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Salahi Dog Dies

Of a Broken Heart?

9/19/2011 6:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

, the Doberman Pinscher that was so depressed he couldn't get out of bed after Michaele abandoned him, has died.

Just before midnight Sunday, Rio passed at the family home in Virginia.  Rio, who suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, has been on meds ever since.  Just before he died, Tareq gave the pooch his heart Rx, Rio then started yelping, and he was gone.

Tareq is hysterical and blames Michaele, for creating all the stress.

As for Michaele, she's still banging the Journey guitarist.


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You are one dumb azz bitch who was thinking with her vee jay....Rock stars use you only until they find a younger and better looking hottie...Karma will be your bitch..and the world will only laugh at you when the (p) rick is thru using you and moves onto som 20 year old with no sagging parts. You get nothing from your Husband as you broke the Adultery Rule and rightfully so...You'll get nothing from this Rock Star cause he understands that women like you are good for only one thing and thas a phk, and when hes done with you he dont have to give up anything but the skank he took from another man. Hopefully you will follow the dog into death.....WHORE IF I EVER SAW ONE!

1097 days ago


He gave an animal human meds and he didn't think he was going to die...STUPID IS A STUPID DOES...

1097 days ago


Tareq obviously loved his dog (and his wife) very much. RIP Rio. Before this latest incident, I didn't like either of the Salahi's, but my opinion of Tareq has changed; For whatever reasons he really did love his wife and also he obviously loved his dog. As for Michaele, I think that she is a total gold digger, and,seeing that Tareq is facing extreme money problems and bankrupcty, and on top of that, the fact that Neal Schon, (who she always felt secure that he would always be waiting in the wings for her) recently got married. In a short period of time she went from reveling in Tareq's wealth, plus Neal Shon as a steady back-up source of wealth, to all of a sudden, facing financial hardship due to bankrupcy, and then her back -up having just got married 2 months ago.....I think she totally panicked and jumped to Neal because he is now the sure bet for her to keep up her lavish lifestyle. The fact that she left the poor dog, and he probably died because of the stress, I find to be totally plausible

1097 days ago


Everyone please don't fall for this. Their 15 minutes of fame ended and now we have to here about them again.

Don't beleive this ****!!!

1097 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't believe dogs die of depression. Their survival instincts are too strong. Tareq probably OD'd the poor thing on his meds to get back at his wife. They probably should have put him down after the heart attack instead of dragging it out.

1097 days ago


What a whore!Poor dog,why couldn't she take the dog with her on a tour.I live half-time in the US and half-time in Europe and everytime,whenI travel I'm taking my dog and cat with me.They're like my kids to me.I would never abandon them,like this ugly bitch did.

1097 days ago

Lord Hobie    

This is a dog-gone shame

1097 days ago


You dog goes threw seperation anxity. This bitch did not have to abandon the dog. RIP RIO !!

1097 days ago


Who hires a backhoe operator to bury a dog. This guy can't afford a shovel much less a backhoe. Odds are he did this to make a buck off the video and photos with TMZ and others, selling it as EXCLUSIVE though one of his buddies to make a buck. Salahi has not shame to making a buck, anyway he can. Next week, he'll be selling his wife's underwear somewhere.

1097 days ago

Sarah Jane    

No more of these people... WHO ARE THEY AND WHY DO WE CARE?

1097 days ago


You know he overdosed the dog.

1097 days ago


I am sure the dog passed from DCM - a genetic heart condition that plagues Doberman Pinschers and causes sudden death.

1097 days ago


******* ugly, inside and out, bitch of a so called human being. Having a blatant affair and leaving her sweet sick doggy that adored her, too, behind... You suck.

1096 days ago


How sad. :( This situation just gets worse and worse. I really feel bad for Tareq. What a nightmare this all must be. Seriously. And that poor dog. Dogs get depressed and stressed out too, so I'm sure this definitely didn't help his heart condition. Michaele is really heartless. What goes around comes around though ... It'll come back to bite her.

1096 days ago

Emelrich smith    

I am so feel sad after the dog has dies.
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1096 days ago
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