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Charlie Sheen

Another 'Men' Message

9/18/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ironically and rather awkwardly presented the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series -- but before he did, he had something to say (again) to the people at "Two and a Half Men."

The warlock also chatted up his replacement -- Ashton Kutcher -- backstage at the Emmys.

Charlie posted this pic on his WhoSay account during the show.


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Funny how the whole premise of the show was based off Charlie's real life yet they gave him the boot for doing what he does best. I could see if he wasn't showing up, or came high or drunk, etc but that wasn't the case. He came to work and did his job as he was contractually obligated to do. Since when should an employer have any involvement with what you do on your free time??? And if you're using such off-screen antics to give your show material then how dare you have an issue with that??? Chuck Lorre wanted Charlie to bow down and kiss his ass which he clearly let him know wasn't going to happen. This is more of a control issue than anything else in my eyes. So it's okay for the show's producer to take little passive-aggressive jabs in the credits but the actor can't respond???? B*tch, please! F*ck Chuck.

I'm no fan of the show (think it's grossly UNfunny) but I am a fan of free speech and doing whatever the hell you wanna do as long as no one else is getting hurt.

BTW, I do detect some sarcasm in Charlie's speech! LOL He's no fool. He knows the show will tank.

1107 days ago


Ashton, my GOD! Clean yourself up! You look like a throw back to the 60's hippy movement! You are a handsome guy all polished up. It is SHAMEFUL for you to look the way you do. Hell, you look worse than Charlie Sheen, the biggest coke head on the planet.

1107 days ago

Alan Carver    

What is going to happen is that tonight's show of TAAHM will get great ratings because people are going to want to see how the show moves forward without Sheen, and then the ratings either keep up or they decline and within the next year they cut it loose. Simply if the show was all about Sheen as he claims then this will just prove that ... but I have great faith in the production of the new cast member and those that remain without Sheen being part of that production.

Last night's disingenuous remarks just make him a bigger ass then he already is, he lacks any humility to pull that speech off and people see him for who he is, and do not believe him or think he is capable of being genuine. What is genuine is that he is an addict with issues that still need to be addressed, or we will be seeing him again in the coming weeks coming unhinged again after the ratings of TAAHM soars and he is literally, knocked down a many rungs off the ladder, as it should be. Tonight is going to be a very telling sign for either Sheen or Chuck Lore. I am voting for Lore and great ratings without Sheen! Talk about winning ... Lore will make sure he gets his diatribe out the following week if not tonight with his commentary that should be 'interesting' to read post show!

1107 days ago


I'll say it again:

Whew! Desperation sure does stink!

1107 days ago

Politico Pablo    

What's with the Jesus look? Is Ashton planning to make a movie with Mel Gibson.

1107 days ago


Ashton needs to clean up.........he looks awful.....hard to look at him. Please, Ashton, you're so hot....cut your hair and lose the facial hair.

1107 days ago


Thought Charlie was brave to go out there and esp to wish well to the show this season. He was a mench. Can't say the same about nebbish Jon Cryer or a Ashton Kutcher wearing too much of Demi's shine spray on his hair, flopping it back and forth. They mentioned Charlie twice. We know Ashton is not Charlie, you don't have to tell us. And as for the "You are not a troll" so over, so long ago. Boys, move on. Charlie did.

1107 days ago


How cam all these Charlie supporters say this was sincere? Look at him! He'll YES that was awkward. I will I've him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he was nervous/embarassed and that's why he looks so insincere,full of himself, and just plain arrogant. Comedic defense mechanisms perhaps. No doubt he is on meds that allow him to act civilized, less obnoxious... And no doubt his "people" worked like hell to get him up there. everyone at some point needs tp play the game to be in the game. As for Ashton ... If his charm were sincere I would watch the show, but I can't stomach him or his stupid wife.

1107 days ago


Charlie is desperately trying to rehabilitate himself and I'm not buying into it. He meant all of that crap a few months ago, and it wasn't cute and lovable-it was grim and sickening.

1107 days ago


Lin and angeleyes, I totally agree. It was awkward to see Charlie and Jim on the same stage at the same time. I bet when Jim is on Conan on Wednesday that will be the first question. But I have to say that when I saw Charlie as the presenter of the Lead Actor I had a strong feeling that Jim was gonna win. Lorre and Co. must be in heaven right now as his actors took home the lead actor and lead actress award.

Mumra in case you didn't find out already Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory won.

1107 days ago


The worst part about this is a blood sucker like Chuck 'The Schmuck' Lorrie gets to play the poor wittle victim. That guy is more dirty and arrogant that 100 Charlie Sheens....

1107 days ago


The worst part about this is a blood sucker like Chuck 'The Schmuck' Lorrie gets to play the poor wittle victim. That guy is more dirty and arrogant that 100 Charlie Sheens....

1107 days ago


Charlie is going to have a great 2012 and the fact that he was chosen to present the lead actor in a comedy Emmy shows he will successfully move forward.

1107 days ago


Don't you haters fool yourselves. Anyone could see that Cryer was truly happy for Charlie up on that stage - they're FRIENDS, idiots! Friends stick with you through thick and thin. Lorre, who knows and who cares what that ******* thinks! Charlie is still hot, intelligent, funny and capable, and you shall see! Yippee! Can't wait for greater things from him!

1107 days ago


Hi angeleyes,
I loved your "sandbox" analogy! Yes, Charlie Sheen THOUGHT he was going to still be living on easy street. But after his rants and his misguided tour, he was evicted and got a very big wake up call.Chuck Lorrie will always have hit shows. But I seriously think C.S. will not have many offers.His choice though, wasn't it??

1107 days ago
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