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Gets Protection From "Crazies"

9/19/2011 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC believes there are "crazies" out there who have a thing against Chaz Bono ... and network execs have taken precautions by ordering security for Chaz both on and off the "Dancing with the Stars" set.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... there have not been any specific threats against Chaz, but the honchos know there's an element of hatred out there and they feel it's necessary to block Chaz from harm.

As a result, we're told Chaz will get security while he's on the CBS Television City lot -- where the show is filmed -- and off the premises as well.

This isn't the first time DWTS has had to deal with security issues.  The show provided security for Bristol Palin after an anthrax scare last year.


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

The only 'crazy' is Chastitychazenstein...

1108 days ago


Chaz is awesome in my eyes. Very brave. Its 2011 Chaz shouldnt be dealing with all the homophobic crap. Cher and Sonny had something that music and TV is lacking these days...talent. Chaz is famous for being a celeb child growing up in front of us and the attention was mostly unwanted. Chaz has dealt with a lot and came out strong. At least he is famous for something other then drinking, fighting and sex videos. Chaz should be embraced as their only legitimate celebrity cast. Go Chaz!! The more they whine the more I love Chaz for holding that head up high. Class.

1108 days ago


I don't care what this woman does on her own time but I don't want my child watching her and thinking this is normal or ok. She needs help.

1108 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Then I take it that she has a restraining order against herself?

1108 days ago


Why can you people not teach your children acceptance?? You do not have to like what Chaz has done/is doing but you should at least be teaching your children that it is NOT alright to hate on someone like Chaz! Live and let live, it's not your place to judge other people. I bet all you haters would kick a homeless man lying cold and hungry on the street too wouldn't you?? Sad that you people are so full of hatred. Do you have to sleep with him at night? NO so leave it alone!!!

1108 days ago


"Chaz" honey, this is not hatred. Get over yourself and the latest buzzword "hater". We simply do not want your values foisted on us through prime time TV. If you want to maintain any shred of dignity go and find a job and live your life quietly and stop trying to make us think you are mainstream because you never will be. But I guess with a mother like Cher you never had a hope in the first place.

1108 days ago

a fan    

this is all for attention. NO one is talking about her,chaz.

1108 days ago


Why would anyone care enough about this abomination to pay any attention all all? If she changed herself into a donkey it would be a better show.

1108 days ago


Wow. So people are so upset about Chaz having a fake penis that they're starting to threaten him? I think it's time for them to get a new past-time!

1108 days ago


I'm getting tired of hearing about Chaz on the show. I thought the show was based on talent on the dance floor not a contestant's personal cause and free publicity. I'm no*****ching because I'm intolerant or a "crazie" -- I'm no*****ching because the concept is lost. If I wanted politics, I'd watch CNN not a floor show...

1108 days ago


Protection for that whale?? Better call in GREEN PEACE!

1108 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Chaz is pretty cool indeed. I just don't know how he got into the contest when he isn't a star and has played in no films to my knowledge?

1108 days ago


Chaz will probably go out, within the first three people, judging
on his ability (after watching him practice). Sadly, some people will rant that it was because of prejudice. Sorry, folks...he simply can't dance. 'Wish he could...but, nope.

1108 days ago


I don't agree with sex changes, but THREATENING another human being because you don't agree?? GET A LIFE!!!

I have gay friends and family, who I adore! I DO NOT agree with their lifestyle but would TAKE A BULLET for ANY of them!

1108 days ago


When these people are supposedly born with messed up biology, they should be given female hormones, if they are born female, instead of hurrying them down the wrong path with male hormones, as she has done.

1108 days ago
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