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'Big Brother' Winner Rachel

From One Reality Show


9/19/2011 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_rachel_brandon_big_brother_tmz_EX"Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas are going Hollywood, literally -- we're told Rachel plans on moving to Los Angeles and pitching her upcoming nuptials as a possible reality show.

Turns out ... when Rachel told our photog on Thursday night that she was getting married THIS weekend, well ... that was just the alcohol talking. Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ they have no plans on a quickie wedding, but they do want to settle down in Los Angeles (Brendon is currently enrolled in grad school at UCLA).

We're told Rachel is planning to use her "BB" winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment biz, and plan her wedding.

And according to our sources, "planning her wedding" entails pitching it as a reality show to various production companies and networks in hopes of having it all paid for.

She's a shrewd player, all right.


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Exactly what Donna (#12) said. I love the new and improved Rachel.
However, Rachel, I agree that the wedding lacks viewer appeal.
Buy your house, and find a job. Once you have those things, you'll not depend, so much, on Brendon. He's far more mentally abusive, than you believe, right now.

Oh, and put the house in your name; you're going to figure him out, before too long...but, sadly, after you're married.

You're a great girl, Rachel. Think.

1128 days ago


OMG!!!! Why does this everything about her fake woman and her dumb as a box of rocks bf think America wants them on their tv screens weekly???? The woman has a HUGE problem in her head! The voice is grating, the fake red color in her hair is grating, her personality is grating, her boohooing continuously is grating, EVERYTHING about her is grating! How long before her himbo is exposing his penis on the internet again???? What is he getting his PhD in----being a major himbo????? Will these 2 PLEASE disappear? They are total idiots!

1128 days ago


The funniest thing about the whole article is Brendon is in grad school. He is as dumb as a rock.

1128 days ago


All of the hater comments are obviously by Demon Danielle and her bitchy "friends." As that dimwit would say: "Obviously."

1128 days ago


Sad that these are the "stars" these days. Are there no really talented people left to make shows for television? I think it's time to ditch reality tv and get back to making some good series to watch!

1128 days ago


These 2 are Reality Show Hobags they need to get real jobs,go back to school cause America is sick of these TROLLS on Prime Time TV.

1128 days ago


I WILL NEVER WATCH her wedding show, and I am thinking about NOT EVER WATCHING BB again!! This year SUCKED!! Lets bring back the old crew and let them screw the newbies!! I felt that CBS knew they wanted Rachel to win so it was figured that way. Rachel cried crock tears the whole game, she was happy when she won but was pissy when ever she lost! She and Jeff were sore losers!

1128 days ago


Oh please, it was hard enough to put up with you and that voice the past two summers, NO MORE EVER! You need to get back on a stripper pole and leave us alone.

1128 days ago


Hell why not, if Kim K. did it Rachel should try for it to. I couldn't afford a fairy tale wedding I am not gonna begrudge someone else from trying to have one. Go for it Rachel and Brendon. Glad she won, she had the best gameplay of the house.

1128 days ago


I am a huge fan of Big Brother, and I did root for Rachel this year, much to my surprise. But, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We DON'T want to see your wedding, you are NOT a celebrity, just a contestant on a game show. You have your money, now PLEASE GO AWAY! BOTH of you!!!

1128 days ago

Go away white trash bar whore. "that was just the alcohol talking"... imagine that?

1128 days ago


Their wedding is going to be one big tacky mess.

1128 days ago


What a BUNCH of HATERS!!
Jealous much`` bitches??
Go drink your```````````hater`aid!

1128 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Love to see a show with Brenden, Rachel, Jeff & Jordan. Two newlywed couples starting their lives out together!

1128 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks Brendon is hot?

1128 days ago
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