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Kim Kardashian

Ridiculous Wedding Photos

9/17/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's wedding photos look just like your average wedding pics -- if the average wedding pics were filled with famous people and sold for millions of dollars.

We've got TONS of pics from inside the ceremony and the party -- with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang.

There are even a few of some guy named Kris Humphries. Enjoy!


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love her dress so beautiful.

1135 days ago


I heard on the radio that this guy NEVER knew of her first marriage and knew LITTLE about that infamous tape of hers!!!

Whata DOPE!

1135 days ago


That jeweled head piece ruined the whole dress...I assume Pari******on was not invited...smh

1135 days ago


Virgin, celibate, fresh, immaculate, intact, modest, new, pristine, pure, untouched, unused! I guess Kim thinks if shes wears a white wedding gown, people will forget about her sex tape..Now I should take my daughter to Sears and buy her Kim K clothing? What message is that sending to my daughter!! What a disgrace!!!!!!

1135 days ago


Birds of a feather flock together i.e: the kardashian sisters, their mama bear, lindsay lohan and her mama bear!!! All a bunch of fame hos looking for the cameras to pose for! Noot one of them has ANY worth or TALENT!!!!!!

1135 days ago


Why is she wearing white? A bride wears white to symbolize purity and her virginity. This girl has had her fields plowed by so many sharecroppers that if she were a farm it would be time to lay fallow for a while. Give me a break!

1135 days ago


Did Ali take out her pastic boobs from before and give them back to her sister? sucks what happened to her face it's all Dina's fault.

1135 days ago


He got himself a tiny lil ho. He won't tolerate it for more than 2 years. 1yr 10 mos was my original estimate.

1135 days ago


I was just thinking about DINA- That woman should be arrested , now she ha started on the little one- Ali , with the plastic surgeries --What a mother !!! Unbelievable..

1135 days ago


So Karcrashian's a midget?

1135 days ago


Kim Kardashian is sexy, I'll give her that. But when you strip away the makeup and the nice clothes, she's just a soul-less fame whore. I don't want to hear about her, or her 30 million dollar sham of a wedding. I'm so sick of seeing this bitch's face everywhere I look. There are never any stories about her donating money to charity, or volunteering to help people. All I ever here about her is how much money she f_cking spends, and her stupid wedding. I don't care. I just don't f_cking care. F_ck you and your wedding, Kim Kardashian. Your "husband" looks miserable in every picture with you. You black-hearted, empty headed, shell of a woman. You have no substance, no depth, just beauty. Your looks are literally the ONLY good thing about you.

1135 days ago


Her mother looked like a fat old clown.

1135 days ago


Were these photos taken before or after Ray J showed up and peed on her?

Also I am laughing hard at her wearing white. Oh the irony.

1135 days ago


I wonder if Kim Kardashian will take every cent she's making from her wedding and donate it to cancer research in her father Robert Kardashian's name, now that would be very cool!

1135 days ago


Kim's famous for her rounchy sex tape, but the girl wears white to her wedding! She's tasteless trash always will be. What Lindsay has become is just plain sad. Girl needs to clean herself up.

1135 days ago
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