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'Big Brother' Winner Rachel

From One Reality Show


9/19/2011 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0917_rachel_brandon_big_brother_tmz_EX"Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas are going Hollywood, literally -- we're told Rachel plans on moving to Los Angeles and pitching her upcoming nuptials as a possible reality show.

Turns out ... when Rachel told our photog on Thursday night that she was getting married THIS weekend, well ... that was just the alcohol talking. Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ they have no plans on a quickie wedding, but they do want to settle down in Los Angeles (Brendon is currently enrolled in grad school at UCLA).

We're told Rachel is planning to use her "BB" winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment biz, and plan her wedding.

And according to our sources, "planning her wedding" entails pitching it as a reality show to various production companies and networks in hopes of having it all paid for.

She's a shrewd player, all right.


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Brendon is in for a rough life once his infatuation with Rachel wears off. The guy acts like he's never gotten laid before. He acts so pathetic kissing that bar whore's butt.

1100 days ago


This would be the first show in history to be cancelled before the first episode had ended.

1100 days ago


Anyone who watched the overnight feeds on Big Brother 13 knows these two are in a destructive co-dependent relationship, and Brendan is an abusive partner. What was shown on the TV show was edited to omit his abusive behavior. She should run as fast as she can, but of course she won't. Please buy the condo in your name only Rachel, so when your marriage finally blows up, you will have something. He may be only verbally abusive now, but in all likely hood, he'll escalate. I would pay not to have to watch any show they might have. I don't think abusive relationships are popular on TV, are they?

1100 days ago

keona jones    

Rachel was the best and haters refuse to accept the truth. I would watch any thing Rachel is in. Hoping we do get to see the wedding.Go Rachel----laugh all the way to the bank. Love you girl.

1100 days ago


Of course Rachel is trying to stay on t.v., she said so herself no one wants to hire her in the real world and apparently she was becoming poor. She's obviously sick in the head, anyone who's watched big brother can tell you that. Brendan's already been caught cheating once, I'm sure that was not the only time. He'll stay with her until the money runs out, I give their marriage two years tops.

1100 days ago

**** BREAKING NEWS **** Rachel is going to be on a new MTV reality show called "Jersey Shore and the Ginger Whore"

1100 days ago

Damn It Man    

I just can't with this b*tch! Every time she laughed on BB, I wanted to puncture my own eardrums. She's very adept at keepin' it real. Real f*cking fake!

1100 days ago


I imagine the staff and alumni at Western Carolina cringe every time she wears one of their t-shirts or says she went there.

1100 days ago


Rachel and Brendon, What a dumb ass couple. The vote that gave Rachel the win had to be rigged. Shelley hated her and all of a sudden she votes for her to win. And now Shelley is BFF with the idiot Jeff. Rachel is one ugly dude.

1100 days ago


RACHEL <3 she deserved to win so much and all of you haters are as bitter as daniele yay brenchel

1100 days ago


Like the gay guy who was on the show with her a season ago said, "Everything about you is fake. Your hair is fake, your boobs are fake, your nails are fake. The only thing real about you are the pimples on your face." Not hating, just love that line.

1100 days ago


*cough* future porn star *cough*

Sorry I have something in my throat, it's probably the bad taste in my mouth after hearing a dips#!t like that got that much money.

1100 days ago


They better take their plans to Mexico or someother place. No one here in the US wants to hear any more of her laugh, mouth, or attitude. She is such a liar, and cannot even cry real tears. Hope we have seen the last of these people.

1100 days ago


rachel has been already moved to los angles since last year

1100 days ago


WOW! what a bunch of haters. you must be proud to talk about people like that. I don't think I have ever read such disgusting comments about someone, who you don't even know, in all my life. If you are going to call someone classless, ugly and all the other disgustin gnames you called Rachel and Brendan, you need to go check yourself in the mirror, take the speck out of your own eye, then come back and check yourself at the door before you come back and read your rude comments! Obviously you classless people never learned the lesson that if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all! And wow! listen to all the marriage therapists out there.... predicting that a marriage won't work, based on what you seen inside a house where you have no where to go and frustrations run high! And yes, he cheated on her, he apologized, she forgave him and she obviously has enough grace and forgiveness in her to forgive him, and if they worked through all that, then that is THEIR business not yours... get a clue losers!
To all the whiners about her having a wedding show here is a tip don'*****ch it if you don't want to Grab a clue haters -- aka Dani fans with no class or self esteem of their own that they have to degraded someoneelses life to make themselves look better!

1100 days ago
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