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"Big Brother" Star Shelly

Jeff and I Are BFFs Now

9/17/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_shelley_video_launch"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore says she's now best buds with former housemate Jeff Schroeder -- despite last month's feud that led some crazed fans to threaten to kill Shelly and her family.

In case you forgot, Shelly voted to evict the fan-favorite Jeff last month -- and a handful of psychotic viewers REVOLTED ... calling Shelly's house and issuing death threats.

But last night in L.A., Shelly said it's all in the past -- the threats have since died down ... and she's now on great terms with Jeff.

Shelly tells us, "This is a game ... Some fans get really excited, some get really crazy. It is what it is. We are fine. We are wonderful ... Jeff and Jordan and all of us, we're all buddies ... LIFE IS GOOD!"


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Love ya Shelly, you were my favorite! Big props from Centerville and screw the haters! You ROCKED the house!

1130 days ago


Shelly is still lying. This is just some pr work to stop the crazy fans bothering her family. The house brings out the real you and she is a phoney, lying, conning, back stabber. Hey Shelly explain your comments about the pregnancy bashing. Yeah, you have your daughters stuffed animal and you steal Rachel's and act all big mouth and say how your gona cut it up in pieces. You are a nasty person.

1130 days ago

marcy smith    

I Like Shelly, I think she made a mistake in the game, but it was her game to play, the way she wanted to play it...I truly believe she loves Jordan and when she sees how much he hurt Jordan she will understand why people got upset with her. She is a great lady and I would love a friend like her....

1130 days ago


Macy...if you are a fan or just someone trying to PR Shelly. It is your choice to like whoever you want, but it is not part of the game when Shelly said that Rachel's Mom should have used a clothes hanger to abort Rachel. Along with her other sick statements of wanting to cause Rachel to loose the baby, when they thought she was pregnant. Either you do not see the live feeds or you are from Shelly's camp. But for these statements coming from a grown woman with her own child this is troubling, and to claim that this is part o*****ame shows that people think that anything should go in these game shows and it needs to change.

1130 days ago


She makes me want to vomit. She a POS

1130 days ago


Jeez, you don't think she'd lie about it do you ?

She has got the biggest liar I've ever seen...I have NO respect for her.

1130 days ago


Do not understand how this crazy woman does not get that it really has nothing to do with Jeff getting evicted as to why America cannot stand her. It is her constant lying and then acting as if she never lied. It is a fact that she said that she is a "straight shooter" and then every word out of her mouth was a lie. It is her horrible comments like the one where she said Rachel's mother should of used a coat hanger when she was pregnant. What type of a human being makes disgusting and horrific comments like that. It is not normal!!! It was the fact that we saw her little girl on television being visibly upset that her mother was lying. It was her attacking a young girl at least 49 years younger than she was, and being deliberately cruel to her. She has never said I am sorry and that is why America still cannot stand her face. I think no one believes that Jeff and Jordan or anyone in the cast of BB this year will ever stay friends with this person. She really acted like a sociopath on the show, and even in this clip it is as if her husband does not want to be photographed with her. DO not for once believe everything is wonderful in that household, and still do not ever believe there where any actual threats. Think it was all made up for publicity or to try and garner some sort of sympathy for her which did not work. She keeps saying what a wonderful mom she is and yet she does not seem to be in any hurry to see this daughter she loves so much. This woman has serious issues and there is no way I would want to do business with any company that has her as their employee. Could not trust them and definitely would never trust her.

1130 days ago


This bucktooth weasel needs to just go GOD, just look at the video still of her...annoying as hell!

1129 days ago
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