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Amish Mugshots

Who'd You Rather?

9/17/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Eight Amish men were jailed in Kentucky ... and not for their curious haircuts and mustache-free beards.

The men are part of the Old Order of Swartzentruber and were jailed for refusing to pay fines after failing to adhere to a state law which requires orange triangles be placed on their horse-drawn buggies.

But the real question is ...


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Although I have to say that it is in poor taste to post these men on the internet as it is against their religion to even have their photos taken, I do admit, I got a little chuckle out of it. should remove this post.

1096 days ago


If TMZ has some balls they will do a "Who would you rather" with Al Quaeda members next. It's easier to make fun of religions who don't believe in violence and retaliation isn't it?

1096 days ago


Harvey!Oprah used to have contests for super fans to go to her show.I have been here pretty much since day 1 & feel I deserve to be rewarded for loyalty to this awesome site.You bring much needed smiles to this 48 yr old housewife who lives in the mountains upstate NY,especially with hilarious polls like this.Please let me be your 1st loyal fan winner and send me out to California to spend a fun filled week in your newsroom.I'll even do an interview with #1 in the photos here for a few hours:)Come on Harvey pick me pick me!

1096 days ago


It's nice to see comments in here that aren't praising TMZ for this and thinking it's so funny. I agree with almost everyone, this is highly disrespectful. It really shows what mainstream American culture has become. The media will do and say anything for not only a laugh, but mostly for a buck. Gotta keep people coming back for more to click on your advertisements, right? There is no tact anymore, and I'm sure TMZ loves hearing these comments calling them garbage, they probably get off on it. These men are not fame hungry whores who would do anything to get their pictures taken, so there is no reason they should be on this site.

1096 days ago


what the hell tmz?! i think i'm done here. you're like a bunch of catty 6th grade girls. good bye.

1096 days ago


TMZ, wow, this is something I would expect from Perez Hilton. That is beyond disrespectful. Do you know nothing about the Amish? First of all, the offenses aren't serious so there is no reason to plaster their faces on the internet. Not only that, but they are not supposed to have their pictures taken, let alone put all over the internet. I hope they sue you, but they're too good of people to do that. I hope you get run over by a buggy.

1096 days ago


Ok I will first start by saying that this should not of been put on because they are not public figures. I do however want to point out that most of you have no clue what you are talking about. I have lived around the amish my whole life and please stop making them out to be saints. They are not, they are the fakest group of people ever. They pick and choose which laws they will abide by. They believe only their laws should be followed. The triangles are a freaking safety issue. You cannot see these buggies without them at night time. No they do not like their pictures taken but they are the ones who caused this. Those who think they are this wonderful little community well you have never lived around them. They have a very big drug problem among teens. They throw great parties. They have in breeding galore, each different community will claim one thing is ok but the others dont. They claim to have all these rules but believe me they do everything they can to make it a mockery. Cant drive a car but they can own one and pay someone else to drive them. Wont have electricity or other common convienence but can tie that wagon up at walmart or mcdonalds and enjoy the modern technology. My point is they are not what you all are trying to make them out to be. They are a joke to those of us who know better.

1096 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

#8 looks shamed, so I had to pick #8.
oh wow those haircuts

1096 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

LOL, that first line was already enough!! it reads like a joke!!! coulda just finished the story there!!

1096 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

duh, ORANGE TRIANGLES!? probably FLOURESCENT WITH REFLECTORS??! you can't make the amish tack some flourescent warning triangle on their damn buggies. maybe you/they need to come up with a yellow painted wooden triangle or something, but a flourescent yellow digital triangle? uh, i don't think so...

1096 days ago


Oh, puh-lease. Screw them. They're openly defying a public safety law.

Just because they're ultra-religious doesn't mean we can't make fun of them like everybody else.

1096 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they take up wayyyyyy tooo much land anyways, for such a tiny group of people. i say let some trucker smash into them, and we make room for more people that way.

1096 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


1096 days ago

McAllister Bryant    

Really, making fun of the Amish because of their beards? What's next, Brooklyn's Hasidic Jewish community? Gay "bears"? Others that lack the narcissist gene?

You can do better.


1096 days ago


these people need a break they have like never left their county and are ignorant

1096 days ago
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