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Anderson Cooper

Chokes Up

Over Brother's Suicide

9/19/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Anderson Cooper
is known for his fearlessness, especially when it comes to war zones. But it was a chat with his mom in a NYC studio that made him dissolve in tears.

In an interview for his new syndicated talk show, socialite and 80s jeans designer Gloria Vanderbilt told Anderson ... after his brother Carter leaped off a 14-story balcony more than two decades ago, she almost followed him.  What stopped her was Anderson.


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Now THAT Is totally sad...

1094 days ago

South Beach    

Shoot, I teared up reading the intro..What son isn't going to react when he hears his mom was so despondant that she's considering taking her life, and his existance is the only thing keeping her from doing so? ...

1094 days ago


It was a very emotional program. It's sad to see what suicide does to the ones left behind. It affects them for the rest of their lives. It is heartbreaking. I think it was very brave for Anderson and his mom to talk about this in front of the whole world. I admire them for it.

1094 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I really like Anderson, and I hope his show does well. He's sweet with his mom.

1094 days ago


I LOVE Anderson Cooper his mom what an elegant, poised woman, so much in her life all that she has conquered it was an amazing show and they both were brave in their discussion

1094 days ago


Like Mother like Son, very much have the likability factor. Both seem very genuine. Anderson Cooper could have been a spoiled brat but he chose to do something wonderful with his life. Much Love.

1094 days ago


This guy is a complete disingenuous phony, and a far left liberal wacko. Isn't that show cancelled yet?

1094 days ago


The show was PR for housewives. Nothing about Vanderbilt's prior statements on the suicide, that it was because of asthma meds, or was "an accident." Nothing about the FREAKISH amount of plastic surgery she has had, or that she's the one with brown hair while her SON has they grey hair. Nothing about her long time black boyfriend, nothing about her going through a couple of fortunes, nothing about her CREEPILY writing a pornographic novel in her 80's (the mother she was taken away from also had a thing for sex erotica). She's hoping for some boy toys with all her plastic surgery, unfortunately, they aren't going out with her unless she has a lot of money, and they know she spent it all, they will inherit little.

1094 days ago


I found the interview sweet, but they sure did not get to the deep stuff! Did anyone else think Gloria and Pricilla Presley have the same plastic surgeon and hair colourist? Two peas in a plasticated pod!! I admire Anderson for working when he did not have to.

1094 days ago


Andy's a real hottie, and "Glo" has some of the best plastic surgery I've ever seen! I'm not a talk show watcher, but I did watch this one because of Gloria's being on. Doesn't sound as if Anderson will ever be writing a "Mommie Dearest" book. Good for him.

1094 days ago

Lynda Zussman    

There is nothing worse than losing a child. I wrote the book
THROW ME THE ROPE: A Memoir on Loving Lauren after losing my 26-year-old daughter to an unknown heart condition. Lauren was a Ford model and was studying to be a life coach at NYU. She went into cardiac arrest while jogging with her fiance in Central Park.Lauren was 8 years sober and led a holistic lifestyle only wanting to mentor others. The Los Angeles Times printed an excerpt from the book - August 22,(The Los Angeles Times - My Turn)There is no prescription for grieving but LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH.The light of Lauren's being overshadows the darkness of her passing. The book is available on Website:

1093 days ago

PRO US    

Was Anderson's brother gay too? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Is that the reason he took a flying leap off the top of a building? Very sad story.

1093 days ago

Essie M    

What???????? and I mean What????? She almost jumped? and now she is coming out a decade or two later giving her analysis…..come on folks…….everyone of us has people in our family that have done something indescribable ……but if I had the spot light, I wouldn't be building my ratings or my stature (this woman who has had no media presence for a long time or Cooper who was following a bug around with his eyes while doing the last Rep. debate) by bringing up family members because remember everyone has a story and everyone's is sad…………….but PLEASE don't bring some story in to your news cast to put the spotlight on yourself……...

1093 days ago


That's sad. Does anyone know why he committed suicide? I hope he wasn't gay?

1093 days ago


Who'd have thought that TMZ would make a newstory out a SERIES PREMIERE FOR WOMEN.

kinda feel gay just commenting on this

1093 days ago
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