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Jennifer Aniston

Photog Swarm

Is Crippling Neighborhood

9/18/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston's neighborhood has been thrown into complete disarray -- traffic congestion, fender benders, loud noises, arguments -- and we're told ... it's all over Jen.

According to sources, once the actress moved into her Hollywood Hills home this summer -- crazed photogs have descended on the surrounding community like a plague of locusts.

We're told the paps have been stirring up constant mayhem for weeks -- creating traffic problems, blocking driveways, and even causing a few minor car accidents ... and the neighbors have had enough.

We're told several complaints have been filed with the LAPD about the unwelcome guests -- and in response, cops have drastically increased their presence in the surrounding areas, trying to keep the peace.

Calls to Jen's reps weren't returned.


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She's so pathetic and this is another planted story to make her look not dull. And it's a completely contrived situation -- what star (other than Aniston) gets a rental on the corner in a non-gated community?

1070 days ago


Thats sad that the ppl living thr will not back her up. She's had it hard sense the brad pit thing and now their going to b'''' about this.Be glad she's finally happy. And getting on with her life. I wish her all the best. She's a great person so leave her alone.

1070 days ago


Am so Happy for Brad Pitt !! The guy just got fed up with the on-and -on question about this broad , and he finally exploded saying " there's nothing to see here about your " America's sweetheart Bullsh*t" " ..Now , where are all the ladies about Jen stealing another woman's man !!

1070 days ago


You guys are jealous!! She is rich, can buy homes anywhere, anytime. Can date men hot and beautiful at any time. Will always have gorgeous men wanting to date her. She does a job making good and a lot money, while most of you are envious and a bunch of work to eat, do not have wonderful men on their return. Eat your heart it's just what they can do.
Jennifer is happy with the current boyfriend and let her live her life.
Jolie and Pitt are happy with their lives.
Pitt should not have revealed her feelings about her personal life with his ex wife, for that separation is always so difficult after all these years did not mean it needs for it.
But I think both are happy with their current lives and good luck to them.

1070 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"crazed photogs have descended on the surrounding community like a plague of locusts." You mean like the people who work for this very website? Oh I forgot, this site gets paid by the celebs and publicists to 'make their clients' look like normal people "catching them' coming out of places every day "by accident"

My azzz it's by accident. What a joke.

1070 days ago


Just keep her there, no NYC

1070 days ago


If this video is any indication, she's causing the same stir in her NY neighborhood too:

1070 days ago


Be real, Jen-lovers. The only reason anyone gives a **** about this no-talent fake is because she was married to Brad Pitt once.

1070 days ago


I think every PAP!!! should be respectful of not only the people they are trying to get a picture of but the nieghbors also. GO HOME YOU F ED UP PAPS

1070 days ago


Leave this poor girl alone... she has done nothing but be herself. I would move so far away.... I never want my 15 mintues!

1070 days ago


This is pure Bulls**t! When is this country going to do something about the GD nasty, ignorant, privacy intruding low-lifes they call paparazzi??? Stalking people right outside their homes and following them every where they go should be against the law. They can't seem to get real jobs so they follow people with cameras, sit in their cars or loiter on peoples property stuffing their fat faces. More serious fines and consequences have to be put in place. This crap is just wrong.

1070 days ago


I will say that she is far from being stuck on herself as I see quite a few of you stating. I had the opportunity to meet her a couple years ago, and I will say that she is one of the nicest people in Hollywood. She is super down to earth considering all of the attention she gets.

1070 days ago


Well it seems the loons are working overtime on damage control, and as usual, that means divebombing Aniston. It's so ridiculous that ever since the woman got blindsided by her cheating loser of a husband, she also has to endure the hatred of Brandgelina fans that won't rest until she pops open a vein in her bathtub.

Geeeez folks, give it a rest already! They think that ever since she had the audacity to be interviewed, directly after Pittiful and Skankalina went on a full tilt display of their affair, where she actually got a little misty from the questions, she should be put to death.

But, truth be told, if their fans are so emotionally crippled that they can't see what these two did was wrong at all, they will never understand any logic regarding Pitts latest comments as being hurtful and at the very least, totally unnecessary.

As far as I'm concerned, AJ set up the paps to know what was going on, directly after they separated, when they were pictured getting on a private jet to fly to pick up Zahara. AJ has known how to manipulate the media, to get what she wants, for a long time. She knew what she was doing then as well as now.

Ya know, people fall out of love all the tiime. They have affairs and get divorced and some find happiness with others quickly and others take a little more time - that is just the way it goes sometimes. But to go on vacay with your wife, and friends, to let her know your leaving - and then do a photo spread with your lover (showing yourselves as a happy little family with kids, while AJ is all sexed up sporting a look of defiance) is cold AND CALCULATED. Directly afterwards the paps catch them (thanks to AJ) adopting Zahara, with little Maddox in tow, calling Pitt daddy. And within a few months AJ is sporting a baby bump. That's the truth of it - no denying it.

The point is that Aniston has acted with grace and dignity (no thanks to Brandgelina), and has gone so far as to mention many times, in interviews, that "there is no good guy or bad guy here", yet the JP's and fans still feel the need to lower the bar in terms of decency. But, as I already stated, when you are morally inept and see nothing wrong with the way they played their hand in this, there's no way they will feel this is any different. Narcicism (?)at its absolute finest.

Remember JP's - you reap what you sow.

1070 days ago


Jennifer and Justin are not responsible for the mahem. Once the photogs find out where a 'high profile' celebrity lives, it's all about the money shot. The police are responsible for moving these 'pest' along.

1069 days ago


perhaps justin cannot afford to share as much so that they rented on a not so secluded neighborhood

1069 days ago
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