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Charlie Sheen

I Watched, I Loved

9/20/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seriously ... how could he resist?

If you were wondering whether Charlie Sheen was watching "Two and a Half Men" last night.... the answer is, hell yeah!

And Charlie not only watched, we're told he loved it!

Sheen is telling close friends ... watching his own funeral on TV was "eerie but fun."

Charlie loved Ashton Kutcher, saying "I thought it was the best intro for a new a character on a TV show of all time." He particularly enjoyed the fact that Ashton  "was revealed through the dusty exploded smoke of my remains."

And if you think Charlie has been playing nice because it's all part of his settlement agreement ... we know that's not the case.  Warner Bros. is not demanding favorable reviews from Charlie in return for his $125 million.

That kind of money tends to make you gracious.



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1129 days ago


$125 Million for doing nothing.

I work about 60 hours a week to barely clear $2 million.
Anyone have any last words before I kill myself?

1129 days ago


he was entitled to the $125 million whether WB liked it or not.

Although being nice probably helped grease the wheels to stop delaying the process so he could get his money. Still not as if he needed to kiss their butts.

1129 days ago


Charlie Harper isn't dead, it's clear that Rose has him stashed away like a sex slave and he'll return for Series Finale.

1129 days ago


I'm waiting for the remarks about how:

(1) Charlie must be sarcastic or otherwise insincere in his praise - from the people who think the show sucked and hate hearing Charlie disagree.

(2) Charlie's knowledgable praise proves how good the show really was.

Whatever, for some people its always about Charlie and what Charlie thinks. For the rest of us, not so much.

1129 days ago


Watched 2 1/2 men last night and was disappointed. I like Kutcher, but obviously a different chemistry then with Sheen and it didn't work for me. Sheen is a douche, but has fantastic chemistry with the cast. Gonna miss him on the show... I watched most of the Sheen roast and found that disgustingly great! Really enjoyed that.

1129 days ago


I think that chuck lorre and charlie sheen need to kiss and make up because ashton is not the right guy for this role. it was entertaining to watch charlie DESPITE being a lecherous drunken libertine and also be successful while his poor (mostly) honest timid idiot brother suffered .... what are we going to do with a kind hearted billionaire the roles don't match up the ratings were great because everyone wanted to see how ashton would do but i think it just doesn't have the same spark.... :(

1129 days ago


Charlie is obviously still on drugs if he loved that piece of crap they had on last night.

1129 days ago


Time will tell whether this show is successful. It'll be hard to do better than Charlie, but I hope these guys are successful. Looked as though they started on the right foot. Initially when Charlie started going off the rails, I was willing to encourage some leeway because he embodied the show. But after it really started to impact his co-workers, it was hard to dismiss the behavior. But he's always been a guy's guy. So, now everything's cool.

1129 days ago


If Charlie wont say it, I will, that show sucked! I'll give it one more episode and if it's not better...bye bye. All those high paid writers and that's the best they could do?

1129 days ago


It's just obscene to hand over that kind of money to a vile, belligerent drug addict when we have people going to food banks, and no medical care or insurance. No wonder this country is becoming a toilet bowl of the very rich and the very poor.

1129 days ago


I watched the show and I thought it was pretty funny, the cast is so talented they could have kept going without Ashton, he was a nice addition to the show, he wasn't bad for the first episode, he will evolve into a fine character that will compliment the rest of the cast, I will keep watching, I miss Charlie but I still find the show funny! Go Ashton! You will do fine!

1129 days ago


Sorry Charlie, my husband and I watched the show, it sucks, Ashton Kutcher sucks. Most of all, Chuck Lorre is an immature horse's ass, "getting even" with you. Didn't laugh a single time, and we REALLY wanted to laugh, to like it. To be fair, we don't think AK is the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and was stupid to take this role on. And Warner Bros? Do you REALLY think you should give Lorre so much power? He's a conceited ass.

1129 days ago


For those of you who think charlie is winning because he is getting $125 million, the fact is that he was already suppose to get that money. The studio just stopped paying him and tried to cut him out of royalties. This isn't found money or something like that, its just what he was already supposed to get.

1129 days ago


The show last night was a bomb. Not funny at all. I used to literally LOL at the show including the reruns which I have seen several times. Last nights show was brutal to watch. I say cancelled within two years. Buh Bye Aston. Get a f'ing haircut dude.

1129 days ago
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