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Foreigner Singer

The Journey Scandal is

GREAT for Business!!!

9/19/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0915_kelly_hansen_salahi_getty_EXThe Michaele Salahi scandal is the BEST thing that could've happened for the Journey concert tour ... so says the lead singer of fellow '80s rock band Foreigner ... you know, the "Cold as Ice" dudes.

Foreigner is currently touring with Journey -- and lead singer Kelly Hansen tells us he's blown away by all the publicity Neal Schon has brought to the tour by simply being the "other man" in a celebrity love triangle.

Hansen joked, "I'm thinking about staging my own kidnapping ... if only I could tolerate being around those horribly obnoxious women from one of those shows for more than 5 minutes."

The rocker says he was "shocked" to see the former "Real Housewives of D.C." star at the concert in Nashville this week ... but says she was acting like everything was totally normal.


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Write to your mother.

1028 days ago

karen darvin    

just because th ese guys have gotten older doesn't mean they deserve to be attacked. In many cases it means they are more skilled musicians than a lot of the younger guys and also that they deserve admiration for hanging in there all these years and playing, it's w hat they love to do.Not a personal fan of either but they had some great songs that most people would recognize and probably have families to support like anyone else.The ageist crap is not funny really

1028 days ago


My kids tell me that I am older than dirt and I still think older folks behaving like teenagers is ridiculous.

1028 days ago


They're succeeding in their little scam then. Journey etc. are selling more tickets, the Sahilis are getting the media attention they want as well. I can't believe people (TMZ) is falling for this crap!

1028 days ago


@middleagedcrazy - You'd be shocked. Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Def Leopard (and many others from that era) tour every year, and they basically sell out every year. I consider myself to be on the younger side, but I was a huge 80's rock and big hair fan. Not only do these bands sell out, but they (for the most part) sound really good! I understand that not everyone was an 80's music fan, but just because you have not heard of their music doesn't mean they weren't huge in their time! To say the 80's pop scene was like modern Bieber, I personally think you are way off. Of course, it may be because I am partial to that era too.

1028 days ago


Guess I'm not into nostalgia.

We are into musical extremes at my house, pop and lite are big no-nos.

Tee hee

1028 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

You know, it seems we've heard from just about everyone expect Neal himself. What does he have to say? I suspect this is all one huge spoof. Rock stars like Neal can have any woman they want. Why would he want that plastic hag?

1028 days ago


This is the funniest story on TMZ in 2 weeks. Love it! You guys are brilliant!

1028 days ago


Here's what your going to hear from Neal: "Every night the same old thing. Just before we go on she starts nagging 'Neal, can we go on the Ferris wheel first? I wanna go on the Ferris wheel.'".

1028 days ago


ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! Every other story.,..Salahi
this, Salahi that...what is next? Salahi takes
a CRAP? You really suk TMZ...scraping the bottom
of the barrel for stories. Get new reporters/writers!

1028 days ago


You know, when I met Foreigner backstage at a concert, they were lovely guys, now? My opinion has changed. Oh, thats right, Lou Gramm isn't with you all, no wonder, the clueless disgusting comments by the new and unimproved lead singer make the difference. Guess I won't burn the pics and autographs after all. But you can bet yer arse I won't be going to see Foreigner ever again. Damned shame what stupidity can do to trash a once good group

1028 days ago


LOL! I've always liked Kelly from way back in his Hurricane days. Nice to see that all men don't like this "type" of "lady".

Best part of this story is that Neal has cheated on everyone he's ever dated or married and now that she has no money she is going to velcro herself to him and he will be out of there before Christmas, if not Thanksgiving.

1028 days ago


This is truly a d-list story that no one cares about. I beloath this "couple" as they will do anything to "dupe" the American public for financial gain and celebrity status. Please do not fall into this trap, people. They truly are con artist and as far as the band is concerned, they should bury their heads in the sand. This makes me NEVER want to step foot near a Journey concert as it's a true telltale that the band is more about the publicity and "scandal" than about the music. It's a gross and filthy hoax from a bunch of overrated wanna-be's.

1028 days ago


*cues up music*
"I want to know what being a famewhore is...I want you to show me..."

Now everyone - START SWAYING!

1028 days ago


Michaele's press release: "Ever since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a sex monkey, and now my dream has come true. Neal gets Viagra at home through the mail and that's really really cool, and I signed us up for KY Jelly of the Month Club to help with my dry, leathery girl parts. Sometimes when Neal is busy playing I ride the Ferris wheel or get cotton candy and play the ring toss game. I think tonight Neal is taking me to a beauty spa because he keeps saying that tonight he's going to give me a facial. I love my new life and I know it will last forever and ever. Oh...sorry about the dog."

1028 days ago
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