sales in the hispanic sector. It's all a ploy to keep the lower class poor. Remember the saying: Actions speak louder than words?

1110 days ago


When he thought he was a Lakers cheerleader was when he shouldve been pushed down…. smh http://ratevin.com/story.php?title=ron-artest-officially-change-name-metta-world-peace#.TnR2LbshQzo.twitter

1110 days ago



1110 days ago

So what do Ya care!!!    

What do you care what someone wants to be called
He has the same right you have to chnage or stick to your name
Truth be told some of the names I see here I would not use even if you were to shoot me

1110 days ago


Of course he has a right to change his name. No question. And we have a right to comment on how stupid it is. Just like we have a right to comment on what a moron you are for complaining about people who are expressing their opinion, just because their opinion doesn't agree with you. Learn to accept others' opinions, like a grownup.

1109 days ago


What an idiot

1108 days ago


(DD)Dumb Dummy!

1108 days ago


Really, Really, Another "Superstar" with too much money and too much time on his hands. Why doesn't he donate $500,000 dollars to a childrens hospital instead of changing his name.

1106 days ago


He's going to sale a lot of new jerseys....

1106 days ago

Mr. Krispy    

The goon is known for his fiery temper, quick-draw fists, and beating on b'ball fans, so now he thinks that changing his name to Metta (loving kindness) World Peace will make everyone forget what a piece of work he actually is? So glad he was the first person tossed from Dancing With The Stars. What the heck were they thinking when they signed him on? His name should be Whatta Raving Loon...

1106 days ago
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