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50 Cent

Sued Over Violent Attack

9/20/2011 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent
employs violent known criminals who viciously attack women when they don't get their way ... this according to a new lawsuit.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, 50 Cent hired a guy named Dwayne McKenzie -- although it's not clear exactly what McKenzie did for the rapper.  The suit alleges McKenzie invited some women over to 50's mansion in Connecticut.  During the party, McKenzie began making "graphic and vulgar sexual requests" of one woman.

The plaintiff, Vasti Ortiz, apparently became uncomfortable and started to leave.  She claims that's when McKenzie ordered another woman to start beating on her while he held her down ... badly hurting her.

So why is 50 being sued, aside from the fact that he's rich?  Ortiz claims 50 knew or should have known McKenzie was a known criminal who had assaulted in the past.

50 was not present during the alleged attack.


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Sorry but she doesn't have a case he wasn't even there and everyone is making comments about a man they don't know and when have you ever heard about 50 cent beating on a woman nonsense.

1099 days ago


Time for the smear campaign. When people start feeding the poor and hungry,the powers that be do not like it! In related news,he has already made enough money from his energy drinks(proceeds go to feed the hungry)to feed 2.5 million people.

1099 days ago


Criminals usually stick with there own kind...

1099 days ago


He's a thug! Just because people are rich or famous it doesn't mean they are good people, Anna Nicole Smith, O.j Simpson, Robert Blake, etc..

1099 days ago


Is she suing the women she CLAIMS beat her up too? Does she have anyone backing up her word this happened? 50 Cent was not present, so he's not responsible for Dwayne's actions, IF it happened. Furthermore, why the f_*u*_*c*_k is she going to some man's house she don't know if not to hear vulgar talk and have sex?

1099 days ago

Toby Weymiller    

You don't mess with the Cent.

1099 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

1. Don't be naive. A rapper or a member of a rapper's entourage who invites you to his house probably does so bc he wants you to have sex with him and/or his homies
2. Don't go by yourself
3. Carry mace and a pocket knife just in case (I'm not hood at all but if it could mean your should protect yourself)

Of course she's suing 50. He has deep pockets and McKenzie was employed by him. The question is was McKenzie acting within the scope of his employment when he invited Ortiz to 50's home? Does respondeat superior or vicarious liability apply? After all 50 wasn't even home. But then again Ortiz took that risk. She knows the game. I'm sure of it. That doesn't excuse McKenzie in the least but if this suit isn't dismissed and 50 doens't settle (he will) and it went to trial or before a judge they'd have to look at everything. And I don't think she'd win.

1099 days ago


This is why I don't support this jackazz in any way. His music is lame. I refuse to see any movie with him in it even if it has legitimate leading men, and i hate his lowly personal character.

This is someone who truly doesn't deserve money, fame or attention.

1099 days ago


Dwayne sounds like a majority of gang members in the hood. There's no getting away from them and a woman will always fall a victim while they don't think anything they did was harmful and the victim suffers.

1099 days ago


You have money and you are 50 Cent. Well what can I say, you get away with it.

1099 days ago


She can sue for fitty cents

1099 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This is a stupid lawsuit. 50 cent isn't liable for his friends actions toward women unless they were at a place of work or working at the time. The guy is probably not even on the payroll. Dumb lawsuit.

1099 days ago


Being half talented doesn’t change the fact that he’s a loser.

1099 days ago


The media loves to SHAME,Blame and report negative new about Blacks especially rich Black men...... these women know what they are getting they play the game and try to sue....IF 50 was not there then WHY IS HE INVOLVE...these NASTY WOMEN LOOK for these RICH BLACK men to sue or have a baby by them so they can live a EASY life, like they are...they are Vultures

1099 days ago

60 Cent    

She's got no case. I read a case study recently where a woman sued an employer because he did not screen his security guard who had a history of sexual assault. She went on a date with him and got raped.

The court ruled that employer was not liable for her injuries because she put herself in the situation by going on a date with the security guard. The employer did cause her an the security guard to be alone together.

50 may have hired this guy. But he clearly did not invite her to his home or otherwise put her in that predicament,nor was he there at all, so he will definately not pay a dime.

1099 days ago
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