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Ray J

Kicked Out of Vegas Hotel

For Clocking Fabolous

9/19/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919_rayj_audio_BNRay J didn't take too kindly to Fabolous talking smack about him on Twitter, so when he saw him out in Las Vegas this weekend ... he clocked him!

Kim K's sex tape partner re-told the tale on Power 105.1 this morning, explaining, "When I seen him, I was with Floyd [Mayweather] and 50 [Cent] and he tried to say, 'Don't touch me.' And I touched that n***a!"

Ray J says he got kicked out of the Palms and detained by police, but according to cops in Vegas ... he was not arrested.



No Avatar


"...when I SEEN him". Boy, get your damn GED, even a 1st grader has better grammar.


1138 days ago


I can't believe Ray J got to bang Kim K. The world is such a backwards place and getting worse every day.

1138 days ago


African Americans have shed blood, sweat and many tears to arrive at where everyone longs to be. Why is it that you need to speak like an as#hole? You set the perception back 60 years. You and people like you. And the sad part is, as someone else mentioned, your entire family is very well spoken. Why be a poser? Why fall back on language in order to think you're cool. It's not cool. It's what the community has been trying to eradicate for decades. Don't be a fool, you're not a fool.

1138 days ago

your own luck    

He is just an uneducated punk talking trash and behaving like a 10 year old "settling the score" on the playground. Grow up, act like an adult, have some dignity.

1137 days ago


LoL the users of this media outlet, I swear no wonder Charlie Sheen's still famous.

1137 days ago


WHat a complete *****. He's with Mayweather. Who the hell is going to risk that. Raj J, you f'in coward. Trying to look cool in front of your pals. And where did you go to school? Learn to f'in speak a language. Any language. As long as it makes sense, who cares. Man. Your mother is a well spoken woman. So id your father. So is your sister. You, however, need to completely destroy whatever language you're attempting to speak. Why? Probably because you need to adapt to the idiots your walking with. Douche.

1137 days ago


I can't believe anyone would want bang Kim K. The world is definitely getting worse Alan. You seem to be more a part of the problem than the solution. @Joao, Ray-J is speaking proper Ebonics, you dip ****! Learn it and you will understand!

1137 days ago


Does Ray-J not realize he is an R&B singer? He sings for women. That seems like a fair tweet by Fab

1137 days ago


Yeah, he had Mayweather and 50 cent with him, thats like having liquid courage. that loser would have walked the other direction if he was alone....

1137 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Haha that is what you get for misspelling fabulous.

1137 days ago


TMZ got the story wrong! RayJ was talking ish to Fab and Fab was jokingly talking back with him. 50 cent egged on a fight. RayJ got pissed even more and tried to hit Fab. Fab came back and knocked RayJ out with two hits (Kinda like how Mayweather did RayJ fell to the ground unconscious and got hit again by Fab. So RayJ got knocked the F*ck out... not Fab!

1137 days ago


Can someone please speak some english in here? I can't understand a dang word as to what is being said-from Ray J's to Fabolous'-

TMZ, please translate

1137 days ago


Ray J is a punk! How long will he ride his sister Brandy's multi-platinum recording artist coat tails for???

1137 days ago


What the hell was he even talking about here? I can not decipher this tweet. Dumb ass **** is like the ghetto version of The Da Vinci Code! Both of these fools are ignorant ghetto rats!

1137 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

I think Ray J just got tired of being the "butt" of the joke. He does get clowned a lot. I mean the fact that people refer him as Brandy's brother and not Ray J is disrespectful. Fab was just there to catch it once Ray J blew up. Moral of the story: Don't talk trash about someone on Twitter that you might meet in real life unless you are ready to throw hands. Better yet just stop talking trash.

1137 days ago
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