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Tareq Salahi

Journey Is Screwing with Me

9/18/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918_tareq_salahi_getty_EXTareq Salahi is convinced ... his cheating wife and the Journey bandmate she is banging are intentionally trying to make his life miserable by making cruel crank calls ... this according to sources closely connected to Tareq.

Our sources say Tareq received four calls between 3:00 and 4:00 AM Sunday -- and when he answered, the caller immediately hung up. Tareq's caller ID showed the caller's number had an Oregon area code -- the same area code Michaele called from earlier in the week when he feared she was kidnapped.

Tareq then dialed the number and a guy answered, asking, "Who's this?" But more revealing -- there was clearly a party going on in the background.

Our sources says Tareq is convinced Michaele, Neal Schon, and other members of the band Journey are messing with his mind.

A source close to Michaele says neither she nor Neal had anything to do with the calls.

Could this be the final chapter? No.


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God, he's like a juke box...put a quarter in and ya have to listen to 3 friggin songs! Shut the hell up already!!

1098 days ago


Seriously,if this guy was so close with the band he would know that Deen C. the drummer lives in Oregon, hence the Oregon area code ....

1098 days ago


It's known that at times Neal uses Deen's phone sometimes to make calls, he's from Oregon, so wouldn't surprise me if they used his phone to make the calls..... Just sayin'....

1098 days ago


@Cara... you beat me to it, I didn't read your post until I refreshed the screen ;-)

1098 days ago


I just like reading the comments. Any clown that believes any of this is real is an idiot!! Sex tape, reunion, reality show is next and all the mindless sheep will feel like .....mindless sheep, lol lol

1098 days ago


WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE OMG STOP REPORTING ON THEM!! This is exactly what they want.

1098 days ago


ThiS guy is a freak, karma sucks Tareq..your 15 mins is up..go away

1098 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

hahahaha.. how juvenile. This story gets more entertaining. Keep those SALAHI stories coming!

1098 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Are you kidding me??? She left you idiot - she does NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. If you are annoyed by phone calls, shut off the phone. She dumped you - I doubt very much you are on her mind in the wee hours - it's all about her NEW boyfriend. Stupid people who think its all about them. Get over yourself and move on - AND GROW UP.

1098 days ago


This is a TOTAL publicity stunt. The Journey guitarist is on tour and wants to drum up business, and the Salahi's want to drum up attention and cash (as usual). I think the Journey guy's wife is in on it too. Now they can all sell the "exclusive interviews". I'm not buying it for a second.

1098 days ago


TMZ, what is the facination with these people?? They are NOBODIES so WHATEVER happens to them NOBODY CARES! You guys are posting WAY TOO MUCH about these people.

1098 days ago

Joey Boots    

Tareq I know you are reading this.....step back, shut up and walk away and do not mention Journey again....this is the only time i will say have been advised. - Joey Boots - President of the Journey Fan Club - NYC

1098 days ago


Ta-reek, another man is pounding your wife. In-out-in-out day and night. How painful is that? She's probably giving him a handy right now, or he's just finished using her as a sperm receptacle (AGAIN). She's damaged goods on top of being brain-damaged. She's being passed around by the band like a joint.

The ultimate revenge is change all of your financial holdings to go to charity before she gets a penny of it, and kill yourself. I know it doesn't make sense now, but when you have that gun in your mouth, and know that your money will go to good instead of some whore, it will all make sense.

- Your Guardian Angel

1097 days ago


Maybe they're screwing with you because you're a piece of ****. You're stuipid, you owe dozens of people thousands and thousands of dollars in judgements against you, and you have a small penis.

1096 days ago
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