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Charlie Sheen

Settlement with Warner Bros.

North of $100 Million

9/19/2011 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen will immediately get $25 million in his settlement with Warner Bros. in his "Two and a Half Men" dispute -- but over time he'll get 5 times that amount ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the settlement tell TMZ ... Charlie will get the $25 mil in about two weeks and, as we reported, the sum represents the monies owed him for the work he already performed on the series and the profits that have already accrued.

But Charlie has shot around 180 episodes for the show, and in the next 7 - 10 years, the settlement will produce $100 million for the actor in syndication profits. 

Not bad when you don't have to show up for work.


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Professor Chaos    

I don't think Charlie needs to worry about not getting paid for the latest episodes with Kutcher. The episode tonight was awful. No chemistry between Ashton and Cryer at all. It just plain sucked. The STD jokes just made Chuck Lorre look like a petty douche. Tonights episode will get huge numbers because everybody was curious. Next week the ratings will nose dive. The show will be canceled this season. The funeral scene was fitting because that show is dead.

1128 days ago


Seth McFarland hosting the Charlie Sheen roast nailed it, all in about 3 minutes. The rest of course stunk. ****ner was ok. Charlie Sheen. No. Sheen was back on his rant.

1128 days ago


Blame TMZ and other Hack/Dirt sites making Hollywood behind the scenes scuttle but into cheap reality daily episodes,in the 30's thru the 70's Hollywood muscle silenced these s*** bags from affecting their revenues.

Hence your seeing Men downgraded to trash with kutcher when sheen could have been kept viable for this season and his personal issues resolved behind closed doors.

Watching this vile now and it's not even worthy to comment because it's so bad, Hollywood bring back the muscle of secrecy and keep your talents viable and shut these s*** bags down.

1128 days ago


Winning like a mofo!

1128 days ago


Sheen has already been paid.

1128 days ago

John Richmond McWilliams    

Bad Economy, Check, But Really, They Should Have Never Given This Ninja Money, Ever, Even For His Fetal Postion Infant Cameo In Apoloyase Now. Martin Sheen Should Take This Check As Payback.

1128 days ago


Just saw the new 2 1/2 Men. Chuck Lorre is LOSING. The show sucked. Beginning to end, it was not funny, did not laugh once. Was expecting one laugh, at least. Now, on to Chuck Lorre. Chuck, you REALLY need therapy. Your hatred for Charlie Sheen came through in every word, every scene and made a travesty of what used to be a hilarious show. My husband and I will never watch another episode. I would rather watch the snow on the tv. Charlie, you are WINNING!!!!

1128 days ago


Now that's a ******* WIN! $100M from syndication? Charlie's going to be set for the next few years.

1128 days ago


charlie ='s losing
chuck ='s winning!

via e!
As far as Two and a Half Men went, well, judging by the enormous amount of cheers when Ashton's character, Walden Schmidt, appeared onscreen after a sentimental conversation between Alan and the cremated Charlie, we'd think people were happy to see his face regardless of his performance.

But that, of course, was not lacking. Who doesn't have a soft spot for a heartbroken billionaire who is extremely handsome (and "hung" according to Jon Cryer's character) and also has a way with the ladies? And as promised, Kutcher bared it all. A couple times.

There was obviously a lot more that happened in the premiere, but seeing Ashton naked pretty much took the cake.

Read more:

1128 days ago


Now they should be smart and hire him back on the show, fast. What a huge FAIL tonight "Two and 1/2 Men" was. Huge. They desperately need him to come strolling through the door saying, "WTF?" in order to save this pathetic pile of simpering Ashton crap that was called a premiere episode. Hopefully reruns of past seasons will be on the air for a long time to come.

1128 days ago


Hey....Harvey - you've loaded up you site with so must junk and advertising so that it hardly loads anymore. When it takes 101 items to load before you can scroll you are just setting yourself up to lose tons of visitors. Don't get so fancy or so greedy. slim this thing down to where it was when you were getting established. You need to get lean again.

1128 days ago


Sheen actually seemed sober and sane on his roast,
being repeated on Comedy Channel right now. I'm

1128 days ago


Sheen at the Emmys, all dressed up, teeth in, made a last dig and bombed again. No one was laughing.

Sheens comedy roast tanked. What a surprise. Other than Seth McFarland and William ****ner, it was bad. Comedy Central has already been repeating it.

2.5 men, what was expected. Ashes sucked up in a dustbuster. That was good.

1128 days ago

Jackie money for doing nothing. He's winning.

1128 days ago


maybe he'll move to Columbia so he can get his drugs directly from the source.

1128 days ago
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