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Chaz Bono

Goes Topless

9/20/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Before scoring a 17 out of 30 doing the Cha cha cha with Lacey Schwimmer on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, Chaz Bono showed off his bare chest while leaving rehearsals shirtless on Monday.

He's pretty smooth on and off the dance floor.


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Jeff Becker    

That's one flat chested chic. Yes chic. Chaz still has a vagina.

1131 days ago


UGHHHHH just seeing this dude shirtless make me sick,the police security is all attention she wants sooo bad ,she wants and is using the show DWTS to promote the gender thing is all,and that Gloria Allred why she had to be involved?oh ! I forgot she represents all the women loosers!prostitutes who sleeps with married man like Tiger Woods that is her clientele now she wants to make business with her( Chastity) she doesn't know that DWTS are using her for ratings because it became a FREAK show really!

1131 days ago


When Chastity started to talk on DWTS last night the first sentence was about her being trans-gendered. My Granddaughter turned to me and said, "Popi, what does transder mean?" I told her it was a car that you could turn into a robot toy. she shrugged her shoulders and I made her go to bed.

HOW DARE YOU SHOVE THIS ABOMINATION AND HER POLITICAL AGENDA AT US ABC! My Granddaughter is now going to ask her mother what this P.O.S. Chasity said on TV. ABC has a lousy line up this season and I can easily program it out of my TV.

1131 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"Cap'n...there be WHALES HERE!"

1131 days ago


Chastity never in her life works ,she is using controversy to be notice ,her mommy take care of her,she is a looser ,never works ,I hear she is writer...of what ? cutting her breasts and have a fake penis? she will still have mestruation,ovaries she can even have a baby.....she is lost really ,like the DWTS is all publicity and controversy.She should get a regular job she and Rob Kardashian should get in business they are both two loosers !This show became a freak show ,this gay guy the blond one dancing like a crazy puppet ,this weird who thinks she is man, Kloe Kardashain screaming at Bruno ,not one had been doing that before someome should tell her to shut up she thinks she owns the set of DWTS it is such a trash now never compare with teh show before !

1131 days ago

Chris Chambers    

There is a reason why Sonny took the tree!!!

1131 days ago

Lunacy, Inc.    

Super Freak by Rick James should be the next song in the DWTS repertoire.

1131 days ago


I'm amazed at how cruel most of you are. GROW UP.

1131 days ago


This is a woman!! Show me a man with a vagina and I will show you a woman. Stop saying she is a man!!!!

1131 days ago


That is disgusting for so many reasons... No matter if you support her decision or not - that picture - makes me want to gag.

1131 days ago


Something doesn't look right.

1131 days ago


Im bliiiiiiiiiind!!...THE HUMANIIIITY!!!!

1131 days ago


i don't care what he she is. don't flaunt it. he is genetically female. that can't be changed.
he she is a lousy dancer and is a big fat out of shape individual.

1131 days ago


People need to lay off Chaz Bono because it's his life and if he decides to become a man that is his business. People have no right to make fun of him or critisize him fort his lifestyle.

1131 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

This freak makes me wanna puke.I hope IT falls off a cliff.IT is a freak.FYI it is a women.Sorry freak DNA says your a women.

1131 days ago
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