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Kim Kardashian

Ridiculous Wedding Photos

9/17/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's wedding photos look just like your average wedding pics -- if the average wedding pics were filled with famous people and sold for millions of dollars.

We've got TONS of pics from inside the ceremony and the party -- with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang.

There are even a few of some guy named Kris Humphries. Enjoy!


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Normally I think Lindsay Lohan is pretty hot, but here she looks like Linda Hogan. She looks 20-30 years older than she is.

1097 days ago


White is the last color any of those Kardashians should be wearing.

1097 days ago


God, I truly hate these people.

1097 days ago


Gebus; this bitch has the gall to wear white, after having blown a dude on film & getting pissed on? Wearing white don't make a whore pure, honey...

1097 days ago


Hate on the Kardashian clan all you want, but we live in a different time.

A TV personality CAN become famous these days, so stop all the "no talent" bullcrap. What about infamous models? How much talent does it really take to walk skinnily down a runway?

It's not just actors or musicians who have fans these days. We live in a time where reality tv makes no name people into celebs. Face the damn facts! People like Kim or Snooki or whomever CAN have their own clothing lines, perfumes, tv shows, modeling gigs though they arent' ten feet tall and bony, etc. WHy all the shock at her being known? This is the world now. Grow up!

At the end of the day, she looked gorgeous on her wedding day! She did not have to dole out a lot of cash thanks to companies wanting to gift her services and products, JUST LIKE WITH ACTORS, for example, who get free clothes and such, and load up at swag parties during film festivals, though they can easily afford the free stuff. TV personalities can become famous in this era. It's a well-known fact yet people still hate on these people when they get signed for endorsments or release their own products.

It's smart business in my opinion! Would you not release a fragrance or clothing line if it could make you cash and ensure a stable financial future for you and yours? Would you not promote brands who'd pay you to wear their sneakers or clothes? Say no and you'd be lying your ass off!

And to the fools saying she shouldn't have posed next to Lindsay, that's just stupidity in the world of the need for anyone in the public eye to be a size 0. Are you for real? Until Lindsay gets rid of that ghostly and ghastly hair color and goes back to her gorgeous red locks, she'll always look mediocre and like the zillion other blondes in Hollyweird. I never understood why she stayed blond. I get experimenting and having fun with hair like all women love, but how come she doesn't realize how flippin' pretty she is with her natural red, and how unique it makes her in this sea of blondes in the film industry? We want red again, Linds! Even if just for a few months.

1097 days ago


whose stupid idea was it for them all to wear white, they all look like brides, and the bow on Kris's dress is ridiculous

1097 days ago

stinky mcgee    

The cake was ugly. The bride wore WHITE??? And Mrs. J had a propeller on her gown. Hmmm.

1097 days ago


Geez. LieHo looks older than the bride by a good 20 years. This is what happens to your body when you do drugs. As for the bride...I give the marriage 6 months. Hope mama Kris made them sign a preup. Gotta protect that Golden Showers money somehow.

1097 days ago

Duke Steele    

Funny how a "special light" falls across the whores face in every wedding pic. She looks like she has on a paper mask with an elastic band around her head.

1097 days ago


NO MORE Kardashian's!!!! I'm sick of them!!!!

1097 days ago


I was sure that it was Goldie Hawn in the photo with KK. Lindsay Lohan apparently thinks the blowsy, trampy, middle-aged look is a good one for her.

1097 days ago


Just like the prison scene in "Han****", I picture Lohan's head stuck up Kardashians ass.

1097 days ago


If they paid a lot of money for that wedding they got robbed; and where are all the A-listers that TMZ keeps referring to? I don't see one, (1), ONE serious A-list Hollywood celebrity there; the biggest star imo is Babyface.

1097 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Kim looks really great in all of her pictures, but I always think of the James Bond movie Moonraker when I see a couple a giant man that looks like Jaws with a tiny beautiful lady, it kinda looks weird.

1097 days ago


Why do u all write such mean comments? The photos are beautiful, so why be so cruel? Cheers tmz from australia.

1097 days ago
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