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Kim Kardashian

Ridiculous Wedding Photos

9/17/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's wedding photos look just like your average wedding pics -- if the average wedding pics were filled with famous people and sold for millions of dollars.

We've got TONS of pics from inside the ceremony and the party -- with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang.

There are even a few of some guy named Kris Humphries. Enjoy!


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Lindsey looks like she is in her 40s instead of her 20s. I look forward to Kardashian's reality show when they show her divorce proceedings. It's funny a couple of weeks ago when she berated the photographer for filming her from behind when all she does is flaunt her azz. For her to sue for $20 million because that girl looks like her in those Old Navy adds is despicable. Take about a frivolous lawsuit. She should be sued for constantly being on my TV. You got quite a catch there Mr. Kim Kardashian.

1098 days ago

Hamptons dude    

Why would Lohan wear white to someone else's wedding? She's a classless AHole.

1098 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

is Humprhies suppose to be a good player?, he couldn't even cut it with the Toronto Raptors, and they suck bigger than Km.

Humprhies... get your balls out of your wife's purse.

1098 days ago


OMG< LINDSAY LOHAN LOOKS LIKE A CHEAP HOOKER< I"D HAVE BEEN SO PISSED IF I WAS KIM K, what a whore LL is, looks as if she is trying to compete with the bride. It is sad actually that she has no class and no style and is not sophisticated enough (what is they say about the girl and the trailer park...) to realize how cheap and tacky she looks, but then again with DUIna as a mother, she didn't get to have a PROPER female role model, just a cokewhore mediawhore

1098 days ago


Actually, I bet Kim is pissed because she did not invote LL to her wedding ON PURPOSE, then DUIna finagled it by BEGGING (although I hear most of the time she and LL get DENIED AT THE DOOR when they do this), HOW P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

1098 days ago


You would think with all the money they spent the wedding would have been awesome. Instead it looks trashy and tasteless. Even the guests look a mess. What a waste.

1098 days ago

I am Spartacus    

It sounds like other than the athletes it was a collection of Hollywood people that the general public wishes would disappear. Lindsay Lohan looks like crap. Or should we just call her Ducky with those ridiculous looking lips. Add to that the fact she's such an attention whore that she has to wear white on someone else's wedding day. Lindsay looks like a 46 year old chain smoking woman. She is so gross that i wouldn't f*** her with a stolen d***.

And the rest of the non athletes there are just as annoying. Ryan Seacrest is one of the main reasons we are constantly being shoved Kardashian S*** Soup down our throats every hour of the day.

Its so funny that this collection of self absorbed airheads in their mind think this was basically an American equivalent to the Royal Wedding. You have a mediocre NBA player marrying a porn star with a bunch of annoying fake Hollywood people in attendance... and Lohan who is in a category of her own in terms of trainwrecks, and just because Seacrest & E! have cameras following these people every where we go we're supposed to give a crap.

No thanks

1098 days ago


i love kim but it really looks like she pulled out the tmz all stars for her wedding.... really the lohan family? the 3 of them look like a bunch of crack whores, id be embarrassed for them to be at my wedding. especially ali, i thought surgery was to make u look BETTER? she is horrific, and should never be let out after hours, and there just arent enough s***** things to say bought dina, she is nothing more than a fame whore who is jealous of her own kids...who ever thought she would make michael look good?

1098 days ago


I don't like either of these women, but some of the comments putting them down are ignorant and make the poster look worse than the comment they are making. BTW, Kim asked her guests to wear white or black to the wedding, that is why so many of the women are in white dresses.

1098 days ago

Quinn Stone    

Who cares, TMZ please stop forcing feeding us this vapid,tw*t. No one cares about her or her marriage to Baba Booey Jr.

1098 days ago

I am Spartacus    

When you have a mediocre NBA player marrying a fake porn star... you aren't exactly going to attract a bunch of real celebrities. At least Dancing With the Stars knows where to find their next cast of D List celebs.

Now when you have a REAL NBA Star like Carmelo Anthony getting married, you attract actual celebs like Lebron, Jay Z & Beyonce.

1098 days ago


I really like the black and white. I think the decor is really nice. I was TOTALLY underwhelmed by her dresses! The first one looked like a tutu and the second one made her hips and butt look HUGE in a really unflattering way. And the headband thing made me think of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. She's a doppelganger for Jasmine!

1098 days ago


did the Lohans just randomly walk in to the wedding from some cheap no degree required plastic surgery clinic?

1098 days ago

Timothy Taylor    

"We've got TONS of pics from inside the ceremony and the party -- with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang."
Which one is the big name?

1098 days ago

Polly Pocket    

Why do they want us to believe this Kartrashian wedding was some kind of extravagant event? look at who was invited Lindsay Lohan? isn't her career over? the only famous star there was Lamar Odom lol

1098 days ago
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