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Charlie Harper

Deader Than

A Doornail

9/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092011_two_men_v2_videoChuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men," made damn sure Charlie Sheen was never coming back ... because as TMZ first reported, Charlie Harper was nothing more than exploding meat when the script was put to bed.

Here's the funeral scene, where Rose recounts Harper's demise ... a demise she clearly orchestrated.


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Eddie Cabrera    

Wasn't funny at all! Waited for something to change my opinion, but that didn't happen.It just didn't have the same feel to the show. I'd rather watch the old episodes than the new show.

1096 days ago


Sorry, this show is headed full steam for the skids!! It was predictable as is Lorre, the whore! He gets a formula and regurgitates it over and over ... there could be WAY better ways of moving Charlie out and Ashton in ... but Ashton is just going to be a younger Charlie Character but with his stupid idiosyncrasies in it ... Thought I was having flashbacks to That Seventies Show ...

This is a loss ... cut it and save some millions!

1096 days ago


I liked it. There is room to grow, and I think the characters will do well together. Anything without that tired, toothless old hasbeen Sheen...I will watch. And Ashton has a great body, fun to see!

1096 days ago


I must not have been watching the same show as some of these posters. Kelso...errr, Ashton, was not funny at all. the only time i even remotely cracked a smile was when Dharma & Greg were on. Chuck Lorre is a bitter old bastard. The whole thing with the ex-lovers trashing Charlie with the herpes, genital warts, etc. stuff was contrary to the show's story line. The Sheen Roast had me laughing every couple of seconds.

1096 days ago


Agree with poster number one... this could def be turned into a 'she stashed him and threw some homeless guy in front of a train' thing ... as for the show itself, bleh.. sure it was interesting for a few seconds to see Ashton disrobe, but honestly his acting was pretty poor, and the story line was nothing new at all.

1096 days ago


OMG...will you people quit whining and give the show a chance to find its feet again. Charlie will NEVER return. Get Over It. What else could his character have done? The show needed something new, and its now got it. I loved the show, thought it was hilarious.
Oh, and to all those bashing the spilled ashes joke, let me ask you this: If you saw a stranger standing on your deck late at night, how would you react? I know I would've done the same thing as Alan.

1096 days ago


We watched the show and were all like HUH???? What the hell was that? From the funeral scene to the end,it just made no sense. After waiting so long for the show to air it was a huge let down. I like Kutcher and was looking forward to seeing how he'd do, but all I could see was "Kelso". Chuck Lore blew it big time. As they say "you only get one chance to make a first impression" And Chuck didn't deliver. The bitterness came shinning through.
I'm sure Charlie had the last laugh after last nights show.

1096 days ago


I liked it, its just one show, give it time to develop, the characters will grow and mesh, and its wonderful to have that perverted old geezer gone.

1096 days ago


Think of it as a pilot for a new show. They have to give the characters time to grow and get together. It will work, its a funny idea, Ashton is good, the old characters will all blend. And the best part, no disgusting Sheeny mucking it up.

1096 days ago


Not a fan of the show or Charlie and don't care!!

1096 days ago


I never watched the old show. That old smelly toothless retard was repulsive. This new show should be good, I will most definitely give it a chance.

1096 days ago


ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!!!!! I was only able to watch till the first commercial. If I wanted to see Ashton playing a dumb ass I would watch that 70’s show or all the other garbage he’s done. The only two and a half men I’ll be watching are the re-runs that they play. For those of you that are happy to see Ashton and think that the show will still be great, you guys were never a fan of the show. CHARLIE IS THE MAN!!!!! R.I.P TWO AND A HALF MEN!!!!!!!!!!!

1096 days ago


You folks blaming these changes on anyone except Charlie Sheen are delusional. Charlie caused these issues, no one else. It seems to me that that everyone still involved with the show is trying to keep the training moving and provide a show that the fans will enjoy, instead of just letting it die because Charlie is a basket case. Give it a chance.

1096 days ago


go back to that new episode.. is it me.. or does the laughing seem.. somewhat.. exxagerated.. even in parts wheres its not funny.. the audience are ******* laughing.. they are trying to impose this on us.. lol

1096 days ago


Sheen's character was tired, ugly and repulsive, basically he just played himself. Its good to have him gone. The show will be fine, Ashton and the old characters will blend in together and make funny stuff. Charlie was disgusting, great to see him dead, and I loved the dustbuster, a perfect place to keep him forever.

1096 days ago
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