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Conrad Murray Trial

Michael Jackson Video

Proves Singer Was a Wreck

9/20/2011 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray want to show jurors just how worn down Michael Jackson was in the weeks leading up to his death -- and their proof ... MJ's blowout announcement for the "This Is It" concerts.

MJ held the news conference on March 5, 2009 ... announcing he would perform his last 10 concerts ever in London that summer ... insisting, "When I say this is it, it really means this is it."

Murray's defense team filed legal docs, claiming the video shows Jackson was rapidly deteriorating, both mentally and physically, when he made the announcement.  They're asking the judge for permission to show jurors the video, to prove Michael was literally on his last leg ... several months before his death.

Murray's lawyers also think the video is relevant because Jackson was "adamant" about performing only 10 shows, and that subsequently adding 40 dates to the schedule may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.


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1093 days ago


he was a monster in his last days...sad.

1093 days ago


Excuse me but doesn't anyone recall his trial where he showed up an hour in his PJs taking baby steps into the courtroom? He looked like rigor mortis was setting in then. Of course that all disappeared when he was found not guilty.

MJ couldn't do concerts because he couldn't breathe out of his prosthetic nose and was afraid it was going to fall off in public. He never should have agreed to do them in the first place. I do believe when he finally admitted it to himself he found a way to end his life.

1093 days ago


This doesn't prove he was weak? Looked like in the beg. he was giving it his all when he said "this is it this is it" and when he raised his arms that high at the end doesn't show someone thats weak. I think this whole trial is bogus. I've been a fan of MJ ever since I was really tiny about 3 yrs old and I'm 27 now and I'm still a fan but d00d had some addiction issues. If he was paying you what Dr Murray was paid would you tell him no? I highly doubt that. When he says jump they said how high. I really hope this witch hunt ends with Dr Murray being found NOT GUILTY.

1093 days ago


So what exactly are they claiming that video shows? That video's been shown so many times already. If that's their defense, then they really know they're grasping at straws.

1093 days ago




'Conrad Murray claimed Michael Jackson was fine as he lay dead', reveals paramedic who will testify against the doctor

paramedic who was part of the first response team called to Michael Jackson's house on the day of his death is claiming that Conrad Murray said the star 'was fine' as he lay dead.

According to legal do***ents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, as part of the impending trial, Richard Senneff, the 911 responder, said that Conrad Murray told him: 'He doesn't have a problem, he is fine.'

'He was practising all night. I’m just treating him for dehydration.'

Senneff, in his statement, then said that he asked the Doctor about any drugs he had been taking and Murray responded: 'No, he is not taking anything.'

But shortly after he changed his mind and admitted he had given him the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam 'to help him sleep'.

The paramedic also claimed he later saw the doctor removing bottles from the room where Michael died.

Dr Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial is expected to get under way later this month.

But if a controversial new claim is to believed, prosecutors may have their work cut out in order to prove he is responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

According to a new report, the King Of Pop had become so addicted to the intravenous anaesthetic Propofol, that he drank it moments before his death.

The defence team for Dr Murray, 58, who was Jackson's personal physician, will make the disturbing claim during his televised trial, the UK's Daily Mirror reports.

The Mirror says that an autopsy report confirmed that he had the injectable sedative, which he called his 'milk', inside of his stomach hours after he died.
A source close to the case went on to tell the paper: 'Conrad Murray’s team can’t understand how Propofol got into the stomach.

'It does not make sense unless Michael drank it. To them that will show the world how much of an addict he was. Michael was acting crazy in his last few hours, demanding drugs to help him sleep.

'He was always playing with the bottles, who knows what he did.'

Opening statements are scheduled to begin in the case the week of September 26, but there are already questions surrounding at least one key prosecution witness.

Pharmacist Tim Lopez, who claimed he sent large amounts of a powerful anaesthetic drug to Dr. Murray's girlfriend in the weeks before Jackson's death in June 2009, has left the U.S.

