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Russell Armstrong's Lawyer

Taylor's Bruise Pics Are Phony!

9/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong has sunk to a new low, according to her late husband's lawyer -- who claims the black eye photos she recently sold for 6 figures to E.T. are nothing but a shameless hoax.

The lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ ... the injuries depicted in the pictures were not inflicted by Russell.

According to Ronald, the injuries in the photos are either from plastic surgery ... or a recent incident involving a football to the face -- but not from domestic violence.

Richards tells TMZ, "If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted."  Richards also notes ... Taylor never filed a police report.

Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show.

As one source puts it -- the black eye pics are just the tip of the iceberg ... the rest make Rihanna's battered face "look like child's play."


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I don't know if those black eye pictures are phony but those lips sure are!!

1095 days ago


That's probably true, at this point it would'nt surprise me.

1095 days ago


Don't wanna get nightmares. She's an evil betcha. enjoy the 6 figures whore.

1095 days ago


They are fake, and she knows it. She's the lowest life form on the planet. He did NOT inflict those injuries. She's got the plastic surgeons marks all over her forehead. She was recovering from PREVIOUS surgery and wanted MORE done. Why? Because she's addicted to it. Look at pictures of her 10 years ago. You would NEVER know it's the same woman. EVER>

1095 days ago


So her "friends" say she kept this type of abuse and possible harm to their daughter - which we all know Russell learned his lesson from his past and was always seeing his other children - not to mention Taylor leaving him to care for her while she would go away - is now saying BRAVO basically told her to not report this?

Wow, so now, once Taylor is not invited back to next season - she will sue BRAVO for all of this happening.

Mark my words - you can see it all lining up already!

Her Dr. Phil show should be very interesting this week.

She is so pathetic and I feel so sorry for poor Kennedy who has a mother who doesn't know how to protect her (IF Russell did beat her - WHICH is BS).

Now she is just making the poor little girls future so sad by claiming all of this.

If she has Kennedy in therapy - she is old enough and understands enough to answer questions if she ever saw her Daddy touch Taylor.

1095 days ago


She is a slimy, gold digging, b****. Go away murderer!!!

1095 days ago


Never have i gone against a woman who has been beaten..however taylor you are a p.o.s. Russell has 2 sons who love their father & Rusell is not here to speak for hiself,shame on had your chance to speak up for "women everywhere" women know where to get help,they don,t need you to inform them.but you do want the make me sick......

1095 days ago


I grew up in a household with domestic violence and my father never went to jail, because my mother never reported it. Don't be so quick to judge people, the guy may have committed suicide but that doesn't mean he wasn't a wife beater.

1095 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Yes, this is tragic on so many levels; but it is also disgusting the way she is flaunting ($$) these pics! Why would she stay in that situation ($$$)? The reality of this inspite of what has taken place most people are sick of her and can't stand the way she is dealing with all this ($$$)!!!

1095 days ago

She's baaaack    

It's skank b1tches like this that cause real battered and abused women and women who are trying to protect their children to be discredited. X marks the spot I suppose? It seems to me that if he made a punching bag out of her face she'd have a lot more than some X's on her face and a what may or may not be an injury.

1095 days ago


sad that because of the hyped up drama on these "reality" Houswives shows that we immediately are suspicious of the validity.... when in any other life situation there probably be no doubt whatsoever if it were true

1095 days ago


I don't know the woman nor the show. But to speak ill of the dead is bottom feeding especially since there are kids involved.

1095 days ago


The lawyer is an idiot! First off, who has plastic surgery on one eye if there is not an injury or a disfigurement from birth which she had not had prior to this picture being taken. Or he says she was playing football! Yeah right Taylor plays for the San Diego Chargers right? I can't see Taylor out playing football. Who was she supposedly playing football with??!! But, from the way Russell acted and prior conviction of assault (convicted from assualting previous wife) and accusations of assault, I buy that story much easier then having plastic surgery on just one eye or the football story!

1095 days ago


Whether her accusation is truth or just a lie, it’s not a big deal for me. This thing is not new to Hollywood. Besides, I believe it’s not a big deal for them either, since most of them are only after the money.


1095 days ago

cynical me    

Perhaps she went to see Oksana's dentist. He claims to be a Doctor and is willing to lie about injuries.

1095 days ago
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