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TMZ LIve: Nancy Grace Argues,

Dances, Almost Laughs

9/16/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nancy Grace was ready for bear when she appeared on TMZ live today. With jaws clinched, she went after Harvey -- who has been extremely critical over her comments about the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.

Nancy also gave an opinion or 5 about the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case. She thinks it should be the Conrad Murray murder trial.

And then it came time to Cha Cha with her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Tristan MacManus.

Can Nancy dance? You be the judge.


(2:02) Nancy vehemently defends how she criticized the jury in the Casey Anthony case.
(6:01) Nancy and Harvey DO NOT agree with each other.
(7:01) Changing gears to the MJ manslaughter case.
(8:30) Nancy doesn't believe "undeniable" is a word.
(18:01) Nancy thinks the theory that MJ injected himself is BS.
(19:05) Nancy says Dr. Murray should be tried for MURDER.
(32:10) MJ's reputation for being a drug addict should NOT play a part in the case ... so says Nancy.
(47:05) Why is Nancy AGAINST jury sequestering?
(40:05) Nancy's dance partner -- Tristan MacManus -- says he had NO CLUE who she was before he was partnered up with her.
(42:55) Who wears the pants on the dance floor?
(50:36) Nancy and Tristan bust a move!

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I thought Nancy handled this show well. She's a lawyer, lawyers have opinions and they are not entirely emotionally detached. How emotionally detached would you be about a child being murdered? Also, if the question is does she embellish her thoughts to hype her show for the sake of ratings. In other words, is she more passionate about say the Casey Anthony case because there are cameras on her and she goes home with a big paycheck? I don't think so. However, I don't know her, never had her represent me or anyone and have never seen her in action, in court.

Regarding Conrad Murray, the big question should be, Why did he leave the room after injecting Michael? Did Michael inject himself with profofol or did Murray set up syringe ready for Michael to just push plunger? If that's the case, then we are talking about assisted suicide. Don't ask Kervorkian because not unlike MJ, he's dead.

1131 days ago


I, for one, am very disturbed at what Harvey was doing regarding Michael Jackson. I don't care how many people he has talked to about Michael Jackson he has no first hand knowledge of whether or not Michael Jackson "liked to pu***** in himself." The only ones that would even be able to say that would be doctors who administered the drug to him and I just do not believe what Harvey is saying. I truly believe Harvey is doing his best to go for Team Murray on this one for whatever reason. Every time Murray goes to the bathroom in another state, the TMZ crew just happens to be there to snap his picture and get his thoughts on crap. I do not care for Nancy Grace. I did not care for her biased judgments on Michael Jackson along with her Court TV cohorts; however, she was right today. Harvey - quit being an idiot and quit trying to spin this that it's poor Conrad Murray who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The man purchased truckloads of propofol. You can't blame Michael Jackson for that. The man's sole purpose was to help Michael sleep and the propofol sadly was being used to do just that. You can't just ignore the fact that Murray left the room, was on his cell phone for an extended length of time leaving Jackson unattended, lied to the paramedics about the entire scene. I'm sure he was scared because he had just let his patient die so he was panic stricken, but he tried to hide the evidence. He didn't call 911 and I don't buy the fact that there was no phone for him to call 911. Did his 2 cell phone batteries die that he couldn't call 911? He sure managed to call Jackson's assistant and security guard from that same phone. The whole thing is horrible. It's horrible that Harvey, through his exposure on TMZ, can sit there and act like it is Michael Jackson's fault for Conrad Murray's negligence. Shame on you!

1131 days ago


I dont love michael jackson, u dont speak for everyone so dont assume things

1131 days ago


First it was Lawyer Friday, and now we should add Levin & Grace! Great chemistry and conversation worth a spin-off! And Harvey must admit that Nancy was lovely on the dance floor and off. Great show!

1131 days ago


I really have a new admiration for Nancy Grace. I use to think she was a dragon lady, but she has shown me that she is a very genuine person who made a very good argument with regards to Michael Jackson. Whole new level of respect for her and a lot more interested in her opinion after this interview. The best lawyer friday ever.

1131 days ago


She may win me back as a fan of her show. She lost me with the "pajama day" comment about MJs trial. This is not a way to tease someone fighting for his life and who may be innocent. On the other hand she has done good job talking about missing kids and giving emotional support to their parents. I respect her for this. She seems changed, more human. May be it is the mother role.

1130 days ago


It's so funny for the rabids on JusticeQuest to think NG is so good all of a sudden. She is always against the defendant in every case. They are to stupid to know that. She also hates the pedophile. JQ is all for the pedophile and rabid fans post there all the time.

1130 days ago


Nancy Grace is stupid! Does she really think "undeniable" is not a word? I can't believe that she actually has a fan base.

1130 days ago


And I thought the DWTS people were going to go after bigger stars and yet here is the fat Nancy DisGrace, bottom of the barrel, bitch on the show. I'M SO glad I don'*****ch that trash. Next we will have Dancing With The jersey Shore, Kardashian, Trash.

1130 days ago


- A doctor with an ‘extreme indifference to human life’ has been convicted of killing three patients who died at his clinic after routine plastic surgery.

Peter Normann had only undergone six hours of liposuction training but insisted on offering the procedure to the public – with fatal consequences.

Two of his victims overdosed on anesthesia during liposuction operations at his clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, in which an unqualified massage therapist served as the assistant.

The third victim allegedly died of an embolism when her own body fat was re-injected into a vein by mistake.

All were wrongly intubated which starved them of oxygen and contributed to their deaths, the court heard.

Normann, 50, had never served residencies in plastic surgery or anesthesiology yet carried out such procedures at his clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

He was also only qualified as an internist, a position different from that of a surgeon, and did not have the proper monitoring equipment and oxygen in case something went wrong.

When the massage therapist was unavailable Normann used a former restaurant worker as his assistant with no formal medical training, the court heard.

The doctor has now been convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of manslaughter.

He will be sentenced on August 19.

1130 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

ARIZONA 2011 doctor killed 3 patients the way Murray killed Jackson... and the quack screwed up several plastic surgeries and that QUACK is sitting prison for LIFE!!! Yeah he used Propofal!!!

1130 days ago


Nancy is the nicest, most gracious person. She listens.. and disucsses well, even though very opinionated. She's just a gorgeous jewel especially watching her dance. Should be a great show DWTS.

1130 days ago


WOW!!! I have to admit, I cannot stand Grace and I never watch her I have to ask the questions, "When did she become such a porker?" I thought Chaz was the fat one on this show, but it looks like Grace may outweigh her/him!

1130 days ago


How now brown COW

1129 days ago


WOW! I don't always agree with her or love her, she's such an overpowering personality. She's not the worst dancer that's ever been on, I'm looking forward to watching! Go Nancy!

1129 days ago
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