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Foulmouthed Wife on "Curb"

My Fans Have a Cursing Fetish

9/16/2011 7:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

091611_curb_videoSusie Essman -- who plays Jeff's wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- tells TMZ, her expletive-riddled tirades on the show have consumed her life ... because now, she can't go anywhere without some crazy fan begging her to curse at them!!

Essman -- who is GREAT on the show -- was at Caroline's in NYC last night ... when we couldn't stop gushing about the most recent season of "Curb."

In fact, a lot of people are saying "Curb" has become a BETTER show than "Seinfeld" -- thoughts???


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ANY show was better than that stupid, lame Seinfeld. I hated that show when it was one and hate it even more now that its in reruns. There was NOTHING remotely funny about Seinfeld and most of their humor was just lame. I have seen a few episodes of this show and while I can't say that its the best show ever, it is without a doubt MUCH BETTER than any episode of that rotten crap. Just my opinion and if you don't agree.....don't tell me cause I won't be listening. Lol! Honesty is always the best policy! ;)

1136 days ago


She comes across like a classless biatch on that show.

What an awesome image to have, eh?


1136 days ago


I have to agree. I enjoy CURB more!

1136 days ago


One reason "Curb" is so funny is because it's not censored.

1136 days ago

Will E    

"Curb" is insanely more funny than "Seinfeld"

1136 days ago


Curb was way better. Not so much this last season. Did it jump the shark? Yeah along with Jersey Shore.
But if you're not a prude watch the unedited resturant episode with the Tourette syndrome chef, Larry, Susie and Cheryl just in from the carwash. This is beyond crude and funny!

1136 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Seinfeld was awful, just awful!! Curb on the other hand, is utterly hilarious, week in and week out. It never disappoints - maybe that one time! As for Larry David, don't even get me started. He is a comedy genius, I adore him. He should be on tv DAILY - get him in the Regis chair!!!!

1136 days ago

james taggart    

I disagree, it is nowhere close to Seinfeld. Most people didnt know who Jerry Seinfeld was before his show, that's why it took so long to develop a large following; and it did so on the strength of the comedy. It pointed out the humor in everyday situations and how ridiculous society reallly is, exactly the way Seinfeld does his stand up. With Curb, Larry David makes fun of HIS situation, and the things that bother him, but they can be so small, or slow developing that it can turn off viewers who don't absolutley look at the world through the same jaded spectacles. The characters and episodes from Seinfeld are broad enough in scope and based in such a generally understood truth that its run in syndication doesnt seem old or out of date more than a decade after it went off the air, and close to 20 since it started. When Curb goes off the air, you won't see nationwide parties with strangers quoting their favorite lines or episode. Curb simply isn't in the same class.

1136 days ago


Curb is way better and any credit given to Seinfeld as a show has to be shared with LD.

1136 days ago


Well, she WAS married to Big ***** and he left her to go into the Witness Protection Program. That would make anyone curse a lot.

1136 days ago


Bring me the F ing Head!

1136 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I personally can do without the cursing it just shows a lack of imagination and talent

1136 days ago


Curb is the best! Please make another season. Perhaps you could incorporate a conspiracy expert. kenny Kramer's reality tour is quite fun. He doesn't have the energy and enthusiasm that he had years ago, however.

1136 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

Susie is effing hilarious. Curb is effing hilarious. This season was so good. The Palestinian Chicken episode this season was one of the best ever. The Mr Softee episode and the season finale were great, too. I just pray that Larry brings back Greg the pre-gay 7 year old kid for next season. "Get a life, Jews!"

1136 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Sitcoms with laugh tracks, telling you to laugh at every other stupid line of dialogue are usually terrible and almost NEVER FUNNY. "Curb Your Enthusiasm," with no laugh track is just hysterical. It has some of the most incredibly funny scenes EVER, and is one of the VERY few outstanding comedy shows in TV history. Unlike most others, viewers don't need to be told to laugh. CYE is genuinely funny!

1136 days ago
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