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Foo Fighters

Turning the Tables On

The Westboro Baptist Church

9/17/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest a Foo Fighters concert last night -- but the band was ready ... and came out to play an impromptu show just for them.

The Foo Fighters came out dressed in costumes and played a few songs -- from the back of a flatbed truck -- that mocked their ultra-conservative views.

As the old saying goes ... what's good for the bigot, is good for the gander.


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My respect for the Foo Fighters has increased tenfold. Fighting stupidity and homophobia AND having a laugh in the process!

1129 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Your writers should look up the meaning of conservative, TMZ.

Westboro Church i*****e cult.

1129 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Your filters are stupid too. Westboro = hate cult

1129 days ago


Ultra conservative? Really TMZ? You bunch of libtards. You've got nerve calling them conservative when the head douche bag is a Democrap.

1129 days ago


As Mitch Hedberg said, "I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it." Good on ya, Foo Fighters!
Side note: You people are so damned touchy, it's downright silly. "That's not what a conservative believes! [Yada, yada, yada]." When one takes liberties to speak for an entire group, some of those people being spoken for can get embarrassed. I'm sorry, Conservatives, but those crazy radicals of the Westboro Baptist Church are ALSO conservatives! Some of your peers are extremists, deal with it. Do you think I agree with the statements made by every Liberal? You're damn right I don't, because that would be equally as silly as stating all conservatives are good, generous people who keep to themselves. Not true! Concerning any subject, you will never find a constant. Sorry, kids.

1129 days ago

Ya Mon    

Westboro Devil church should all be cursed with plagues these cuzin kissin F%CKS!! would dare to "Thank God signs for dead Soldies" FF thanxs for having the balls, thats what true R&R SPIRIT is all ABOUT!!! IM A NEW FAN!!

1129 days ago


WBC is just a money making scheme. They aren't a religious group, they instigate and troll until people react then they sue. I'd imagine it is quite lucrative.

1128 days ago


Westboro Baptist church isn't "conservative" they are extremely insane. They have no solid or sensible platform. They're for anything that will shock people because that's all they care about. Oddly Fred Phelps supported Al Gore in his first presidential run (before being Clintons VP). Fred supported Clinton during his first election also. Fred Phelps was a civil rights attorney if you can imagine before he was disbarred for viciously suing a court reporter for not having court do***ents ready for him when he asked. He was disbarred for perjury after claiming witnesses that weren't real.

1128 days ago


I WAS AT THIS SHOW!!! it was awesome!!! and westboro church is a bunch of idiots what the hell are you protesting for?!

1128 days ago


It'd be nice if when these church freaks baptize a new member...they hold 'em under water a lot longer!

1128 days ago

westboro is awsome    

Ha, ha, good job Westboro. Foo Fighters really do suck. Never liked the band and now I know why. Two men together is not rock-n-roll at alt all. Two women and one guy yes but not two guys ever. Thank God Westboro is out there telling it like it is. Let the flame war begin. By the way I am anti-violence same as Westboro even though I don't agree 100% with them I do admire them getting out there and protesting from their hearts. Westboro are true Christians.

1128 days ago


This was done in Kansas City, where I was born and raised, and still reside. And it makes me pretty proud that FF would do this in my city. :)

1128 days ago


WB is not conservative, they are freaks. No one in the conservative movement embraces them, in fact at soldiers funerals when they protest, or when they came to NYC during the 9/11 events, those who counter them, shame them, and get them to leave are real conservatives who do not embrace their hate and ignorance. I think it is important to note that they are despised by every true conservative I know and they are in no way part of the movement just as those far left liberals who trash recruiting stations and spit at soldiers (yes, I have seen that, multiple times in NY, DC and Virginia) are not real liberals.

1128 days ago


You know that Fred Phelps (leader of WBC) is a democrat, correct, TMZ? "Ultra-conservative views" You'd think tmz would be able to research a bit before looking stupid...

1128 days ago
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