Lopez moved to Thailand, without telling the authorities and now prosecutors want to use his testimony at an earlier hearing as part of their involuntary manslaughter case against Dr Murray.

The unusual development was revealed last week in the Los Angeles courtroom of Judge Michael Pastor, who will make a decision about Lopez's testimony in the next few days.

Lopez's friends and family have either been unable or unwilling to shed light on his disappearance, according to the website TMZ.

Lopez had testified in January that Dr Murray bought 255 vials of Propofol in the three months before the singer died from a lethal combination of the drug and other sedatives.

Dr Conrad Murray purchased four shipments between April 6 and June 10, 2009 said Lopez, owner of Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, where Murray has a clinic.

Murray bought 130 vials of Propofol in 100 millilitre doses and another 125 vials in the smaller dose of 20 millilitres, said Lopez.

A coroner's investigator previously testified that 12 vials of Propofol were found in the bedroom and closet of the singer's rented mansion after his death.

Lopez said Murray asked him to ship some of the Propofol to an address in Santa Monica. The address belongs to the doctor's girlfriend, although Lopez testified that Murray told him it was one of his clinics.

Murray also bought other sedatives from Lopez, according to the testimony.

Murray's legal team filed do***ents earlier this month, asking the judge to make an order to keep the jury in isolation during the trial over fears they could be influenced by media coverage, in particular by the views of opinionated TV pundits.

But the judge said that those who serve on the involuntary manslaughter trial will already be making tremendous sacrifices - and locking them up would be cruel.

He said studies have shown that sequestered jurors often describe themselves as feeling like inmates.

'Jurors have lives,' Pastor said. 'We remove them from their lives in these horrific economic times.'

Pastor said he was confident that jurors would follow his instructions to avoid exposure to publicity, but he rebuffed a defence argument to rescind a decision to televise the trial.

Defence attorney Ed Chernoff said the television coverage would feed an army of commentators who would supply their own interpretation of what went on in court.

Chernoff, referring to widespread media coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, called the commentary 'a problem'.

The doctor could face up to four years in prison if convicted.

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1093 days ago


This is the most incoherent I have ever see Michael,
and guess who was right by his side there,
Tohme Tohme, that monster had something to do with
Michaels demise and he need to be investigated.
he is going to GET IT !!!!

1093 days ago


I don't need Cirque/fanfest

I got Phantom++

++ yeahee yeahee ++

1093 days ago


That was that.

1093 days ago


incoherent: without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling: an incoherent sentence.



1093 days ago


I don't get why he thinks this is a great defense. Why would Jackson have been in such bad shape? Because Murray was supplying him with drugs and dangerous anesthesia.

1093 days ago


All I know is whether MJ was a celebrity or not, rich or poor, an addict or not, he didn't deserve what happened to him. Dr. Murray threw all his morals and ethics out the window all in the name of money. He knows he messed up and so does anyone with a brain. Yes MJ had issues, but who doesn't. Dr. Murray initially took the job for notiariaty and for the the money but ultimately he sold his soul to the devil when he killed an addict by giving him what he craved. To me Dr. Murray is no different than the women who injected the lethal dose of heroin mixed with cocaine into John Belushi. She was initially charged with first degree murder, why isn't Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray deserves to lose his license and serve time for what he's done to MJ. Dr. Murray not only killed the most talented entertainer in the world but he killed 3 innocent childrens father, how very sad is that???? Shame on you Conrad Murray...If the legal system doesn't get you, Karma will....

1093 days ago


He didn't look to be on his last legs there. To me, he seemed a lil overwhelmed with the idea of saying goodbye to his lifelong career. I think Murray's team is really grasping at straws here.

1093 days ago


Huh, interesting to see how the jury will authenticate Michael, because Michael is not at the conference. In the photo on February 27, 2009 Michael in order.

1093 days ago
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