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Tareq Salahi


Neal Showed Me His Penis

9/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi has officially filed for divorce, and claims he has been humiliated in the extreme by Michaele and her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who stooped so low that he sent Tareq a picture of a penis.

According to the legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tareq is citing adultery and abandonment as the reason for the divorce.

Tareq says in the papers, "the paramour [Neal] sent to my email account ... a email with an attachment of a penis" -- presumably his.

Tareq blasts his wife, claiming, "She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation and indeed the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation and embarrassment."

Tareq says his wife has been banging Schon "for a period of months."

And he also blames the band, claiming Journey has been paying for her travel accommodations and other expenses.

Tareq says the couple has a prenup.


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who gives a **** about theses two people??

1078 days ago


The world's two biggest fame whores? Don't believe a word of it. The Salahis are the lowest of the low. Neil Schon has either gone completely insane to be a part of this or he is desperate for attention/publicity for the tour.

The only way this story could be more nauseating would be if a Kar-trash-ian were involved.

1078 days ago


I love that. Yes dear I'll love you forever. That is, until the next groupie gets in his "face".

1078 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Joy Behar from "The View"

" These two (The Salahis) would run
into a burning building for publicity"

Delusional fame whores!

1078 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Trust me, the last thing Journey needs is Michaele's help in selling tickets! This band is a LEGEND folks!

1078 days ago


Journey is paying her expenses? Now that I believe since neither of these Grifters ever pays for anything.

1078 days ago


Tareq says in the papers, "the paramour [Neal] sent to my email account ... a email with an attachment of a penis" -- presumably his.

In related news, Michaele requested Tareq forward her said email to confirm that the pic is indeed Neal's penis.

1078 days ago


I don't understand how these people can file for divorce so quickly (meaning the logistics of it all) it too me MONTHS to get all of my paperwork together before I could file for my divorce.

1078 days ago


This coinfirmed toi me that he Tareq did this for publicity. Th etimeline of this story proves it. According to attachment B, Schon sent a pic to a joint email account of the Salahi's on Tuesday 9/13 at 9pm. In the 9/14 story where he thinks she was abducted, TMZ says they just got off the phone with...hours after this photo was sent. Tareq now KNEW something was going on between Neal and her and decided he was going to make this a big media scandal..stooping so low as to getting the FBI involved! He then went on his campaign to get as much publicity as possible. Check out the timeline!...he should be prosecuted

1078 days ago


As I said earlier the timeline proves to me Tareq knew she was with Schon when he saw the emailed photo in "exhibit B". photo sent 9/13 at 9:09pm. Tareq crie dto TMZ the next day (!) that she was kidnapped. Here's another thing...SCHON WAS (probably) ON STAGE AT 9pm performing a show in Nashville. Michaele probably sent the message to her own husband to get this scandle rolling.

1078 days ago


This just in: Neal Schon has officially changed his name to Neal Schlong... more to come, right after this break...

1078 days ago

Ben from Baltmore    

Michale is a cheating, party crashing SLUT. Maybe he could sue the band Journey for defamation as well. If this divorce case goes before a judge, I bet that Neal Schon will be subpoenaed.

1078 days ago


I know the guys in Journey are getting older, but still they are one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Neal could have easily found a younger and hotter woman than this freak!

1078 days ago


AGAIN TMZ reports such GARBAGE!! TWO NON Celebrities and an aging guitars!!! Come on TMZ give us all a break and stop the garbage!!!! These TWO are insane bottom line. They will do anything to get famous and i mean anything!! I cringe when i see them on TV and now its on TMZ every DAY!! YAWN TMZ!!! why not report on celebrities...isn't that what this sight is Yet you fill it with THEM, snookie and her drunken gang and Kate Gosslin...enough already!!! LMAOoooooo

1078 days ago


She is a whore, he is a dork. At the end the Journey (LOL) guy will dump her and she will be as she always has been = trailer trash. I'm a SF Giants fan, Steve Perry is the best, this dude is a tool and an old timer. They all s**k!!

1078 days ago
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