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Chaz Bono

Far From the STIFFEST Dude

In "DWTS" Debut

9/20/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Checkout Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer's long awaited "Dancing With the Stars" debut -- a Cha cha cha that earned them a standing ovation.

Chaz wasn't exactly light on his feet, but still scored 17 out of 30 ... which was better than two other guys -- Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) and Rob Kardashian.



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Wow, He did great! Good for him and enough of all the hater crap.

1127 days ago


So the show is now about Political Correctness gone wild. A standing O for a woman that can't dance for **** and who's only claim to fame is surgery? What next, the winner will be a wheelchair bound disabled person with the "courage" to follow their dreams?

The show is a joke, and this woman will keep being voted on by a bunch of weak kneed losers that haven't the courage to call a spade a spade and vote her off becasue she can't dance for ****, not keep her on becasue she's an odditiy, and let's face it she IS an oddity.

1127 days ago


1. Chaz is a female
2. People will vote for her just because of the drama she has created. Even if she falls on her face on stage people will vote for her. This show now has little to do with talent.

1127 days ago


Freak Show !!

1127 days ago


I thought Chaz did a lot better than I expected. Not a natural dancer but NOT the worst. IMO, Rob K. was the weakest & most boring dancer & should be the first to go.

Chaz won't last long but deserves to outlast the worse dancers.

1127 days ago


He did great and hope he gets to stay on longer.

1127 days ago


actually wasn't that bad considering...
will be interesting to see if America votes enough to keep Chaz on the show
if yes.... anticipate improvement and weight loss for Chaz as well as Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake
what a fun way to drop the pounds and tone upTT

1127 days ago

Bob Bain    

I will be surprised if chastity bono isn't the first person voted off. Didn'*****ch it. Banned it for this entire season at the house. There is a matter of moral values.

1127 days ago


Were the judges watching a different show than I? Chaz Bono danced around the floor like a baby elephant, his/her (depends on your view) sex choice has nothing to do with my eyeballs. He was awful. Nancy Grace has none, she too was a waste of oxygen on the dance floor. Thank GOD the Charlie Sheen roast was on so I could watch something more entertaining.

1127 days ago


Notice the music was slow & no big dance moves. Just goes to show ABC did this for ratings.

1127 days ago


good job Chaz! I feel so sorry for you cruel sad people who say such mean things. Chaz is a very sweet happy person who wouldn't hurt you or anyone in any way. I'm guessing maybe all you negative mean people must be in your 70's or 80's? get over it......

1127 days ago


Rob would do better to get a life and stop living off his sisters. Normally I'd recommend an education, but he seems way too lazy for that. Also, as the show highlights, the dude is just not real smart.

1127 days ago


Went better thatn I thought it would. But what's with all the angry people posting? I have to guess that you're posting angry messages because watching him (or her, whatever) simply makes you uncomfortable. This is definitely something we're not used to seeig every day, but deal with it! People are people - lighten up a little bit!

1127 days ago


Go, Chaz and Lacey! As someone else with no rhythm, I applaud his bravery for dancing in front of an audience! And I think they did great.

1127 days ago


Nancy Grace is yummy.

1127 days ago
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